Ravenna Koenig, Alaska's Energy Desk - Fairbanks


How do you keep developing rural energy projects in a fiscal drought? More loans.

Cady Lister, chief economist for the Alaska Energy Authority, says that communities and rural utilities need to rely less on grants and look more to loans. Listen now

New map shows the potential future of permafrost on the North Slope

"We hope that this tool will be useful for engineers who [are] doing some projects in this area, for government thinking about what they should expect, and also for any people who live in Alaska," Vladimir Romanovsky said. Listen now

Meet the Fairbanks teen who’s suing the U.S. government over climate change

“I saw the lawsuit as kind of a last-ditch effort to give my generation a seat at the table,” Nathan Baring said. Listen now

The Cost of Cold: Staying warm near Fairbanks

“It’s something that you kind of hand down… I did it with my parents and… my grandfather. And… I guess I’m passing the torch as you would say to them,” Jeremy Eberhardt said. Listen now

New analysis adds to picture of how belugas are impacted by sea ice loss

Researchers have published a new paper that adds a little more to what we know about how beluga whales are navigating their changing habitat. Listen now

49 Voices: Fannie Akpik of Utqiaġvik

This week we're hearing from Fannie Akpik in Utqiaġvik. Akpik is the coordinator of Iñupiaq Education for the North Slope Borough. Listen now

Iñupiat leadership organizations contemplate a “unified voice”

“I definitely think it’s possible to have a unified voice but it’s never going to be truly unified unless all entities that were invited to the table take advantage of it,” Utqiaġvik Mayor Fannie Suvlu said. Listen now

Interior Department officials visit North Slope to talk ANWR

A high-profile guest from the U.S. Interior Department was in attendance at the North Slope Borough Assembly meeting in Utqiaġvik on Tuesday, March 6. Listen now

Archaeology in northern Alaska: a race against the clock

"If you see a library burning, you should at least try and get the rare books out," said archaeologist Anne Jensen. Listen now

Meet Utqiaġvik’s Arctic Youth Ambassador, Eben Hopson

"I feel like me carrying his name is a big deal for me because he did things for our people during his time. And I feel I need to do something for our people during this time," Hopson said about his grandfather. Listen now

Two lives that came together at the top of the world

"He does not remember meeting me," Nancy Grant says of her first encounter with her now-husband, Andrew Grant. "I do, too!" he insists. Listen now

International “range states” meet to discuss polar bear conservation

"The number one challenge is loss of polar bear habitat, meaning sea ice," says James Wilder, the polar bear program leader for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Listen now

Alaska’s only tribal college now offering bachelor’s degree in business

The college's President hopes the bachelor’s program will give local students the qualifications they need to fill positions that might otherwise go to applicants from elsewhere. Listen now

Borough mayor on new potential development coming to the North Slope

On ANWR and the new offshore plan, the mayor says that communication with the federal government will be key. Listen now

Support and concern as Ambler Road comment period draws to a close

It's a big road in a state with not that many of them. Proponents say it will enable growth of the mining industry, and create jobs. Detractors worry about impacts to subsistence. Listen now

Porcupine caribou herd numbers highest in monitoring history

"Currently we don't have any studies specifically looking at what factors are affecting those demographics," said Jason Caikoski, a wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Listen now

New analysis out on renewable energy costs in rural Alaska

"It shouldn't be used as a manual but it is a good place to start," lead researcher Erin Whitney said.

Work starts on oil exploration project in Arctic federal waters

It’s the first oil exploration project to take place in Arctic federal waters since Shell discontinued their efforts in 2015. Listen now

Disaster declared for North Slope Borough damage from fall storm

It's the second time in three years that the North Slope Borough has received a disaster declaration for a winter storm. Listen now

Alaska’s only tribal college will waive tuition for Alaska Native students

The ultimate goal of the waiver program is to encourage more Alaska Native students to finish their associate degrees and go on to get their bachelor’s. Listen now