Tim Ellis, KUAC - Fairbanks

Tim Ellis is a reporter at KUAC in Fairbanks.

Missile Defense Agency: ‘Kill vehicle’ contract cancellation won’t affect Greely expansion

One of the 40 interceptor missiles at Fort Greely is lowered into its silo. An expansion project at the missile-defense base eventually will increase the number of interceptors at Greely to...

Army, contractor begin planning to dismantle deactivated Fort Greely nuclear power plant

The Army Corps of Engineers is moving ahead on a project to decommission the mothballed nuclear-power plant at Fort Greely.

Fairbanks City Council OKs application for Alaska’s first cannabis shop with onsite-consumption area

The Fairbanks City Council voted Monday to support a cannabis entrepreneur’s bid to open Alaska’s first on-site marijuana consumption facility. But the Anchorage business person who’s proposed the facility must first win an appeal from the state’s marijuana-regulating agency.

5 recent missile-launch alerts direct Fort Greely residents, workers to take shelter

Fort Greely has declared five so-called "shelter in place" alerts over the past two weeks, apparently in response to recent North Korean missile test launches.

UAF project seeks to provide air quality data for rural, remote Alaska areas

A graduate student with the University of Alaska Fairbanks is installing air-quality sensors in rural and remote areas around the state to monitor wildfire smoke and other types of air pollution.
Photo by Tim Ellis, KUAC - Fairbanks

House speaker, Interior lawmakers lay out case for overriding governor’s budget cuts

State House Speaker Bryce Edgmon joined five Fairbanks-area legislators and University of Alaska President Jim Johnsen Wednesday for a news conference focused on overriding the governor's deep cuts to the university system and other state programs. The lawmakers and Johnsen then spoke to about 700 people at a town hall in Fairbanks, almost all of whom urged them to override.

First class of veterinarians graduate from UAF-Colorado State program

The first graduates of a new veterinary-medicine program offered through the University of Alaska Fairbanks have all been hired to work here in Alaska and the Lower 48.

Eielson airshow will give public first chance to see F-35 jets, other attractions

Base officials expect there’ll be a lot of interest in the F-35, because the Air Force is moving two squadrons, or about 54, of the advanced warplanes to Eielson in less than a year.
UAF celebrated the near-completion of the UAF power plant last August, and its staff and contractors and have been working since then to work out all the bugs to bring it online. CREDIT KUAC FILE PHOTO

UAF working through ‘minor delays and difficulties’ to bring new power plant online

University of Alaska Fairbanks officials say the problems they’ve encountered in getting the $245 million power plant fully operational have pushed the project behind schedule and over budget. But they think they’ve finally worked out most of the bugs, and they’ve come up with a new estimate on when the plant will be online.

Army investigating fatal humvee crash near Ft. Wainwright

Army officials are investigating the death of a soldier over the weekend during a field training exercise near Fort Wainwright.

Tularemia side-effect: Hare population cycle makes pets more susceptible to predators

The state Fish and Game Department says tularemia is showing up early this year in snowshoe hares around the Interior and areas south of the Alaska Range.

Army National Guard sergeant drowns in Copper River

A Delta Junction man died over the weekend after he slipped while dipnetting on the banks of the Copper River near Chitina and was swept away by the swift current.

Military celebrates milestone for radar system under construction at Clear Air Force Station

Military and contractor personnel and invited guests celebrated a milestone in the construction of a massive radar facility Tuesday at Clear Air Force Station, near Anderson.

Tanker crash kills driver, spills 2,000 gallons of diesel on Dalton Highway

A tanker truck wrecked on the Dalton Highway 40 miles north of Livengood Monday and spilled 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

UA students discover 1,800-year-old footprint ‘snapshot’ of Athabascan ancestors’ culture

University of Alaska archaeologists have announced the discovery of an 1,800-year-old human footprint at a site south of Fairbanks. It’s the oldest such footprint ever found in the North American subarctic, and it’s helping archaeologists understand more about the ancient people who lived at the site for more than 14,000 years.

UAF students propose guidelines for Fairbanks-area climate change response plan

A group of UAF students have come up recommendations on what a Fairbanks-area climate-action plan might look like, and how local leaders could get citizens to buy-in to it.

Eielson GPS signal-jamming exercise may affect navigation devices, cellphone apps

Eielson Air Force Base has begun a series of exercises that may cause intermittent problems for navigation systems and other electronic devices around the Interior over the next couple of weeks.

Palmer telecom begins work on first overland fiber-optic link to Lower 48

It’ll be the state’s first all-terrestrial network, and MTA officials say it’ll provide more bandwidth and faster internet connections for their 30,000 customers – and many others whose local internet service providers connect to the new network.

Rapidly-growing 3,000-acre wildfire burning on army training range near Fort Greely

The wildfire burning on an Army training range seven miles southwest of Fort Greely has grown to 3,000 acres since Tuesday, according to BLM-Alaska Fire Service's latest estimate.

Proposed agriculture funding cuts would hurt ‘state’s ability to feed itself,’ farmers say

Alaskan farmers say the state gets a big bang for the small buck the state provides to agriculture. That’s why they say big cuts like those proposed by Governor Mike Dunleavy would inflict serious, long-term harm to the industry.