Amid sexual harassment claims, Rep. Westlake says he’ll resign; Murkowski unsure Congress can investigate Trump on groping charges; Walker proposes smaller budget, plans to fill gap with savings; Conoco hopes to crack open off-limits North Slope land; Alaska marijuana regulators issue first-ever license revocation after slew of violations; ACLU sounds alarm on non-criminal immigrant detentions in Anchorage; Marine biologists seek answers in a warmer Bering Sea; AK: How do you recruit more young Alaska Native nurses?; 49 Voices: Alexandria McLearen of Anchorage Listen now

Alaskans are connected in so many different ways, and nothing shows that better than the special two-hour Holiday Greetings Edition of "Talk of Alaska," from the member stations of APRN.  Good wishes, greetings and holiday cheer fly back and forth from one end of the state to the other as people call in. You won't want to miss it.

“It shows that more and more so, people who do these kinds of things are going to be held accountable for their actions,” said Olivia Garrett, a former legislative aide and the first person to come forward publicly with allegations. Listen now

Lisa Murkowski was one of the voices calling for Democratic Sen. Al Franken to resign, but she doesn't know what Congress can do about the allegations against the president. Listen now

This week we're hearing from Alexandria McLearen in Anchorage. On Sunday, McLearen will give the UAA commencement speech for the Fall 2017 ceremony, and hopes to someday become a doctor. Listen now

More and more programs have sprung up locally to familiarize students with trades and professions in the hopes of getting more Alaska Natives employed. That’s what the University of Alaska Anchorage did 20 years ago for Alaska Native nurses. The program is called RRANN: Recruiting and Retaining Alaska Natives into Nursing. Listen now

In less than a year and a half, Alaska went from one of Moody's highest rated states, to one of its lowest. But now, that's changed. Listen now

This November in Utqiaġvik was the hottest on record, averaging 17.2°F. It was so warm that NOAA's quality control algorithms flagged the data. Listen now

Credit rating agency sees a ‘clear path,’ as Alaska tries to balance its budget; Alaska investigators nab 3 in botnet attacks, 'click fraud' scam; ACA health insurance applications due Friday; Kenai sees return of tree-killing beetle; Warming in Utqiaġvik so fast, NOAA algorithm flags as mistake; King Cove closer to goal of 100 percent renewable energy; Four Alaska firefighters dispatched to battle California blazes; Two really, really big cruise ships headed to Alaska; Alaskans are aging in Alaska, so now what? Listen now

Funding for renewable energy projects in Alaska has dried up, but that has not stopped the City of King Cove from pursuing green power. Listen now

Three young men have pleaded guilty in Alaska to writing malicious computer software that infected and took control of hundreds of thousands of internet-connected devices, including common household routers. Listen now

Four Alaska wild fire professionals are working on blazes in southern California. Listen now

Friday is the deadline to apply for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Premiums are down this year and that's in part due to the Alaska Reinsurance Program. Listen now

Working parents looking for child care can find themselves without many options in Juneau. Like a lot of things in Alaska — it’s expensive — sometimes costing more than $1,000 a month.

Cruise ships sailing to Alaska are getting bigger and bigger. One planned for 2019 is twice the size of many of the ships already sailing here. Listen now

Many parts of Alaska lack enough accessible care for older people. It's a problem without a solution. But there are ways to prevent the problem in the first place. Exercise for elders.

Protests fail to slow tax bill, or Arctic drilling; State Division of Elections denies GOP primary block; Washington man sentenced to 10 years in prison for extensive Alaska scamming spree; Iditarod to tighten race trail security, rewrite “gag rule”; What a change in city code could mean for Sitka’s LGBTQ community; Ravn Alaska to fly between Anchorage and Bristol Bay; Tribal members want more authentic Native art in Haines Listen now

Republicans say they've reached a final agreement on their tax bill, and it appears to include ANWR drilling. Democrats complain they haven't been allowed to even see the final agreement, and Rep. Young explains the purpose of cowboy boots. Listen now

The Iditarod Trail Committee (ITC) is taking steps to tighten security along the race route in the near future. Listen now

Chilkoot Indian Association members would like to see more Native art made by Native people for sale and on display in Haines. And they’d like to see less Native-style art made by people who aren’t tribal members. Listen now