Sabine Poux, KDLL - Soldotna

people hold up a large banner that reads "keep abortion safe & legal"

Abortion remains legal in Alaska, but some lawmakers hope a constitutional convention could change that

The Alaska Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that abortion rights are guaranteed under that right to privacy.
a white house gets moved

As Kenai’s bluff erodes, one historic house gets a new home

The bluff is eroding at a rate of three feet a year due to waves and storms at the mouth of the Kenai River.
A man in sunglasses plays frisbee in a grass field.

This month is on track to be the warmest June on record in Anchorage

“It’s certainly one for the record books," said National Weather Service climatologist Brian Brettschneider.
a ship near the mountains

In victory for commercial fishermen, court orders Cook Inlet fishery to reopen

Judge Joshua Kindred said the federal closure was arbitrary and capricious and that the closure did not comply with national standards.
a walkway along the water

Soldotna wants to create a walkable ‘main street’ next to the Kenai River

The city wants to create a walkable “main street” next to the Kenai River.
A map of a proposed hydro project

Hydroelectric project takes small step forward amid pushback from Moose Pass residents

Homer Electric Association has been working on the project for over a decade.
Two small children fishing in a narrow slough

Poor king salmon runs close Kenai Peninsula rivers to fishing

King salmon populations have been suffering in Cook Inlet.
A landslide crosses a road with people in yellow vests standing in front

Road to Lowell Point near Seward is now completely open to traffic

As of Friday, crews have wrapped up mitigation work on the landslide there and cars are allowed to pass at all hours, according to the City of Seward. 
A man sits in a folding chair next to an RV

Even with $5 gas, people are still driving RVs to Alaska

One RVer says he's spent more on gas in this last month than he did on a 23-state road trip last year.
A map of the western Kenai Peninsula showing locations of proposed wells

Hilcorp plans to drill test wells on the southern Kenai Peninsula this summer

The proposal is for gas prospects near Anchor Point and Ninilchik, near an existing ENSTAR gas line.
People in aders in a large river fishing with poles

King fishing no longer allowed on Kenai River this month

As of Monday, only 265 large king salmon had passed through the sonar, compared to more than 900 by the same date last year.
A map of oil and gas tracts in Cook Inlet.

One oil and gas company bids in state sale

Alaska oil and gas company Furie Operating Alaska acquired two leases in Cook Inlet during the most recent state sale last week, totaling just over 5,000 acres. It was the only bidder in that auction.
a walkway along the water

No king retention on the Kenai River this summer

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game said recent estimates aren’t looking great for the run.
a person being hoisted through the air by a helicoper

National Guard rescues injured biker in Cooper Landing

The cyclist had crashed on a trail just off the southeast corner of Cooper Lake, on the Resurrection River trail.
A trail through mountains and trees and brush

Pair of hikers rescued from Resurrection Pass

The hikers called for help on their satellite phone saying they couldn't make it through snow and water in the pass.
a transmission line outside

Major upgrade to Railbelt transmission lines could pave the way for more renewable energy

AEA and five Railbelt utilities say they’re embarking on $200 million worth of upgrades to existing transmission lines.
a clam

Clam Gulch and Ninilchik beaches will remain closed to clamming for now

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game said it will keep the beaches closed for the eighth year in a row.
An excavator dumps dirt from a pile next to a mountain

Road between Seward and Lowell Point will now reopen just before Memorial Day weekend

Two-way traffic can resume on the road starting Friday at noon.
A pair of tugboats push a tanker against a dock

A tidal energy project could power machinery at Port MacKenzie

The company hopes it can harness the inlet's strong tides to power machinery at Port MacKenzie, across Knik Arm from Anchorage.