Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media

Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media
Zachariah Hughes reports on city & state politics, arts & culture, drugs, and military affairs in Anchorage and South Central Alaska. zhughes [at] alaskapublic (dot) org | 907.550.8424 | @ZachHughesAK About Zachariah

In the small community of Shishmaref there’s a local business like no other. It’s a tannery, set up to process hundreds of seal hides a year sent from subsistence hunters. Listen now

The report was commissioned by a group of major sponsors after a series of controversies regarding policy changes and the handling of a doping scandal. Listen now

With warming winters changing coastal environments, subsistence hunters are finding ways to adapt their practices. Listen now

The standoff over the weekend threatened furloughs, facility closures and work without pay for service-members at Alaska bases and around the globe. Listen now

Rebecca Logan is the main challenger taking on incumbent mayor Ethan Berkowitz in the first election to be conducted by mail for the municipality.

News of the program's apparent success took some elected officials by surprise at an Assembly meeting Wednesday. Listen now

A race official pointed to strong winds and heavy snow as contributing to 16 scratches in the challenging mid-distance race out of Glennallen. Listen now

Alaska's Attorney General has joined a bipartisan group calling on lawmakers to change federal banking rules over handling legal marijuana sales. Listen now

In a three year period the state lost 22 prosecutors, prompting offices to close and attorneys to shoulder up to 900 cases a year. The situation is especially difficult in two parts of the state that have seen disproportionate increases in violent crime. Listen now

In pet stores across the country, a new fad has caught on. Pieces of antlers and horns are flying off of shelves, sold as a healthy, all-natural chew snack for dogs. But some hunters say the new market is having unintended consequences, as antlers are stolen to meet demand. Listen now

Stakeholders in Alaska are trying to figure out what comes next after the U.S. Department of Justice announced it will rescind an Obama-era decision that helped open the door to commercial cannabis industries. Listen now

Officials say 4,363 pills worth about $150,000 were confiscated as part of a multi-agency investigation. Listen now

The Alaska Zoo announced today that one of its main attractions has died. Listen now

Skateboarders in Anchorage are taking over parking garages with impromptu sessions and home-made ramps. Listen now

In a move several decades in the making, two of the main energy providers in south central Alaska could soon become one. Listen now

Earlier this month, the Anchorage Assembly voted on a measure designed to curb illegal camping in the city's parks and wooded areas. The move reduces the number of days people have to vacate a camp from 15 to ten. Today the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska says it will not take the city to court over the move. At least not yet. Listen now

Bird TLC is a non-profit that's somewhere in between a veterinary clinic, animal shelter, and zoo. Now, it's on the cusp of moving to a dramatically different new home. Listen now

Alaskans: have you been scammed? That's the question federal regulators are trying to answer as they look to return money residents might have lost to dirty tricks. Listen now

The Anchorage Assembly voted unanimously at its meeting Tuesday night to drop the number of days from when police serve notice that a homeless camp is illegal to when city employees are allowed to dismantle the camp.

The Iditarod Trail Committee's Board of Directors wants to set up a kennel management program, a move aiming to set up new guidelines and counteract negative press directed at mushing's most high-profile event. Listen now