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Dillingham council weighs options as rapid erosion threatens city sewer

Since 1947, erosion has washed away at least 800 feet of Dillingham’s coastline. And it’s getting worse.

Erosion drains Goldfish Lake in Port Heiden

After a decade of heavy erosion, a lake in the Bristol Bay village of Port Heiden finally breached, sending water gushing into the bay.

Bristol Bay Borough voters approve fish tax proposal

The proposed 1.5% fish tax on all processed fish in the borough passed with overwhelming results, with 153 yes votes to 73, according to unofficial election results.

Aleknagik home break-in highlights lack of law enforcement in Bristol Bay

When Apay’u Moore was woken by the sound of a man breaking into her home Oct. 14, it took more than six hours for Troopers to arrive.

Dillingham City School District awarded $3.3M federal education grant

Superintendent Jason Johnson said the funds will reshape the district.

BBNC says Dunleavy support for Pebble ‘inappropriate’

Gov. Mike Dunleavy sent a letter to Wheaton Precious Metals Corporation, a potential investor with the proposed Pebble Mine — executives with Bristol Bay Native Corporation call it "inappropriate."

New Stuyahok teacher Ben Griese a finalist for 2020 DEED Teacher of the Year award

Chief Ivan Blunka School special education teacher Ben Griese integrated a disability awareness week and helped a non-verbal student give a speech at the school's graduation ceremony.

Alaska Fish and Game issues emergency order for RC503 Mulchatna caribou hunt

While the Mulchatna herds have a history of fluctuation, biologists have yet to identify the cause of this year’s decline.

Water shortage looms in Chignik Lagoon

A boil water notice has been in effect since July 2. As of Thursday, residents had only 5,000 gallons of drinkable water left.
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Lights out for rural Alaska as the PCE endowment faces endangerment

The Power Cost Equalization Endowment was one of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s 182 line-item vetoes. If funding is not restored, residents in Bristol Bay will have to pay the difference.

Kids in Space: Dillingham Elementary challenges the stars

Dillingham fourth graders were treated to an out-of-this-world experience. Students launched a weather balloon into outer space last month. The experiment was a chance for the students to view Dillingham from beyond the earth’s atmosphere.