Pogo Mine officials say the company may extend the life of the mine northeast of Delta Junction if exploration they’re conducting this summer confirms the presence of potentially rich gold deposits.

In canneries, the term "Mug Up" means coffee break. It’s also the name of a new effort to share the history of the NN Cannery, a now-closed cannery in South Naknek that functioned almost continuously for 120 years.

This week we're hearing from Bruce Gordon in Excursion Inlet. Gordon works as the watchman for the Ocean Beauty cannery. Listen now

The Dinner Party connects people grieving the loss of a loved one. On Father's Day they're sharing stories on social media from the thousands of Dinner Partiers all over the world whose dads have died. Listen now

Sport and personal-use fishing closes on the Copper and Chitina rivers; Murkowski concerned about Sessions border policy; Gov. Walker lets Juneau road money stand, but maintains no-build policy; Special election set for vacant West Anchorage assembly seat; Optimism scarce as commercial fisheries start up in Southeast; UA Board of Regents discuss approval process for Chilkat Valley timber sale plans; Four young filmmakers from the Y-K Delta tackle climate change; New Anchorage museum exhibit hopes to shed light on pingoes Listen now

A new sculpture is more than something to look at. It’s an interactive, mixed-reality experience that can educate urban Alaskans about the northernmost part of our state. Listen now

Ahead of an August election, the Assembly members will pick an interim representative from a pool of applicants. Listen now

Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Thursday she's troubled by the Trump administration's practice of removing children from their parents when a family is caught crossing the border without authorization. Listen now

These students practice subsistence and are documenting how climate change is changing a way of life that has been passed down for millennia. Listen now

The University of Alaska’s Board of Regents will review plans for a proposed timber sale in the Chilkat Valley. The decision on whether the board would approve the development and disposal plan for the sale was postponed at a meeting last month. Listen now

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced Wednesday that it will close the Chitina River to dip-netting due to this year’s abysmal sockeye return to the Copper River. Listen now

A governor’s spokesman said Walker’s no-build policy on the road isn’t shifting. Previously, state plans called for extending Glacier Highway in Juneau about 48 miles north. Listen now

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, is awarding the City of Seward disaster relief after a storm in December severely damaged a road that leads to a small village south of town. Listen now

It took the action Friday in part as a response to a new state law that outlines a plan to draw money from permanent fund earnings to pay for state government. Listen now

A program that provides millions of dollars in federal subsidies to help pay rural Alaska healthcare facilities' high internet bills has been on hold for nearly a year. Listen now

Two planes collide north of Anchorage; one dead upon Susitna River crash; Walker vetoes Knik Arm bridge money, Vitamin D study; Rating agency improves Alaska’s credit outlook; Rural healthcare facilities struggle paying Internet bills as FCC rate review holds up subsidies; Seward receives funding relief for December storm damage; Anchorage moves forward on LIO purchase; Juneau seeks community help with $1 million endowment for Alaska College of Education; As the Arctic warms, a changing landscape on the Chukchi Sea; Romig Middle Schoolers present history project at the Smithsonian Listen now

Alcohol abuse is an issue throughout the country, even in areas where it's illegal. Banning alcohol doesn't always solve the problem, so should communities try swinging the other way and make it more available? Could opening a liquor store help a community, not harm it? The village of Kiana is finding out – and reviews are mixed.

Officials in Anchorage are one step closer to purchasing the embattled Legislative Information Office and using it to house the city’s police department. Listen now

Forty-one students from across Alaska headed to Maryland this week to compete in the National History Day contest. They're joining students from across the country and the world. As part of the contest, a team of eighth graders from Anchorage has also been invited to showcase their exhibit about the Berlin Wall at the Smithsonian today. Listen now

The Organized Village of Kake is working to turn its historic cannery into a tourist destination. The tribal government has already worked to save the buildings in the complex, so the next step is to bring the buildings up to code so the community can use them.