Statewide Suicide Prevention Council


The Statewide Suicide Prevention Council was established by the Alaska Legislature in 2001, in response to what was characterized as “an on-going epidemic” of suicide. The Council, after a legislative audit in 2008, was extended by the Legislature to June 30, 2013.

The Council is responsible for advising legislators and the Governor on ways to improve Alaskans' health and wellness by reducing suicide, improving public awareness of suicide and risk factors, enhancing suicide prevention efforts, working with partners and faith-based organizations to develop healthier communities, creating a statewide suicide prevention plan and putting it in action, and building and strengthening partnerships to prevent suicide.

Suicide is preventable. While each suicide or attempted suicide can be as unique as the person who experiences it, there are ways to address the multiple social, emotional, environmental and health factors involved. If every one of us learned about suicide, and the risk factors and protective factors involved, we would be better prepared to prevent suicide in our families and communities. How can Alaskans learn about suicide and how it is prevented? Read more.