I Am Touring Musician Marian Call

When it comes to touring, Marian Call is a force of nature. It's a phenomenon she describes as wanderlust. While she's an Alaskan at heart and on paper, most of her time is spent outside - playing her unique style of music in the lower 48, Canada, and Europe.

I Am A Greenhouse Guru

When Lonnie White first moved to Kodiak Island in the 1970's, front yards in town were largely the domain of crab pots and junk cars, not ornate shrubberies. However, in the past few years, local (and national) trends have caught up with his greenhouse business. Click for more.

I Am A Midnight Russian Dumpling Slinger

In Juneau, Pelmeni is a household word. It is both the name of a restaurant, and the small Russian dumpling served there. Nicholas Haws is one of the crew of locals that tends the pelmeni pots.

I Am An Off The Grid Artist

Wendy Smith-Wood spent the early part of her life climbing mountains around the world and serving for the British Army. When cancer struck at age 27, she decided to completely change her life. Now, she's a fiber artist living 111 miles from Anchorage, and she wouldn't have it any other way. More.

I Am A Bush Pilot

Alaska bush pilot Willy Fulton is known for his experience flying to remote locations, and his direct, likable personality. Fulton is also known as the pilot who last flew Timothy Treadwell, and ultimately came upon Treadwell's remains in Katmai National Park.

I am Daphne DoAll LaChores

Scott Koeller has been regularly dressing in drag since college and with the help of his wife has created a lasting persona as Daphne DoAll LaChores. Daphne is well known as the host of Mad Myrna's Drag Queen Divas show, but many would be surprised to learn that the Anchorage fixture is also the handyman at Mad Myrna's, one of the top gay bars in the country. Click for more.

George Attla Podcast

Click the link to listen to the full audio of Conversations About Causes that Matter: George Attla. Attla Talk Small

I am a Commercial Fisherman

Toby Sullivan has been setnet fishing the shores of Uganik Bay on Kodiak Island since 1983. His fish camp, known as East Point, is only accessible by boat or seaplane. Click for more.

I Am A Hooligan Fisherman

Alaska is known for its abundant salmon fisheries, but few outsiders have ever heard of the yearly hooligan runs. These fish earned the name "candlefish" from being so fat during spawning, with up to 15% of total body weight in fat, that if caught, dried, and strung on a wick, it can be burned as a candle. Click for more.

I am a Paramotorist

Chris Reynolds has spent most of his life chasing the ever elusive "hang time," sports like snowboarding provide. Recently, Reynolds has found a new love and a new adrenaline high: Paramotoring.

Bringing Arts and Culture to Ship Creek

The Ship Creek area is mostly known for its fish and trains, but this group is hoping they can expand that. Anchorage Community Works was founded by four friends who decided to renovate an old warehouse off Ship Creek Road for their building. The plan is for the building to be a shared workspace for local artists.

I am a Volunteer Ski Bum

Arctic Valley has been providing Alaskans with grassroots skiing since the 1940s. Sitting next to an old military missile site, the ski area relies almost entirely on its volunteers to stay alive.

Riding the Singletrack at Kincaid Park

Today we’re biking in Kincaid Park. The mountain bike trails, known as singletrack, are one of the park’s most popular features, and draw all kinds of riders. Diana Maioriello is here today with her family, who range from age 12 to about 50. They’re all avid bikers, and today they’ll be trying out the single track for the first time.

Singer/Songwriter Emma Hill

While most creative talents leave Alaska for the chance of more exposure in big cities, Emma Hill is not only making a living as a musician in her home state, she's thriving. Hill grew up in the small Alaskan village of Sleetmute.

I Am An Ice Diver

Bill Streever is an author, biologist and avid adventurer. He is also a life-long diver. In this edition of INDIE ALASKA we follow the intrepid diver under the ice of Summit Lake, in the heart of the Chugach National Forest, for a view that few Alaskans ever see.

Indie Alaska: The Ski Train

The Ski Train is a springtime tradition in Alaska, and one of the biggest parts of the experience is the roving polka band, the Alaska Blaskapelle. In this video, we take a look at the whole experience, and get a look at a few of the characters from the band. Click for more.

Object Runway 4 Documentary Online Release

The full length Object Runway 4 documentary is now available online on the Alaska Public Media YouTube channel. This wearable art runway show was filmed live at the Beartooth Theater Pub in Anchorage, Alaska in January, 2013.

In My Family Family: Airplane

This week on “In My Family,” host Annette Evans Smith teaches Raven how to say "airplane" in Yup'ik.

This is Alaska Public Media users - As you can see with the display of logos to the right, your home for public broadcasting has grown and matured into many identities over the years. There is so much strength...

Chasing the Elusive Northern Lights

Recently I met up with Todd Salat, a photographer that makes his living shooting the auroras. Tonight he’s chosen a peak in the Eagle River highlands to start his shift. Being a professional aurora photographer may sound like the best job ever, but Salat says it can be shaky. It’s kind of like being a commercial fisherman.