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Tower could bring cell service to Summit Lake on Seward Highway

The Kenai borough’s planning commission already approved the lease agreement by a unanimous vote. Now, it’s up to the borough assembly to give Vertical Bridge the go-ahead.
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Cooper Landing committee crafts trap setback proposal

Cooper Landing dog owners are hoping to implement setback regulations for trappers traps for fur-bearing animals in order to reduce risks of dogs getting caught.
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Peninsula lawmakers introduce bill to block vaccination requirements

Legislators from the Kenai are working to bar businesses and organizations from using vaccination status as a factor in determining employment and access to public areas, services, or benefits.
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Peninsula lawmakers introduce bill to block vaccination requirements

Alaska’s proposed bill would also block businesses and public entities from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination to access public areas, services or benefits. That includes public schools and University of Alaska campuses.
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Widow of Gary Knopp files cross complaint against charter company

Rep. Gary Knopp’s widow, Helen Knopp, has filed a counter-complaint against High Adventure Air Charters, the Soldotna company whose plane collided with Knopp’s last summer in a crash that killed seven people.
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Kenai Borough mayor attacks school district’s mask policy

With five weeks remaining before summer break, the Kenai Peninsula Borough mayor is publicly challenging the school district on its COVID-19 mitigation protocols.
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Hilcorp ordered to replace gas pipeline with history of leaks

The last time the pipe leaked, in 2017, Hilcorp didn’t complete repairs for three months, citing danger from ice in the inlet. Sea ice is again a problem.
picture from the aid of an inlet with water on both sides

Hilcorp gas pipeline springs another leak in Cook Inlet

Oil company Hilcorp is reporting another undersea natural gas leak near one of its platforms in Cook Inlet, about six miles offshore from Nikiski.
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Study says Alaska is underfunding maintenance of schools

“Right now, our level of funding is not sustainable,” said the study's author. “And our schools will degrade if we spend the money we’re spending now. We need to spend more.”
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Court rejects Hilcorp permit over possible harm to Cook Inlet belugas

Oil and gas company Hilcorp applied in 2018 for authorization from the National Marine Fisheries Service for activities related to an exploratory drilling program in Cook Inlet through 2024 that could disrupt beluga whales and other marine mammals with loud noise.
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Monday avalanche buries highway near Summit Lake

The avalanche closed down the only route to the Kenai Peninsula for over four hours.
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Hilcorp gas wells near Anchor Point get green light

As early as Thursday, the company could start construction on a gravel exploration pad for the company’s Whiskey Gulch prospect.
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Senior aide to Alaska Senate president recovering from severe case of COVID-19

Konrad Jackson's case was particularly bad. It started with a scratchy throat, but soon he could hardly breathe. He was sent to the critical care unit at Juneau’s Bartlett Hospital on March 8.
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Hilcorp seeks permit to survey offshore geology of Cook Inlet

Hilcorp purchased several blocks of federal leases in Cook Inlet in 2017, but before it can even think about exploring for oil and gas there, the company has to do a geohazard survey to gauge potential geological hazards in the area.
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Without the Alaska Moose Federation, roadkill salvage falls to charity

Moose didn’t stop crossing the road when the Alaska Moose Federation closed up shop late last year. And there are still hungry families that can use the roadkill meat.
A balding white man in a suit speaks into a mcrophone at a wooden table

NTSB: Rep. Gary Knopp, who piloted plane involved in fatal crash, had impaired vision

Rep. Gary Knopp had impaired vision caused by glaucoma when his private plane collided with a charter plane last summer, according to a medical report released Monday by the National Transportation Safety Board.
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Beloved Moose is Loose bakery in Soldotna to reopen under new ownership

Niko Nikolich will take over the bakery that has been closed since 2019, and add new options like 16 ice cream flavors, an assemblage of coffee gadgets and a pizza oven.
A balding white man in a suit speaks into a mcrophone at a wooden table

Families of Soldotna plane crash victims sue estate, widow of former Alaska Rep. Gary Knopp

The National Transportation Safety Board later found that Knopp was denied a medical certification from the Federal Aviation Administration in 2012 because of vision problems. FAA regulations require a medical certificate to fly. Knopp was piloting a private plane involved in a mid-air collision that killed seven people.
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Electric vehicle charging corridor may be on the road to reality in Alaska Railbelt

The Alaska Energy Authority plans to install between 10 and 14 electric chargers along the railbelt, from Homer and Seward to Fairbanks. Right now, sparsely distributed charging stations make electric vehicles impractical for long drives in Alaska.
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Fire razes Triumvirate Theatre building on Kenai Peninsula

No one was hurt but the fire completely razed the space and investigators are still working out what caused it.