Ravenna Koenig, Alaska's Energy Desk - Fairbanks


Experiments in Northern Alaska seek to improve projections for a changing Arctic

"What we’re trying to do is make better predictions so that we can basically provide policy-makers with more useful, actionable information." Listen now

Utqiaġvik barbecue connects people to scientific research next door

A science presentation may seem like a hard sell on a Saturday night… but less so if you turn it into a chance to eat and see friends. Listen now

Inuit Circumpolar Council signs guide for Arctic action for the next four years

The meeting concluded with the signing of the Utqiaġvik Declaration, which will guide the ICC’s work for the next four years. Listen now

Arctic without borders: Inuit Circumpolar Council meets in Utqiaġvik

This week, indigenous people from all over the Arctic are gathered in Utqiaġvik for the Inuit Circumpolar Council’s 2018 General Assembly. Listen now

Interior utility breaks ground on test solar farm

The solar array is a small-scale test and will be completed at the end of October.

Beavers are moving into the Arctic — you can see it from space

"If they were moving out of the Arctic, then you’d see a lot of ponds draining... But that’s not what we saw, we saw a lot of new ponds forming." Listen now

Study examines risk to marine mammals from increased Arctic traffic

A study released this week sheds new light how vulnerable marine mammals are to increased traffic in the Arctic.

Girls on Ice: an all-female science immersion course on top of a glacier

“I think it’s just so empowering, just that as women, alone, we can do this,” said glaciologist Jessica Mejia. “We can do great science, we could be on a glacier by ourselves, we could do anything.” Listen now

Two Alaska projects selected for federal marine energy innovation grant funds

The grant money comes from the Department of Energy and is part of a larger award to support innovation in marine energy generation. Listen now

At the top of the world, an international field school for research students

Earlier this month, the University of Alaska Fairbanks participated in an international field school in Utqiaġvik, giving early-career researchers a broad view of the Arctic coastal system and how it’s changing, along with some different methods for studying it. Listen now

Alaska’s northernmost town still in transition 1 1/2 years after official name change

"Barrow" is everywhere while walking around town: on the fire trucks, in the name of the high school, the local utility company, on the North Slope Borough’s official logo. But the name "Utqiaġvik" is showing up, as well. It's on City Hall and on municipal department letterhead. Listen now

As the Arctic warms, a changing landscape on the Chukchi Sea

"These ridges that we’re standing on, there would have been more of them, and they would have been bigger," ice researcher Andy Mahoney said. "The features that we now see, they’re something of a shadow from the past." Listen now

Department of Energy scientists to attend first Alaska National Lab Day

"We think we’ve got some great challenges right now for them and we hope they’ll pick some up," said Larry Hinzman, Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Listen now

This man and his yellow truck signal the arrival of spring in Fairbanks

Back in 1992, Glenn Hackney actually got hit by a car while picking up trash. It broke both his legs. That might give the average person pause about continuing. Not Hackney. Listen now

A lot of people get this pretty basic question about oil wrong

"I have had to correct school teachers in the past who have been teaching their kids that oil comes from dinosaurs." Listen now

‘How much, how fast?’ Alaska researchers ask of melting Antarctic glacier

"The report that triggered this proposal call originally had a title that I think was quite catching. It asked 'how much, how fast?' " researcher Martin Truffer said. "And that’s really the question here." Listen now

Caribou, access concerns vs. mining’s economic promise — BLM releases public input on Ambler Road

"I was impressed with the range of comments that we got," La Marr said. "Comments from the mining industry, comments from environmental groups, a lot of comments from the tribes... comments from people throughout Alaska and people in the lower 48 as well." Listen now

U.N. committee moves toward banning heavy fuel oil in the Arctic

"It is a big deal that the IMO has been looking at a ban," Kevin Harun of Pacific Environment, a conservation organization, said. "It’s a very cautious body and it normally does not act without strong support from countries." Listen now

Alaska State Legislature urges Congress to address state ivory bans

The resolution takes aim at state laws like those in New York, California, Hawaii and Washington. Those states have passed broad anti-ivory laws in an attempt to combat the poaching of African elephants. Listen now

Task force meets to discuss first draft of state climate change policy

Most of the meeting focused on the draft climate change policy the team released on April 12th. It includes recommendations to reduce carbon emissions in Alaska by 2030, diversify the state economy beyond fossil fuels and mobilize funding from government and the private sector for climate change adaptation. Listen now