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Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse canceled over coronavirus concerns

Organizers of the Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse made a decision to cancel the event over coronavirus concerns.

Is Baby Yoda indigenous? Character captures the hearts of Alaska Native artists

Indigenous artists have incorporated popular culture — from Superman to Batman, even "Star Wars" — into Native designs before, but something about Baby Yoda is different.

Alaska Native language groups convene to translate census materials

The gathering at the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage included about 25 people representing the Gwich'in, Inupiat, Yup'ik and Koyukon cultures.

U.S. Mint reveals coin design featuring Alaska civil rights leader

The U.S. Mint unveiled the tails design for the 2020 Native American dollar coin at the Alaska Native Brothers and Alaska Native Sisters Convention Saturday.

Native corporation CIRI joins voices for Dunleavy recall

The board of directors of Cook Inlet Region Incorporated, or CIRI, announced Thursday that they would support the effort to recall Governor Mike Dunleavy.

Settlement allows Alaska inmate to wear some religious Native regalia

A settlement will allow a descendant of the Cherokee Nation to wear some religious Native regalia while serving time in Alaska.

Southeast Alaska tribe takes initial steps to create their own tribal court

A Southeast Alaska tribe has taken the initial steps to begin creating their own tribal court.

Caught in immigration mess, U.S.-born Tsimshian teacher fights to stay in ancestral territory 

When the homelands of indigenous groups straddle the border between U.S. and Canada, traveling back and forth becomes an immigration issue. You might think the countries would have similar policies, but it isn’t that easy. One U.S.-born Tsimshian teacher is caught in the mess, fighting to legally stay and work in her ancestral homeland in British Columbia.

Weavers share traditional knowledge, stories behind textiles

A weaving presentation displayed blankets, aprons and other items made by practicing artisans from Southeast Alaska and British Columbia. About 50 people attended the presentation Wednesday by weavers and weaving historians in the Shuka Hit clan house in the Walter Soboleff Building. Listen now

Canoes arrive and unofficially kick off Celebration 2018

A group of paddlers and their canoes have finished their weeklong journey to Juneau. They traveled from Ketchikan, Sitka, Kake, Angoon, Hoonah, Yakutat — even Canada for Celebration. Listen now

Emergency Alert System sends test warning

An emergency tsunami warning alert that went out over the air was just a test. Listen now

Hoonah microbrewery gets new owners and location, but will offer familiar tastes

The new owners of Icy Strait Brewing are busy remodeling a new location for the Hoonah microbrewery. They hope to open in time for the first cruise ship scheduled to dock on May 12. Listen now

49 Voices: Mary Ellen Frank of Juneau

This week we’re hearing from Mary Ellen Frank in Juneau. Frank is a doll maker and director/curator of Aunt Claudia’s Dolls a local Museum. Listen now

A good sign for Native artist after Etsy relists his sea otter crafts

Etsy says it’s moving away from local and national laws — such as the U.S. Endangered Species Act — and toward international standards. But that means it’s excluding items made by Alaska Native artists that might use walrus ivory or certain animal pelts. Listen now

Celestial trifecta will greet Alaska with ‘super blue blood moon’

Early-rising Alaskans and night owls will be treated Wednesday morning to a celestial trifecta: a super blue blood moon, the first in about 150 years. Listen now

Sexual assault survivor, advocacy group speak out against sexual predatory behavior

It only takes a second for a sexual predator to turn your night – and your world – upside down. One advocate likens date rapists to predators stalking prey in the wild: they try to pick out the youngest, the weakest, the loners. But the truth is anyone can be a target of sexual assault. Listen now

Two arrested in Juneau for murder in Anchorage cold case from 1995

A grand jury indicted two Juneau men each on one count of second-degree murder in the death of Jerry Dillivan. Dillivan was 25 when he was killed in 1995. Listen now
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GoFundMe campaigns created to help cruise ship murder victim’s family

A family friend and neighbor of the Utah woman who was killed aboard a cruise ship off Alaska’s coast last week is raising money for her three daughters. Listen now

Feds charge Utah man with wife’s murder aboard cruise ship in Alaska

Federal authorities are charging a Utah man in the murder of his wife aboard a cruise ship in Southeast Alaska. Listen now

FBI investigating death of woman aboard Southeast cruise ship

The FBI is investigating the death of a 39-year-old Utah woman who died aboard the Emerald Princess cruise ship in Southeast Alaska. Listen now