Tim Ellis, KUAC - Fairbanks

Tim Ellis is a reporter at KUAC in Fairbanks.

Fairbanks lawmaker David Guttenberg won’t seek re-election to 9th House term

Guttenberg says he’s leaving his decades of service to his district and the state party so he can enjoy life in his home in the Goldstream Valley. Listen now

Fairbanks City Council approves marijuana regulations that limit retail shops to 25

After a heated debate, the Fairbanks City Council approved an ordinance Monday that added regulations to the marijuana industry. Listen now

Corps of Engineers officials visit Fort Greely to plan for nuclear power plant decommissioning

Army Corps of Engineers officials were at Fort Greely last week to begin planning in earnest for the decommissioning and possible dismantling of the old mothballed nuclear power plant on post. Listen now

Marijuana-regulating ordinance advocates flood Fairbanks city council hearing to urge passage

Most supported the ordinance and called for greater regulation of the industry. Opponents say the measure is unfair and heavy-handed, and would further unfairly treat marijuana and alcohol differently. Listen now

Air Force to host meeting to unveil plan to provide potable water to Moose Creek

Air Force officials will host an open house meeting tonight to talk about proposals to provide drinking water to Moose Creek residents whose well water has been made unpotable due to groundwater contamination. Listen now

Israel pulls warplanes from Red Flag training exercises due to rising regional tensions

Dozens of U.S. and allied warplanes are assembling at Eielson Air Force Base in preparation for an upcoming round of Red Flag training exercises. But F-15s from the nation of Israel will not be participating, reportedly because of rising tensions in the region. Listen now

Fairbanks students need parents’ permission to participate in walkout, district says

Today, students organized across the country in solidarity with national high school walkouts expressing alarm over gun violence, including in Fairbanks. Listen now

Pogo Mine officials “very excited” about two promising gold prospects under exploration

Recent exploration around the Pogo Mine near Delta Junction has shown promising evidence of more rich deposits of gold nearby. Listen now

HAARP readies for busiest research season in three years

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or “HAARP” facility is gearing up for its busiest season since the University of Alaska Fairbanks acquired the Gakona-area atmospheric experimentation station from the Air Force. Listen now

Fairbanks Assembly delays Mary Siah Rec Center demolition to conduct more tests on building

Assembly members instead approved a measure that keeps the popular but aging rec center operating – if it passes engineering tests to be conducted over the next month. Listen now

Standing-room-only crowd tells Fairbanks North Star Assembly: don’t demo rec center

About a hundred people packed the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly chambers Thursday to declare they don’t want the borough to demolish the Mary Siah Recreation Center. Listen now

Technology helping small communities cut high energy costs, conference organizer says

About 400 people from around Alaska and elsewhere converged on the Westmark Fairbanks Hotel and Conference Center this week to talk about how residents of the state’s rural and remote communities can reduce high energy costs during the 20th Rural Energy Conference. Listen now

Governor invites Alaska’s export-minded entrepreneurs to join China Trade Mission

Governor Bill Walker is inviting businesspersons from around the state who are interested in boosting trade with Alaska’s largest international trading partner to come along on a China trade mission to be launched in May. Listen now

State air-quality regulators invite public to review PM2.5-cleanup plan documents

State air-quality regulators are inviting people who live in and around the borough’s air-pollution-plagued Non-attainment Area to take a look at a series of draft documents that outline the problem and proposed solutions. Listen now

Army begins decommissioning Fort Greely’s Cold War-era nuclear power plant

Army officials have begun the years-long process of decommissioning Alaska’s first and only nuclear power plant, located at Fort Greely.

Proposed Fairbanks ordinance would squelch ‘free market’, marijuana business owners say

Owners of local marijuana businesses told the Fairbanks City Council Monday that the free market should decide how many retail pot shops the city should allow. Listen now

Grand jury indicts 13 Fairbanks Correctional Center inmates for August jail riot, standoff

A Fairbanks grand jury has indicted 13 Fairbanks Correctional Center inmates on charges of rioting and criminal mischief related to an August 17th riot at the jail. The inmates took over a part of the jail for about an hour and a half before surrendering after they were tear-gassed by members of two tactical police units that were called in. Listen now

Army tanker truck wrecks, spills fuel near Harding Lake

A state Department of Environmental Conservation report issued Tuesday evening says an Army tanker truck that crashed Sunday near Harding Lake leaked 800 gallons of fuel within about 50 feet of a slough that leads into the Tanana River. Listen now

State veterinarian urges farmers to watch for new diseases in Alaska wildlife, livestock

State Veterinarian Bob Gerlach told a crowd that turned out Saturday for the 46th Annual Delta Farm Forum that diseases that afflict livestock and wildlife are increasingly showing up in Alaska. Listen now

Borough Assembly OKs Testing for promising woodstove emissions-control technology

The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly approved a resolution that supports and authorizes testing of a type of air-pollution control technology that local advocates say will clean smoke from woodstoves and help improve the area’s air quality. Listen now