Robert Woolsey, KCAW - Sitka

Robert Woolsey is a reporter at KCAW in Sitka.

Glacier Bay’s Bears A Remnant Of The Ice Age

Brown bears are one of the most intensively-studied species in Southeast Alaska. Much of the focus is on population management for hunting. But one scientist studies bears for their sake and not ours. Tania Lewis is the terrestrial wildlife biologist at Glacier Bay National Park. She’s made some breakthroughs in both behavior and genetics, and she can’t help but sing about it. Download Audio

Sitka Teacher Wins White House Award

A Sitka educator has won a Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science. Rebecca Himschoot teaches science at Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary. She’s one of two Alaskan teachers honored by the White House this year, and one of only 102 teachers nationwide who receive the recognition, which includes a $10,000 cash prize from the National Science Foundation. Amy Laufer, a math teacher at Kasuun Elementary in Anchorage, also won the award.

Sitka Moorage Fee Hike Takes Effect Jan. 1

Moorage rates in Sitka’s harbors are going up next week. The Sitka assembly last night approved the rate hike on second reading, bumping the per-foot monthly charge for permanent berths from $2.64 to $2.80, an increase of a little over 6 percent effective New Year’s Day. Download Audio

Two Sitka Hunters Injured As Boat Strikes Cliff

Two Sitka hunters sustained serious injuries Tuesday evening, after their boat struck a cliff in Kakul Narrows, about 25 miles north of town. Both men have been hospitalized, one in Seattle.

AK: Banding Birds

Alaska has its share of big science projects, to be sure. But to get results, science doesn’t always have to be huge. Download Audio

Sitka Urges Governor To Accept Obama’s Medicaid Plan

Several organizations around the state have recently asked Governor Parnell to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, including the Anchorage NAACP, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and the Alaska Chamber. Download Audio

Sitka Fish Processor Recalls Two Years’ Worth Of Product

A Sitka seafood processor has recalled two-year’s worth of product, after a state inspection revealed that monitoring equipment had failed.

SAFV Tackles Domestic Violence Crisis With Community Training

The domestic violence shelter in Sitka is stepping up its community training program following the release of new survey data last year. SAFV, or Sitkans Against Family Violence, has routinely offered volunteer advocate training, but now the organization is hoping to involve more of the community in how to recognize – and address – Sitka’s incredibly high rate of intimate partner violence. Download Audio

As Stream Levels Drop, Salmon Die Before Spawning

Some rainfall over the weekend may have eased a looming crisis for pink salmon stocks in Southeast Alaska. The summer’s fine weather and record salmon runs have both made headlines – but they’re a recipe for trouble without enough water in rivers and streams for fish to spawn. Download Audio

Greens Creek Mine Looks For More Space

The Greens Creek mine on Admiralty Island might have to shut down in 2016, unless it can find more room to dispose of its spent ore. Download Audio

Tenakee Residents Search For Way To Reopen School

The Tenakee School has been closed for this year, but residents of the Chichagof Island community hope to turn things around for the next. Download Audio

AK: Doves

One of the most rapid and successful invasions of a continent did not happen in any war. It’s happening now – maybe right outside your window. The Eurasian collared dove first came to North America in Florida in 1982, and was seen in Alaska as early as 2009. Experts say the dove represents no threat to the environment or native species. But it is changing how Alaska sounds. Download Audio

‘Little’ Redoubt Lake A Boon To Sockeye?

The U.S. Forest Service believes fish populations in Redoubt Lake near Sitka survived last month’s devastating landslide unharmed.

Couple Escapes As Landslide Destroys Cabin

Two people are safe after a massive landslide destroyed the cabin they were camping in Sunday morning near Sitka. An air taxi pilot rescued the pair from a debris field estimated to be 20 feet deep. All their belongings were buried in the slide. Their dog remains missing. Download Audio

How Much School Can A Student Miss?

The high cost of travel for extracurricular activities in Sitka’s schools has been an ongoing debate for years. Now, the school board is going to take a hard look at whether travel costs students and parents more than just money. Download Audio

The Nation: Kreiss-Tomkins a ‘Lesson For the Left’

A local legislative race in Alaska has caught the attention of national media, and is being held up as model for political change elsewhere in the country. Listen Now

Students ‘Resilient’ In The Fight Against Meth

Students at Sitka’s alternative high school have decided to confront the methamphetamine problem head on, and they’re encouraging the rest of the community to join them at an event in early May. Download Audio

Audio Postcard: Ninja Captures Mooing Rhinos

Alexis Will, a graduate student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, calls herself a “Ninja of the Night,” but it has nothing to do with martial arts. Download Audio

Eco Marketing Campaign Backs Young Growth Timber

One of Southeast’s most prominent environmental organizations has started a marketing campaign – for timber. The Sitka Conservation Society recently printed a glossy brochure selling the virtues of second-growth Tongass timber for projects from furniture to housing. The only problem is: There’s no way – yet – to economically harvest and process second growth.

Public, Scientists Disagree On Cruise Ship Wastewater

A bill that would relax the wastewater standards placed on cruise ships by Alaska voters is on the fast track in the Senate.