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A beige building with the blue words Alaska Airlines

Flight reductions cause complications in Kotzebue resident’s custody exchange

With just one Alaska Air flight to Anchorage each day, some residents have been struggling with the difficulties of shared custody in the hard-to-access region.

Inupiaq language survey measures more than just fluency

The last language census showed about 33,000 speakers of Iñupiat.

Toddlers strut their maklaks online as Northwest Alaska’s baby pageant goes virtual

The Northwest Alaska beauty contest aims to showcase traditional Inupiaq sewing - and the babies who wear the items.

State’s largest rural solar project nears completion above the Arctic Circle in Kotzebue

The ambitious solar project is second only to the Willow Solar Farm.

Kaktovik voters overturn decades-old alcohol ban

The community voted 54-32 in favor of lifting the ban.