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‘Molly of Denali’ creators help Juneau kids find their own voices

“Molly of Denali” is the first national children’s TV show to feature an Alaska Native lead. Some of the show’s creators came to Juneau and put on a vocal acting workshop to help local kids find their own voices.

State funding for early education restored, but services this year could still be affected

“Plans have been put in place that it’s hard to walk back from, because this was such a disruption,” said Tlingit and Haida Head Start director Amber Frommherz.

Honored nationally, a Juneau scientist helps Alaska fisheries managers see the bigger picture

Elizabeth Siddon is the only Alaskan this year to receive the highest honor from the U.S. government for early career scientists. Her work helps Alaska’s fisheries managers see the bigger picture.

Amid UA budget woes, some students are noticing increased military recruitment

An Alaska Army recruiter says their outreach hasn’t changed. But some University of Alaska students say more military recruiters have reached out amid the university’s budget cuts.
The city of Hoonah on May 2, 2019 (Photo by David Purdy, KTOO - Juneau)

Can trauma be passed down through DNA? Researchers and Hoonah residents search for answers.

It’s well known that traumatic experiences can have lifelong impacts on health and well-being. But it’s possible that those effects can last longer than a single lifetime. A new study asks whether the effects of trauma have been passed down genetically in Tlingit families in Hoonah.

Online education ad targeting University of Alaska students draws criticism

The ad appeared on Facebook last week, encouraging University of Alaska students worried about UA’s future to complete their degrees online — from a New York university.

Financial exigency likely means UAS layoffs and program reductions — but not before fall classes begin

The UAS chancellor says programs with larger enrollments are more likely to be retained. But he adds that some smaller programs, like Alaska Native languages, are critical to the mission of UAS.

Governor’s veto could close Head Start classrooms in Southeast Alaska

Tlingit & Haida’s Head Start pre-K program serves 10 communities in Southeast Alaska. Without state funding, they may have to reduce staff, cut spots or close classrooms altogether.

UAS accreditation renewed despite budget concerns

The announcement comes despite concerns expressed by the accreditation commission’s president, who has warned that cuts to the University of Alaska’s budget could jeopardize accreditation in the future.

Artists call on Legislature to fund state arts council

If the Legislature does not override the governor’s veto, the Alaska State Council on the Arts will lose funding on Monday, making Alaska the only state in the U.S. without an arts council.

Tie-dye, rainbows and love songs: Juneau’s first youth LGBTQ Pride party

Pride week in Juneau featured something new this year: a party just for LGBTQ middle school and high school students.

$20M state grant released to Alaska schools, but future funding remains unclear

School districts across Alaska are looking forward to a bump in their bank accounts from a $20M grant appropriated last year. But the overall outlook for state education spending is far from clear.

Using local foods, a Juneau middle school teacher demystifies cooking for kids

For kids who’ve never cooked, smoking their own salmon might seem out of reach. But a Juneau teacher believes it’s just another life skill his students can master — and he shows them how to do it.

Meet the first girls of Juneau Cub Scouts

The first girls to become Cub Scouts in Juneau have met both support and confrontation in the community.

Juneau high schoolers headed to world robotics championship

A high school robotics team from Juneau is competing in a world championship this month. It’s the first time a team from Southeast Alaska has made it this far.

Alaska’s rural schools could get a boost in internet speed

For the last five years, the state has helped Alaska schools pay for faster internet — up to a point. As technology has advanced, some say it’s time to raise the bar. A pair of bills before the Legislature would do just that.

How school districts can keep students safe from abuse

If records and reference checks don’t turn up any red flags, there isn’t much other information available to school districts. But there are other steps districts can take to emphasize student safety.

How Alaska schools can help students dealing with trauma

In January, the state put out a new resource designed to help schools support students who have experienced trauma. It contains 11 chapters full of stories and best practices, created with input from over 200 teachers, counselors and community members across the state.

Southeast students explore careers to meet Alaska’s behavioral health needs

Alaska has a shortage of health care workers, especially in rural areas. Students from around Southeast came to Juneau to explore careers in behavioral health, a field that covers mental health and substance abuse.

Murkowski reintroduces bill to prevent violence against Indigenous women and girls

Sen. Lisa Murkowski has reintroduced Savanna’s Act, which would improve data collection on missing and murdered Native women and require federal agencies to consult with tribes.