Sage Smiley, KSTK - Wrangell

A piece of bone, next to a dime

10,000-year-old bone from Wrangell area hints how domesticated dogs may have traveled to the Americas

A dime-sized fragment of dog bone — more than ten-thousand years old — has given researchers new clues about how domesticated dogs first made their way to the Americas.

Plunging fish tax payments raise concerns for coming years, Southeast officials say

Fishing is an economic engine in Southeast Alaska, and city governments rely on the money it provides. But after a dismal 2020 season, many are worried about lack of funds — and the future of the fisheries.
Some traffic cones hanging from another cone

‘Pretty much sums up 2020’: Wrangell makes do with anonymous holiday tree installation

Despite its desultory appearance, the tree has sparked joy. And the Wrangell Chamber of Commerce has not yet rescheduled its official tree-lighting ceremony.
A black and white image of a rescuer in the water

Shipwrecked in storm, retired fisherman gets unexpected rescue in Southeast Alaska

70-year-old Kurt Broderson was floating in a survival suit in waves the size of houses when Coast Guard rescuers arrived to save him. He says the event changed his life.
An empty ferry terminal on a foggy day with mountains in the background

Wrangell left high and dry by sparse winter ferry schedule

The blue and gold ferries will sail repeatedly within 20 miles of the island town — but only stop twice.
An aerial view of several large buildings next to a spruce forest on the coast

Navy pledges no serious harm to Alaska marine life; environmentalists skeptical of claims

The U.S. Navy says it doesn’t know how many marine mammals it actually disturbs or harms each year. But, it predicts its exercises and maneuvers in Southeast Alaska waters won’t cause the death of any marine mammals.
A white wowman in a red suit jacket and dark rimmed glasses sits at a desk

State House candidate Becker speaks about controversial blog posts

In an interview the following day, she said her writings were meant to be prayers on the behalf of others.
A white wowman in a red suit jacket and dark rimmed glasses sits at a desk

GOP hopeful Leslie Becker backs natural resource ‘stewardship,’ budget reforms

Leslie Becker is running unopposed in the Republican primary for State House District 36. That means she’s set to challenge incumbent Dan Ortiz, a Ketchikan independent in November’s general election.