Wendi Jonassen, APRN - Anchorage


Sea Life Center Caring For Rescued Beluga Calf

The Alaska Sea Life Center, in Seward, is caring for its first whale. The newborn beluga calf turned up in Naknek Bay yesterday. Center staff flew to Naknek to rescue it.

UAA Revises Great Alaska Shootout Plane Ticket Deal

The University of Alaska Anchorage is revising its incredible airfare deal for the Great Alaskan Shootout during Thanksgiving weekend. Last week, the University offered free plane tickets to residents from rural hubs like Barrow and Cordova, with the purchase of a shoot out package. Not even a week old, the deal stirred up so much controversy UAA is making it a little less sweet.

NASA Scientists Speak About Kepler Mission

The American Astronomical Society convention landed in Alaska for the first time ever this week. It’s bringing over a thousand scientists and astronomy lovers from all over the world to Anchorage. At a public event last night, NASA scientists from the Kepler Mission spoke about their findings in their quest to discover habitable planets outside earth.

IWC Meeting To Set Whaling Catch Limits

The International Whaling Commission is meeting next month in Panama City to set whaling catch limits around the world. The commission is supposed to set a quota for Alaska’s subsistence whalers for the next five years. But the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission is concerned their subsistence quota will fail to pass in the heated climate surrounding international whaling. So the AEWC is pushing for legislation that would allow the U.S. to set the subsistence catch limit in Alaska.