Tim Ellis, KUAC - Fairbanks

Tim Ellis is a reporter at KUAC in Fairbanks.
A front view of a yellow school bus

‘Worked better than I expected’: Tok’s electric bus passes first cold-weather test.

The state's only electric powered school bus has in use since mid-October, and it was put to the test earlier this month, when it transported students without any problem after the temperature had dropped to 35 below.
A woman with a respirator mask seen on an airplane

‘It was beyond belief’: Alaska Airlines removes passenger over mask dispute

The 75-year-old woman says she switched from an N95 to a respirator helmet once she was on board the plane. Alaska Airlines officials say they are investigating the incident.
A painting of a group of people around sod huts

Study confirms ancient people of Interior Alaska ate salmon

The study is based on a chemical analysis of tissue samples.
A blocky school house with a circular logo.

Denali Borough COVID-19 spikes shuts down in-person school

Five cases of COVID-19 were reported last week.
A railroad track leading into yellow leaves

Trump to OK cross-border railroad line from Alaska to Canada

1,600-mile rail line from Alberta to Alaska would move potash, sulfur, bitumen, and other products from Canada to Alaska where it could be exported overseas.
Two f-35 fighter jets are parked in front of a beige aircraft control tower

Eielson’s F-35 buildup on schedule despite COVID delays

35 F-35s are being moved to the Interior air force base by the end of next year.
A fighter jet refues under a larger plane in blue skies

Uptick in Russian aircraft flying near Alaska shows ‘probing’ for weakness, Sullivan says

U.S. jet fighters have scrambled at least a dozen times so far this year to intercept Russian military aircraft that fly into airspace off Alaska’s coasts.
Two women hold puppies and pose for a smartphone photo in front of spruce trees

For Denali area tour operators, canceled season means fewer dog cuddles, economic uncertainty

Many Denali Borough businesses rely on a cruise ship visitors who didn't show up this year. But there are some signs that things could improve next year.
A woman in a police uniform in front of an American and Alaska flag

Fairbanks Police Chief Nancy Reeder resigns

Reeder cited personal reasons for her departure after a little more than a year on the job, which came as a surprise to City Hall.
Cranes and construction workers lay concrete with a white radar dome in the background

Pandemic and other problems delay missile defense system in Clear

The Pentagon agency that runs the nation’s missile-defense system halted work earlier this year on a $375 million radar facility near Clear, largely because of COVID-19 concerns.

Air Force major dies after hit by pickup during Interior Alaska cycling trip

The person driving the pickup Saturday was traveling with Maj. Michael "Cal" Gentry and another airman as they cycled from the Fairbanks area to Central.

Fairbanks company hopes wood-drying kiln will lower costs and help air quality

The kiln will use excess heat from the power plant to dry wood that will be used to heat homes.

B-52s arrive at Eielson to prepare pilots to intercept Russian aircraft

The three Cold War-era bombers arrived from an Air Force base in Louisiana.

Stryker soldiers begin returning to Alaska from nine-month tour in Iraq, Syria, Kuwait

The 200 or so soldiers with the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry are the advance party for some 2,000 soldiers with the Fort Wainwright-based unit that’ll be flying into Fairbanks International Airport in the coming weeks.

Additional Pogo workers have tested positive for COVID-19, mine company won’t say how many

Northern Star Resources would not say how many workers at the mine have tested positive. A company spokesperson said Tuesday that it’s “a small number.”

Pogo mine worker tests positive for COVID-19 after 12-day shift

A worker at the Pogo gold mine has tested positive to COVID-19. And he may have come in contact with up to 14 others at the mine that’s located 38 miles northeast of Delta Junction.

Pentagon is paying to extend North Pole’s water system due to PFAS contamination in wells

The Pentagon is paying for the nearly $30 million project because the substance that contaminated the groundwater beneath Moose Creek came from Eielson Air Force Base. The perflourinated chemical compound called PFAS likely came from the use of firefighting foam at the base.

Tammie Wilson abruptly announces she’s leaving legislature for state job

Rep. Tammie Wilson, R-North Pole, surprised fellow lawmakers Friday when she announced she’s quitting the Legislature to take a job with a state agency that she’s often fought against during her 10 years in the state House.

Study shows rapid growth in Fairbanks-area senior population

Organizations like the Fairbanks Senior Center are working on strategies to handle that rapidly growing population in communities all around the borough.