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There has been some new activity at Mount Shishaldin. The Alaska Volcano Observatory upgraded the volcano to an orange status several months ago, but Shishaldin started acting differently Sunday night. Download Audio

Alaska State Troopers are having difficulty recruiting local people to become troopers. Of those that do apply, 76 percent are from the Lower 48. However, the Troopers are dedicated to raising numbers and recruiting from within. Download Audio

A new study from the journal “Waterbirds” shows there’s an increasing amount of mercury occurring in birds in Alaska’s arctic coast.

The state of Alaska will begin a new system for rating schools in the fall. The new system is fairer and more realistic for alternative and small schools.

An alert was issued Tuesday concerning the unusually high number of summer flu cases in Alaska. The Alaska Public Health Alert Network is advising health care providers to consider influenza when evaluating patients with compatible symptoms. The recent rise in summer cases is attributed to summer travelers to Alaska on land and cruise ships as well as a long-term care facility outbreak.

Alaska will pay $25 million in the next five years for a new standardized test. The new test is being created by the Achievement and Assessment Institute at the University of Kansas and will be administered to the state’s 77,000 third through 10th graders.