Vanessa Walker, KCAW - Sitka


As cleanup ends, Chichagof Island mine goes wild in Southeast

Although Alaska’s Gold Rush never really paid off in the Sitka area, that didn’t stop people from trying. On Chichagof Island in Southeast, thousands of prospectors are thought to have combed the valleys and mountain sides looking for gold in the late 1800s. The last working stake on West Chichagof shut down in the 1980s, and reverted to ownership by the City of Sitka. Now, Sitka is getting out as well.

Odess: ‘Sitka opened her arms to me’

Big-ticket philanthropy usually goes like this: Charitable organization makes a pitch; donor writes a check. There might be some reports to write, and maybe the donor is invited to a nice lunch. Or at least this is the way it’s supposed to work. Carol Odess, a major benefactor of the Sitka Fine Arts Camp, is an outlier. Download Audio: