Vera Starbard


Vera Starbard is a Tlingit/Dena'ina Athabascan woman, lifelong Alaskan and blogger. Of her work, Vera says:

"I often see stories, whether sports, hard news, opinion or hot topics, done from exclusively non-Native persceptives. While Native people are many times included in the story itself, it is generally from the view of "person interviewing Native person" versus just "here's MY view (and I happen to be Native.")"

A Real Dialogue about Racial Equity in Alaska

A few weeks ago, I was waiting in my car for my sister to come out of a grocery store, window down, and two young men, both white, were having a loud discussion about race. I tried (not very hard) to not listen, but as I was in the middle of the unnerving project I’ll describe in a bit, bad manners took over. They discussed different racial problems, whether minorities should be “blaming” everything on race, whether affirmative action was right, and one was vehement that the “Native Pride” hats were racist in nature. What struck me was – they probably would be talking a bit differently if I was part of the discussion. Read more.