Scott Stephens


My name is Scott Stephens. I am a family man through and through. I have an amazing, beautiful wife, Chelsea, and two awesome kids: Clara and Liam. In addition to being a family man, I LOVE ALASKA!

My wife and I visited in 2007 and we fell in love! Three years later, we couldn’t get Alaska out of our system, so we decided that it was the right time to go for it, to make the move from Michigan to Alaska.

We live in the beautiful, family-friendly Mat-Su Valley. I’m surrounded by beautiful scenery, my amazing family, and an ever-growing group of awesome friends we’ve made here.

Sure, we’re a century or so behind the real frontier folk, but we’re still pioneers in our own way. We have a new branch of the family tree in a place it’s never been before. That’s good enough for me. Pioneering the way for future generations.

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Why I Love Talkeetna, Alaska

Talkeetna is one of my favorite places in Alaska… It has something, something special. There’s the appeal on the surface; it’s a small, charming town on the edge of the wilderness. Why should you visit? Where should you stay? Where you should you eat? What are the sights to see? Read more.