Tele Aadsen


Tele (pronounced Tell-ah) spent a landlocked childhood in her parents’ Wasilla veterinaryclinic, before going to sea at the age of seven. After crossing the Gulf on a sailboat built in the backyard, her family landed in Sitka. There they embraced a new adventure: commercial fishing.

Twenty-seven years later, Tele hasn’t been able to get the salt water out of her veins. A lapsedsocial worker turned professional fish-hunter, she’s a tree hugging, yoga posing, pescatarianfeminist fisherman who runs a salmon troller with her partner, photographer Joel Brady-Power.Tele writes frequently about her adventures at sea and observations of Southeast life on her blog,Hooked: One Woman at Sea, Trolling for Truth. She’s a sucker for baked treats, and will stopwhatever she’s doing to listen to ravens.

Enduring Burning: Alaska Walks for Life

Tele Aadsen recounts the recent Walk for Life in Sitka, an effort to bring awareness to the high rates of suicides in urban areas and Arctic villages. Read more.