Tim Ellis, KUAC - Fairbanks

Tim Ellis is a reporter at KUAC in Fairbanks.
Bison near a truck

As snow melts, Interior Alaska biologists tally number of winter-killed wildlife

Biologists say the bison population took a big hit this summer. More than a dozen were hit and killed by vehicles because the animals were using roads in lieu of their usual trails, which were covered by deep snow and ice.
A home with a Garage Sale sign outside with a Ukranian flag

Refugees from Ukraine could be placed in Alaska communities where they have family ties

The state’s refugee coordinator has told local officials that refugees from the war in Ukraine will begin arriving in Alaska over the next year or two.

John Oliver sends man in polar bear suit to Nenana, pledges $10K to Food Bank of Alaska

On his show last Sunday, comedian John Oliver called the Nenana Ice Classic “the single greatest ice-melting contest in the world."
A Three Bears Alaska store, photographed from its parking lot at night.

Three Bears Alaska to build more stores

The company owns and operates nine retail outlets around Alaska and one in Montana. Sometimes they're the only grocer in town.
A wide river that has flooded far outside its banks

Heavy snowpack in several Alaska river basins raises concerns of possible spring flooding

The Yukon, Tanana, Koyukuk, Kuskokwim and Susitna basins all have more snowpack than usual — and some are well above normal.
A home with a Garage Sale sign outside with a Ukranian flag

Delta Junction’s Slavic community, reeling over Ukraine war, launches relief effort

Shestopalov’s family was among the first in a wave of refugees that began arriving in Delta Junction in the 1990s.
An illustration of a proposed micronuclear plant

Copper Valley Electric Association is considering a nuclear power plant

If Copper Valley’s board decides to move ahead on the project, it would be Alaska’s first commercial nuclear-powered electrical-generating station.
a plane takes off

Alaska-based troops have not been deployed in response to Russia invasion, commanders say

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered another 7,000 troops to Europe Thursday to bolster NATO member nations in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Eielson pilot helps Air Force test bladder relief device for women

“This is really about the health and safety of the aircrew," she said. "So they can focus on the thing they need to focus on — which is the mission.”
A bison standing in front of a pickup in a snow-covered driveway, with more bison in the background

Deep snow is forcing bison onto Interior Alaska roads

This year’s deep, icy snowpack has forced bison to forage at farms and travel by road.
A green tractor in a field in front of some spruce trees

USDA approves Alaska’s industrial hemp plan

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved Alaska’s plan to promote and regulate the production of industrial hemp. The head of the Alaska Division of Agriculture says that means Alaska farmers will be able to diversify by growing a different crop that can be made into products that are increasingly in demand here and worldwide.
A sign says: United States Army Alaska, Fort Greely

Fort Greely commander directs civilians to work from home in response to COVID spike

Fort Greely’s post commander says he’s concerned about a recent spike in reports of COVID-19 locally and in the Fairbanks area. So he’s directed garrison civilian employees who are eligible to begin working from home.
People wearing military camo gear in a room around desks

Fort Greely Missile Defense Base evacuated last week, but leaders won’t say why

North Korea test launched a missile the same day of the evacuation, but military officials wouldn't answer questions about whether that was the reason for the evacuation.
a moose

Deep snow and ice from Interior storms are stressing moose, causing aggression

The deep snow and hard icy crust makes it difficult for moose to forage, so they’re coming out of the woods and into human-populated areas to find food and refuge. And some have become aggressive and attacked people.
Senators Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski speaking to the media

Delta Junction man who threatened to murder Alaska’s US senators pleads guilty

Jay Allen Johnson signed a plea agreement that states he’s guilty of threatening to murder Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Dan Sullivan ins separate voicemail messages he left in September.
Roof collapse through the window of a grocery store

Interior Alaska residents cautioned to monitor roofs in wake of powerful storm

Weather experts are advising that residents of Interior Alaska to monitor snow load on roofs after a powerful storm moved through the region, coating buildings with snow and ice.
Two photos of men in uniform

Two Alaska soldiers found dead, foul play not suspected, investigators say

Two Alaska-based soldiers were found dead separately in recent days.
A school bus pulls up at a school in the dark.

Alaska’s first electric-powered school bus is performing well – even at 40 below

"It has not missed a single day of school,” says Tok Transportation co-owner Gerald Blackard.

Alaska Air National Guard reports first incursion of Russian military planes since January

The Alaska Air National Guard’s 176th  Wing identified the Russian aircraft Thursday when they entered international airspace off Alaska, according to a news release.