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The community of Ambler along the Kobuk river as seen from the air

State investment authority joins mining company to put $35M towards controversial Ambler Road

Subsistence advocates have filed lawsuits over the road, concerned that construction would impact the migration of caribou, a staple of the local Inupiaq diet in Northwest Alaska.
A white and grey seal on the ice

Study links Alaska seals’ waning health to warming Arctic

A new study has found evidence connecting the rapid warming of the region with a physical decline in three species of Alaska seals.
Scattered blueish sea ice in water

More Indigenous knowledge needed to navigate ‘new Arctic,’ scientists say

A letter signed by over 200 scientists asks for more Indigenous input on the National Science Foundation's flagship initiative on Arctic warming.
A seal lies on a small chunk of ice

Arctic seals were listed as threatened in 2012. Now their sea ice habitat will be protected, too.

After being delayed for almost a decade, the federal government is moving forward with the process for designating critical habitat for two species of seal listed as threatened.
The community of Ambler along the Kobuk river as seen from the air

Federal and state officials sign right-of-way permit for controversial Ambler Road

In the latest step in a longstanding dispute between mining advocates and environmentalists, federal and state entities signed a 50-year right of way permit for the controversial Ambler Road project on Wednesday.
A dog team runs on flat snow with trees behind him and low mountains

A year after being shut down by COVID-19, Kobuk 440 organizers plan for 2021 race

Officials say they’re better prepared to run the race this time around.
Reasearchers on some spotty sea ice

Once again, Arctic Report Card says abnormal the new normal

The 2020 Arctic Report Card is out, and results show life in the Arctic is heating up — faster. This year was the Arctic's second-warmest on record, affecting everything from plankton to people.
An aerial satelite image showing buildings on the water

Officials work to clean diesel spill at Selawik water treatment plant

According to a release from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, the spill originated Nov. 25 at a fuel tank for the village’s water treatment plant.
A snowy road over an icy river

Kivalina emergency access road now open for use

The new road allows villagers to access higher ground as global warming causes their village site to erode.
A white and grey seal on the ice

Feds reject Alaska’s request to delist ringed seals from Endangered Species Act

The state of Alaska partnered with several North Slope entities to write the petition, arguing keeping the ringed seal listed as endangered could negatively impact economic opportunities for the state, as well as subsistence rights.
A glass building with the nana logo in front

Wayne Westlake out as NANA president

Westlake, originally from Kiana, held the position for five years. Bill Monet, who has been head of NANA's largest division since 2012, will fill in as interim president and CEO.
An Alaska Native man with a bolo tie and glaasses

As Utqiagvik cases spike, House candidate says he’s just recovered from COVID-19

“I’m not gonna go and throw under the bus where I think I was exposed to it, but it happened to be that I got exposed to it at home,” Patkotak said
a river with a small town on the oxbow as seen from an airpllane.

Buckland sees large spike of COVID-19 with 11 new cases

All of the cases are currently isolating in Buckland, according to local health officials.
picture of three high school male students playing League of Legends in an eSports lounge at the University of Alaska Anchorage

With fall sports canceled, Northwest Arctic Borough schools look to form eSports teams

ASAA began conducting competitive eSports last year in Alaska schools, and with in-person sports on hold in the Northwest Arctic, now could be their time to join.
A caribou in a swampy area with pondss in the background

Northwest Arctic Borough pushes for restricting outside hunters over COVID-19 concerns

But hunting guides say the risk of COVID-19 exposure is low and the fears are overblown.
The community of Ambler along the Kobuk river as seen from the air

Environmental groups sue Trump administration over approval of Ambler Road

Nine environmental groups are suing the Trump administration for approving the 211-mile Ambler Road project.
The community of Ambler along the Kobuk river as seen from the air

Trump Administration approves road through Gates of the Arctic National Preserve

Aerial view of Ambler and the Kobuk River in the summer. (Courtesy of the National Park Service via UAF Gates of the Arctic Research Portal) The Bureau of...

FCC opens priority access for tribes to get broadband licenses

The new program is designed to get remote tribes more broadband access.
A village on a lake and a river below low hills

15,000-gallon heating oil spill reported in Kobuk River village of Shungnak

The spill puts the Kobuk River at risk, as well as the village's source of drinking water.