Zoë Sobel, Alaska's Energy Desk - Unalaska

Zoë Sobel, Alaska's Energy Desk - Unalaska
Zoe Sobel is a reporter with Alaska's Energy Desk based in Unalaska. As a high schooler in Portland, Maine, Zoë Sobel got her first taste of public radio at NPR’s easternmost station. From there, she moved to Boston where she studied at Wellesley College and worked at WBUR, covering sports for Only A Game and the trial of convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Shayla Shaisnikoff and Karen Abel discuss internment and the military during Aleutian campaign

Today, we hear from Shayla Shaisnikoff and Karen Abel. One is the granddaughter of internment survivors, and the other is the granddaughter of a fighter pilot. Listen now

Lt. Colonel Bob Brocklehurst and Tara Bourdukofsky reflect on the Battle of Attu

Today, we hear from Tara Bourdukofsky and retired Lieutenant Colonel Bob Brocklehurst. Her grandmother survived the internment, and he served as a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Listen now

75 Years after the Battle of Attu, veterans reflect on the cost of reclaiming US soil

Seventy-five years ago, Japan and the United States were locked in one of the bloodiest battles fought on American soil: the Battle of Attu. Listen now

Finding local seafood is getting easier at America’s top fishing port

Unalaska may be the top fishing port in the country, but finding fresh, local fish is a challenge. Fishermen occasionally sell their catch from the docks and now some restaurants are making a point to serve fresh seafood whenever it’s available. Listen now

Scientists record volcanic thunder for the first time

The recordings are just the beginning of a treasure trove of clues scientists are exploring in the wake of Bogoslof’s nine month eruption. Listen now

The Cost of Cold: Keeping warm in Unalaska

For The Cost of Cold, we profile Unalaska resident Travis Swangel, who heats his small home on the island with a Toyo stove. Listen now

Japanese tsunami litters North American shores with 10 times the trash

Scientists estimate following the 2011 tsunami in Japan there were at least 10 times as much debris washing ashore than ever measured. Listen now

Scientists don’t know why ice seals are appearing in ice-free Unalaska

There are plenty of seals in Unalaska, but ringed seals -- who make their homes on the ice -- are rare. Listen now

Aleutians East Borough votes to join feds in battle over King Cove road

The Aleutians East Borough Assembly approved spending $61,875 to hire a law firm to help them join a lawsuit over the controversial road between King Cove and Cold Bay. Listen now

Scientists confirm traditional knowledge regarding seal pup migration

Scientists have confirmed what indigenous people have known for centuries -- the wind influences the travel of northern fur seal pups. Listen now

Scientists discover mysterious uranium particle above Aleutian Islands

The enriched uranium probably came from somewhere in Asia. But even using wind trajectories and particle dispersion models, researchers can’t pin it on a specific country. Listen now

Unalaska revisits wind power, hoping for a renewable energy source

Residents are eager to find out if wind will be Unalaska's ticket to a greener future. Listen now

Unalaska pays thousands to sink already sunk boat

The state scuttled the F/V Akutan last month with help from the U.S. Coast Guard, but they moved forward before collecting funds from the city. Listen now

Unalaskans want to follow other Alaska communities by banning plastic bags

This is not Unalaska’s first attempt to ban single use bags. In 2013 a petition asking the city council to “eliminate the use of plastic bags by Unalaska stores” circulated around the community, but went nowhere. Listen now

Invasive species haven’t made the Bering Sea their home… yet

The Bering Sea has kept invasives at bay for now, but warming waters look to make it a more welcoming environment in the future. Listen now

No proof required for Alaska recall elections

Currently, state law dictates city clerks evaluate recall petitions, but they do not have to prove the charges actually occurred. This means elected officials can be recalled simply because the voters don’t like them. Listen now

As Unalaska recall draws closer, no proof backing Kelty allegations

Unalaska’s mayor will face a recall election in March. Frank Kelty has been accused of backroom dealings regarding the city dock -- accusations he has repeatedly denied. Listen now

State sinks abandoned F/V Akutan after disastrous season

The state of Alaska took custody of the custom processor in mid-January. It was scuttled Thursday, but it is unclear how the state funded disposal of the vessel. Listen now

King Cove and feds reach deal on controversial road

The city of King Cove has reached a deal with the Trump administration to build a road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, according to the city. Listen now

Unalaska mayor will face recall election in 2018

Unalaska will have a mayoral recall election early next year, thanks to a successful petition submitted to city government. Listen now