Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media

Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media
Zachariah Hughes reports on city & state politics, arts & culture, drugs, and military affairs in Anchorage and South Central Alaska. zhughes [at] alaskapublic (dot) org | 907.550.8424 | @ZachHughesAK About Zachariah

APD officer charged with assault after video recorded incident

The confrontation was uploaded to YouTube by the victim, an online activist with a record of strong anti-police sentiment. It led to an internal investigation, and the officer is on administrative leave.
The Anchorage Assembly chambers at the Z. J. Loussac Public Library in Anchorage.

Voters could re-shape Anchorage’s Assembly, shifting political power

A ballot measure in Anchorage could add a new seat and redistrict the body's current political boundaries. Supporters say it's about fairness in representation for some of the city's poorest neighborhoods.
Marijuana for sale at a dispensary in California. (Photo: Dank Depot via Flickr Creative Commons)

Should people smoke and eat edibles at pot cafes? Anchorage voters will decide

The move will put regulations for on-site consumption before voters on the April 2020 ballot.

Court blocks Dunleavy union rule change. For now.

The Alaska Superior Court issued a temporary restraining order in favor of union groups opposing a controversial change in membership rules.

23 Alaska paratroopers injured in Mississippi training exercise

After being blown toward a stand of trees, nearly two dozen soldiers were brought to a nearby hospital. Four remain, though none of the injuries are life-threatening, according to the military.

Amid a big fight for cod in the Bering Sea, can remote Adak survive?

A fish plant is at the center of a dispute pitting two small Aleutian Island communities against large out of state fishing interests. And the implications could stretch to other coastal fishing towns in Alaska.

Anchorage settles case on transgender access to women’s shelter

The municipality will pay $100,000 to cover legal expenses associated with litigation over whether the Downtown Hope Center's shelter policy was discriminatory.

As Arctic ice melts, will the Navy return to Adak?

For the first time in more than 30 years, the Navy staged a joint training exercise on the far-western Aleutian island. Some are hoping it portends a permanent future in the region.

Extensive new report details cancer-causing PFAS toxins across Alaska

A group of environmental advocacy organizations says the extent of contamination and emerging research around PFAS constitutes a significant health concern for Alaskans.

DEA uncovers a flood of painkillers reaching rural Alaska by mail

An operation by the Drug Enforcement Administration has turned up a previously undocumented drug problem with a mild opioid that is spread across Alaska.

Justice Department to send millions to rural Alaska law enforcement

Tribal agencies are set to receive $5 million for equipment and hiring, with another $6 million is set for infrastructure and hiring in rural communities.

District finds pattern of bias in judge who DQ’ed teen swimmer

After a 17-year-old athlete was disqualified at a swim meet over a uniform infraction, and uproar and investigation lead ASD to call for a volunteer judge's dismissal.

This Anchorage ‘refillery’ aims to eliminate packaging waste. Here’s how it works

Just as Anchorage is preparing to ban plastic bags from local retail, the new venture is trying to go a step further: eliminate packaging waste all together.

The Anchorage Bag Ban is coming: here’s what you need to know

In advance of the Sept. 15 policy change in Anchorage, we assembled answers to some common questions about what the plastic bag ban will mean for residents.

On eve of plastic bag ban, is Anchorage ready?

On Sept. 15, the Municipality of Anchorage will bar retailers from giving disposable bags to customers in an effort to reduce plastic waste in the municipality.

Alaska losing $102M in military construction for border wall

One of the 40 interceptor missiles at Fort Greely is lowered into its silo. An expansion project at the missile-defense base eventually will increase the number of interceptors at Greely to...

Lost hiking couple found safe near Hatcher Pass

Less than a day after being reported missing, two Anchorage residents and their dog were found in good health by searchers.

Troopers announce arrest in 41-year-old Anchorage cold case

For the second time since the start of the year, state law enforcement has found a suspect in a long-stalled investigation using the new technique known as genetic genealogy.

‘We feel the struggle.’ Non-profits shrink to keep homeless sheltered

Now that the dust is settling in the budget battle between the governor's administration and legislators, homeless service providers are starting to understand the long-term effects from delayed and reduced public funds.

After SCOTUS ruling, AG urges Dunleavy to limit public employees’ unions

In a legal opinion published Tuesday, Alaska's Attorney General took a strict interpretation of the Supreme Court's Janus decision, signaling potential conflict with unions.