Teresa Cotsirilos, KYUK - Bethel


On Tuesday night, a man in a Halloween mask walked into Bethel’s VFW Bingo hall, grabbed a fistful of money from the cash drawer and ran out the door. The Bethel PD have yet to make an arrest. Listen now

In the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, staying warm through the winter can cost you. Families spend hundreds of dollars a month on heating fuel, and communities like Kongiganak, colloquially known as Kong, are trying to change that. Listen now

About a year ago, Tununak opened a $19 million, state-of-the-art airport. But now, local airlines are refusing to fly there. The village’s shifting permafrost is buckling the runway, and both Ravn Alaska and Grant Aviation say that it’s too dangerous for pilots to land on it safely. Listen now

Climate change is thawing the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta’s permafrost—and it’s doing more than cracking foundations, sinking roads and accelerating erosion. In some villages, it is turning cemeteries into swamps. Listen now

It’s been eight years since a small team began excavating an ancient village outside of Quinhagak. Now archaeologists and tribal leaders are saving what they can before the site washes away. Listen now

The community of Aniak is struggling to recover from a recent shooting spree that saw bullets flying though town and left one resident dead and several wounded. Listen now

Two inmates escaped from the Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center in Bethel Saturday, but not for long. The two got out by wriggling their way through a storm grate. They were found at a homeless camp and taken back to custody on Sunday after a manhunt that involved six different agencies. Both were considered dangerous. Listen now
Aniak. (Google Maps screenshot)

In Aniak, one person is dead and another wounded in what appears to have been a violent crime spree that started at 2 a.m. on Sunday. Listen now

Akiak Native Community IRA Council issued a banishment order for Jacques Anthony Cooper, a former Village Police Officer they accuse of bootlegging. He denies the allegations and says the tribe turned against him on account of his law enforcement work. Listen now

Several weeks ago, the financing fell through on a plan to bring the "Akutan," a floating fish processing vessel, to Kuskokwim Bay. For the second summer in a row, fishermen in the coastal community of Quinhagak have nowhere to sell their catch; many in the village are now struggling to make ends meet. Listen now

A new court case argues that the way in which state juries are selected in Alaska discriminates against rural, Native communities. The case could significantly impact the Delta’s court system if it’s successful. Listen now

In Southwest Alaska, a tired crew of volunteers on Saturday night, dragged a large whale’s carcass onto shore near Napaskiak’s airport. The whale was grey, bloody and barnacled, and the men who set to work butchering it said it was at least 37-feet long. Residents are still distributing its blubber and meat, saying it will feed families throughout the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta for months. Listen now

Stephen Wallace is Bethel’s new District Attorney, the town’s third DA in less than three years. The court has been operating without one for several months, since former DA J. Michael "Mike" Gray retired. Listen now

Alaska Airlines might cut some of its flights between Bethel and Anchorage, which could complicate travel for residents right around the winter holidays. Listen now

YK Delta communities are keeping Yup'ik alive through immersion schools, bilingual media, teacher training programs, and speaking the language at home. And now, Bethel native Christopher Liu is doing his part to bring his language into the 21st century. Listen now

It looks like there will be a commercial fishery for silver salmon on the Kuskokwim coast this year. Listen now

Last December, Mark and Cecilia Matter lost their lives when their red plane crashed into Marvel Dome, a snow-covered mountain near the family’s mine. Authorities now consider the Aniak couple’s death to be a suicide. Listen now