Zoë Sobel, Alaska's Energy Desk - Unalaska

Zoë Sobel, Alaska's Energy Desk - Unalaska
Zoe Sobel is a reporter with Alaska's Energy Desk based in Unalaska. As a high schooler in Portland, Maine, Zoë Sobel got her first taste of public radio at NPR’s easternmost station. From there, she moved to Boston where she studied at Wellesley College and worked at WBUR, covering sports for Only A Game and the trial of convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Unalaska’s fire chief says he was forced to resign

Unalaska’s Fire Chief says he was forced to resign Friday and less than 24 hours later put on a plane to the Lower 48. Listen now

Coast Guard medevacs man experiencing symptoms of appendicitis

The U.S. Coast Guard medevaced a man Saturday off a bulk carrier 122 miles southwest of Adak.

Come 2018, the state plans to dispose of F/V Akutan

The processor was abandoned in September following a disastrous fishing season in Bristol Bay where the ship’s owner went broke, the crew went unpaid, and it’s 158,000 pound haul of salmon was declared unfit for human consumption. Listen now

Unalaska mayoral recall petition delivered to city hall

The Unalaska City Clerks department is checking signatures on a petition to recall Mayor Frank Kelty.

King Cove closer to goal of 100 percent renewable energy

Funding for renewable energy projects in Alaska has dried up, but that has not stopped the City of King Cove from pursuing green power. Listen now

Eighty tons of contested Bristol Bay salmon trashed in Anchorage landfill

Even after a disastrous season where the F/V Akutan ended up disabled, the crew was hopeful the fish could be saved and they would get paid. That didn't happen. Listen now

In Unalaska, the F/V Akutan is everyone’s problem… but nobody’s responsibility

After strong winds pushed the F/V Akutan close to shore, the Coast Guard decided that it was time to remove all fuel and hazardous materials from the custom processor. Much to the City of Unalaska's dismay, there is no indication the Akutan will be moving any time soon. Listen now

King Cove and feds exploring options to build road without Congressional approval

With the Trump administration, King Cove is looking into new options to make their dream of a road to Cold Bay a reality. But environmental groups argue the road would harm wildlife in the Izembek Refuge and any plan should require public input and Congressional approval. Listen now

Bering sea crab fisheries face more cutbacks

For the second year in a row, crab fisheries in southwest Alaska are facing steep cuts. This year’s Bristol Bay red king crab fishery is 22 percent smaller than last year. Listen now

Unwanted Unalaska fishing nets find second life in Denmark

In Unalaska, unwanted fishing nets are everywhere. Now, for the first time, a company halfway around the world is recycling the nets. Listen now

Crew abandons F/V Akutan in Unalaska’s Captains Bay

After a disastrous fishing season as a processor in Bristol Bay -- the F/V Akutan's owner went broke, the crew went unpaid and now the ship is disabled and unable to move. Listen now

GCI looks into bringing fiber to Unalaska

GCI is looking into what it would take to bring faster internet to Unalaska. The telecommunications company is evaluating if fiber would be a financially feasible solution. Right now, they are in the exploratory process. Listen now

Want the freshest Unalaska fish? You’ll have to go to Europe.

Unalaska may be America's most productive fishing port, but you can't buy fresh fish in town.

Teaching the next crop of whale entanglement responders

Unalaska has experienced three entangled whales in the last two years. There used to be only one person on the island who could respond to the incidents. But thanks to a recent training, a new response team is in place. Listen now

After a rocky start, Unalaska’s subsistence salmon run hits target escapement

While Unalaska’s biggest subsistence salmon run got off to a slow start this season, it’s now at a sustainable level. Listen now

Eruptions can’t stop sealife from calling Bogoslof home

Before Bogoslof volcano started erupting, it was a haven for endangered Steller sea lions, fur seals and sea birds. But scientists did not know when and if animals would return to the eastern Aleutian Island. Listen now

New equipment helps scientists keep tabs on Bogoslof now and study it later

There aren't many volcanoes like Bogoslof. But with an improved monitoring network, scientists are relishing every last eruption. Listen now

Federal officials make formal apology for WWII internment of Unangan people

On Wednesday, Federal officials apologized for their role in the World War II internment of the Unangan people. Listen now

Sea lion feeding hot spots have reliable, not necessarily abundant, food

New research could help wildlife managers better protect declining Steller sea lion populations. The study looks at why sea lions zero in on specific hunting hotspots. Listen now

Murre colonies struggle to reproduce following die-off

The massive murre die-off that left tens of thousands of dead birds on Alaska’s coast in 2015 and 2016 may be over, but the population is still struggling. In the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea, surviving murres are failing to reproduce. Listen now