Chohla Moll is a science teacher at Mt. Edgecumbe High School in Sitka. Moll's teaching style is rooted in making sure her students know about the culture and history of the land around them. Listen now

A tech writer’s leading theory is that hackers are stealing the miles through phishing emails or through wholesale data breaches. Listen now

At least 50 homes experienced appliance failures — mostly heat pumps — after a utility contractor snapped a guy wire over a week ago, creating a short between high voltage and lower-voltage power lines. Listen now

When Benesch bought this property back in 1999, he was pretty sure it had permafrost under it, though he didn’t know for certain. Listen now

Gov. Walker’s order directs the state to use traditional place names on state signs and to promote indigenous languages in public education. Listen now

A complaint said the group Families for Alaska’s Future – Dunleavy failed to report ads the Republican Governors Association bought in Alaska. Listen now

State charges 41-year-old in death of Kotzebue girl; Walker campaign says Republican-funded group didn’t disclose ad spending; Russian aircraft spotted near Alaska airspace for third time this month; Fairbanks hosts air quality conference, with wood stoves a contentious topic; In Fairbanks, building a home on permafrost with an uncertain future; Governor declares emergency for Alaska Native languages; Serving your community: Sand Point teacher nominated for Alaska Teacher of the Year; Petersburg Medical Center treat flu cases from cruise ship; Post-surge, Sitka assists electric customers with insurance claims Listen now

Prosecutors allege that Peter Wilson abducted and killed 10-year-old Ashley Johnson-Barr in a case that has gripped attention for weeks. Listen now

The same day Petersburg’s post office was shut down last Thursday with a hazardous materials spill, the Petersburg Medical Center was treating an outbreak of influenza among passengers and employees on a cruise ship docked there. Listen now

Ingrid Cumberlidge is a third grade teacher from Sand Point. Cumberlidge has taught in the Aleutians East Borough School District for over twenty years, and her Sand Point roots run deep. Listen now

A missing Fort Wainwright soldier was found dead Saturday at the Harding Lake campground.
Alaska State Troopers. Photo: Monica Gokey/ Alaska Public Media file photo.

Two Fairbanks men were killed in a plane crash.

The state Department of Law is defending its plea deal with an Anchorage man - originally charged with kidnapping and assaulting a woman to whom he offered a ride. He was let off this week on time served, with some suspended. And that has angered some, including a group organizing to campaign against retaining the judge in the case. Listen now

Man receives no jail time after being charged with felony assault, prompting outrage; Vandal prevents landing of medical flight at Alaska airport; State revises PFAS action level; Two men charged as feds crack case of missing Anchorage mammoth tusk; K300 Race Committee increases prize money in three races; Proxy hunters help harvest moose for those who can’t; AK: In rural communities, Village Police Officers face impossible job; 49 Voices: Riley Woodford of Juneau Listen now

Prosecutors are charging two men with stealing a 10,000-year-old mammoth tusk from the federal Bureau of Land Management in Anchorage. The indictment appears to be a break in a case that had gone unsolved since the tusk went missing six months ago. Listen now

Alaska Department of Fish & Game sometimes allows people to hunt on behalf of those who may not be physically capable. Listen now

Ballot measure one is a hotly contested initiative that has divided Alaskans over what may sound like a simple request-stand for salmon. But it's a complex question that's pitting environmental groups against mining and oil companies. So what does a yes or no vote mean? Both sides claim that if they lose, the results could be disastrous, but what's really at stake? Listen now

In less than two weeks, Bethel residents will head to the polls to vote on representatives for Bethel City Council. They’ll also vote on a proposition asking residents whether Bethel should return to local option status. Listen now
Alaska State Troopers. Photo: Monica Gokey/ Alaska Public Media file photo.

The Coast Guard and Alaska State Troopers Thursday night called off the search for a Kake resident who is believed to have fallen off the town pier and drowned.

This week we're hearing from Riley Woodford in Juneau. Woodford is a biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Listen now