Tim Ellis, KUAC - Fairbanks

Tim Ellis is a reporter at KUAC in Fairbanks.
A blocky school house with a circular logo.

Denali Borough to require masking in schools

Opponents of the mask requirement include Tri-Valley Fire Department Chief Rob Graham, who suggested the pandemic may be overblown and that proponents of masking are "getting paid with COVID dollars."
Two f-35 fighter jets are parked in front of a beige aircraft control tower

Following JBER, Eielson Air Force Base restricts interactions off-base due to COVID

Eielson Air Force Base in Interior Alaska has increased its COVID-19 precautions after Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson’s commander declared a public health emergency on Friday due to a surge in COVID cases.
A large plane is parked on a runway at night.

Alaska Air National Guard unit helps evacuate 1,700 people from war-torn Afghanistan

The Guard’s 176th Wing provided two big C-17 cargo planes and four aircrews to help U.S. forces evacuate Americans and others from Afghanistan.
An Alaska State Trooper cruiser parked on Nome’s Front Street in January 2015.

Troopers investigating murder case after finding body in freezer near Tok

Alaska State Troopers have identified the 67-year-old Anchorage man whose body was found in a freezer near Tok earlier this year. And they’re are reaching out to the public for help in solving what they’re now calling a murder case.
A large forested hilly area with a large snowy mountain in the distance

Plan to lease land near Ester for mine draws ire from residents, recreators

An Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority decision to lease more than 10,000 acres north of Ester and near Fox to an Australia-based gold-mining company has alarmed people who live in the area and many others who go there to enjoy hiking, biking and other forms of recreation and subsistence.

UAF team digs up Chena, the abandoned gold rush boomtown that preceded Fairbanks

A group of University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers and students that spent six weeks at an archeological site just west of the city are compiling reports on what they found in the area, where the gold-mining town of Chena boomed more than a century ago before going bust.
A railroad track leading into yellow leaves

‘Boondoggle’: Financial woes may jeopardize proposed Alaska-Canada railroad project

An ambitious plan to build a 1,600-mile railroad that would link the Alaskan and Canadian rail systems is on hold and appears to be in jeopardy.
A white man in a military unitform posing in front of some flags

Jury indicts Ft. Wainwright soldier for fatal shooting of BLM protester in Texas

Some Fairbanks residents are questioning why Sgt. Daniel Perry was stationed at an Alaska military base when he was facing charges of murder in Texas.
A black sign that says US Space Force Clear SPace Force Statin

Military surveillance site in Clear gets a new operator: U.S. Space Force

Installation officials say the name-change won’t affect Clear’s main mission, which is to scan the horizon for incoming enemy missiles and alerting the U.S. missile defense system, including the base at Fort Greely, to the threat.
Two peopl look at an old green and white bus from behind

UAF museum starts work on ‘Into the Wild’ bus exhibit

Preliminary work began last week on a project to create a museum exhibit featuring the old bus where the central character in the book and movie “Into the Wild” spent his last days.
Te back of a police vehicle

Veteran Fairbanks police officer quits, alleges sexual harassment and retaliation

In her complaint and letter of resignation filed Monday, Alana Malloy alleges that she has “endured repeated sexual harassment and retaliation,” by her supervisor and other Fairbanks Police officials. The police chief denies those allegations.
A canada flag next to a us flag

Anchorage man arrested at US-Canada border refuses to leave Fairbanks jail

An Anchorage man who was arrested last weekend for refusing to leave a checkpoint on the Alaska side of the U.S.-Canada border remains at Fairbanks Correctional Center. Authorities say 61-year-old Terry Sharkey now refusing to leave the jail.
A plain looking building with a flag pole in front

Anchorage man in custody after being arrested on both sides of Alaska-Canada border

According to authorities, a 61-year-old man was arrested after being denied entry into Canada. After being sent back to a U.S. border station, he refused to leave and was taken to a Fairbanks Jail for trespassing.
Fighter jets land on a runway

Northern Edge military exercise gathers 15,000 servicemembers in Alaska

This year's Northern Edge will be the most widely dispersed, with operations on the ground and in the skies in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Juneau, King Salmon and Cold Bay, to name a few.
A woman adminsters a shot to a shoulder

‘We’re all in this together’: Tanana Chiefs donates vaccine doses to Eielson Air Force Base

On Monday, the Fairbanks-based organization donated 800 surplus doses to Eielson Air Force Base to help protect servicemembers and their families and the civilian employees who work there.
A grey silo next to a tan building

Nearly 50 years after it was shut down, Army releases plan to get rid of Alaska’s first and only nuclear power plant

The Army Corps of Engineers has issued a document that outlines plans to decommission and dismantle Alaska’s first and only nuclear power plant — the old SM-1A at Fort Greely.
a water room with people working

‘People really pulled together’: Volunteers help fix Nenana’s frozen-up water plant

After Nenana’s water-treatment plant froze up Monday, leaving about 150 homes without water, city workers and volunteers got the system back up and running in about 12 hours.
Three men dressed in white oversuits put up a green tent in a snowy landscape near spruce trees

As military concerns move to warming Arctic, army starts annual cold-weather training exercise

One official said that since the Cold War, the U.S. military's Arctic training has 'atrophied,' but recent warming and military activity in Russia has renewed efforts at training America's armed forces for cold weather fighting.
A whoman in a dark green jacket smiles in front of a glass window

Indigenous advocate Colleen Echohawk’s journey from rural Alaska to Seattle Mayor’s race

Echohawk, a Pawnee Indian, was raised in Delta Junction and showed an early interest in Alaska Native issues.
A front view of a yellow school bus

‘Worked better than I expected’: Tok’s electric bus passes first cold-weather test.

The state's only electric powered school bus has in use since mid-October, and it was put to the test earlier this month, when it transported students without any problem after the temperature had dropped to 35 below.