With Arduin out, Alaska’s budget process is about to change

Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration plans to have commissioners play a more prominent role in the budget process this year.

Anchorage’s sewer system is full of debris. Now there’s a giant vacuum to clean it out

Instead of paying $11 million to hire an outside company to clean just a portion of the city's pipes, the Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility invested $2.6 million in the equipment to do the job itself.

Alaska News Nightly: Friday, Sept. 20, 2019

Federal authorities describe an undocumented drug problem across rural Alaska. Also: Still no deal on law enforcement for a popular ferry stop in Canada.

Scientists suspect retreating sea ice is changing the color of Alaska’s tundra

Much of the North Slope of Alaska is characterized by low, sweeping tundra hills, and a complete absence of trees. (Creative...

DEA uncovers a flood of painkillers reaching rural Alaska by mail

An operation by the Drug Enforcement Administration has turned up a previously undocumented drug problem with a mild opioid that is spread across Alaska.

As construction winds down at Anchorage airport, residents can expect quieter skies

The North-South Runway Renewal Project has been going on for two years. During construction, planes that would normally fly over Cook Inlet rerouted over the city.

Heavy rain triggers Anchorage flood advisory

The flood advisory warned that heavy rainfall could affect small creeks, urban areas, roadways and other low-lying areas.

Rep. Laddie Shaw, blocked from Senate seat appointment, says he wasn’t fairly judged

The Alaska Senate Republicans rejected on Thursday Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s choice to fill a vacant Senate seat. The senators blocked the...

UA President says cuts, possible consolidation won’t affect accreditation

University of Alaska President Jim Johnsen said a group of 13 teams would be looking into restructuring options for all of the academic programs.

Ketchikan mayor, council concerned over Ward Cove project

In a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers, which is reviewing a permit to build a two-berth dock for megaships, the city’s elected leaders questioned whether the project was in the community’s best interest.
A small community king salmon permit system is underway. (Photo by Shane Iverson / KYUK)

Nome summit focuses on food sovereignty in Alaska

Members of the Inuit Circumpolar Council discussed topics ranging from wildlife management to fisheries.

On both sides of the border, officials chafe over looming end to Prince Rupert ferry link

Addressing the Southeast Conference forum of civic and business leaders Thursday, Alaska’s Transportation Commissioner John MacKinnon placed the blame on the feds.

Alaska News Nightly: Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019

State Senate Republicans reject the governor's appointee. Also: A brief spike in oil prices from attacks on a Saudi producer won't help the state's budget.

How Alaskans are working to address and prevent suicide

Affordable energy and access to high-speed broadband is essential for engaging in modern commerce, education, telemedicine and for economic development initiatives. How is the rural energy infrastructure need being addressed?

Ketchikan schools walk back policy allowing administrators to force students to unlock phones

Ketchikan school administration officials have walked back a proposed cell phone policy that had explicitly warned students they could expect no privacy...

Missing man found dead in the Kuskokwim River

TUNTUTULIAK, Alaska (AP) - The body of a southwest Alaska man has been recovered from the Kuskokwim River. Alaska...

Leaders attempt to keep ships sailing as Alaska ferry service to Prince Rupert nears its end

The Ketchikan Daily News reported Wednesday that Alaska Transportation Commissioner John MacKinnon met with Mayor Lee Brain of Prince Rupert Tuesday.

Alaska remote diesel generators win exemption from pollution rule

The exemption would allow remote Alaska utilities to emit more particulate pollution than power plants elsewhere.

Cokie Roberts was a pioneer journalist — and she had an Alaska connection

NPR political correspondent Cokie Roberts died this week, and her passing has been a reminder, not just of Roberts' contributions to journalism, but also her connection to Alaska.

Alaska News Nightly: Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019

A judge describes a crisis in Alaska's criminal justice system. Also: Kodiak Island villages worry about ferry reductions and increased isolation.