U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan typically votes with the Republican leadership in the Senate. But in the wee hours of Friday morning, Congress passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill and Sullivan voted "no." Listen now

Alaska Public Media attends a Mayoral Candidate Forum at the Anchorage Rotary Meeting on March 13, 2018 at the Dena'ina Center. Election Day is April...

There’s more evidence of a bacteria potentially dangerous to some Alaska wildlife. Listen now

New science standards being considered don’t shy away from attributing it to an increase of human activity. But how that’s taught in the classroom could be up to interpretation.

This week we're hearing from Vanessa Duhrsen in Anchorage. Duhrsen is a senior at West High and recently received a Prudential Spirit of Community Award for her volunteer service throughout rural Alaska. Listen now

The 2018 Cama-i Dance Festival was dedicated to six elders from the tundra village of Kasigluk. The elders revived Yup’ik dance in the village and serve as the foundation of the community’s dance tradition today. The community is working to never need a revival again. Listen now

Jeff Sanders exclusively heats his 3,000 square foot home in Bethel with wood he scavenges around town. He says he hasn't used heating fuel since 1974. Listen now

At the heart of the ACLU complaint in state court is whether or not it was lawful for police to arrest and detain an undocumented Palmer resident without evidence of a criminal offense. Listen now

If it goes forward, the project would be ConocoPhillips's third oil development inside the boundaries of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. Listen now

Minority caucus Republicans offered amendments that would cut $28 million, but none passed. Listen now

What's in it for Alaska? Here are 6 things in the federal spending bill; Congress poised to approve $15M for village relocation in Alaska; As bridge fix continues, Glenn Highway congestion could go on for days; ACLU sues city of Palmer over alleged unlawful immigrant arrest; State budget largely unchanged after 3 days of amendments; Feds take key step toward approving another Conoco development in NPR-A; Using wood to stay warm in Bethel; What it takes to respond to a mental health crisis Listen now

The spending bill would double the budget of the Denali Commission, which funds infrastructure in rural Alaska. The commission says virtually all the new money will go to relocating the eroding village of Newtok. Listen now

A tall load on a semi trailer collided with a highway overpass bridge on Wednesday, and damage to the bridge forced transportation officials to close the highway's southbound lanes. Then the state's busiest commute was detoured through Eagle River on Thursday, causing hours-long delays. Listen now

The $1.3 trillion bill has many items of Alaska interest. But two things not in this bill are also of note. Listen now

Army officials have begun the years-long process of decommissioning Alaska’s first and only nuclear power plant, located at Fort Greely.

Alaska election officials are looking for help in some of the state’s tiniest communities to provide assistance to register and inform voters in their Native language about the ballot and elections. But sometimes the phone call for help doesn’t find any… leaving few options.

Once again, Bethel hosted a meeting on how climate change is affecting the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. Bethel hosts a lot of these meetings. Many say the same things: temperatures are warming and the weather, land and life is changing.

The House has been voting down the minority caucus Republicans’ budget amendments. Minority leader Charisse Millett, R-Anchorage, says it’s still worthwhile to have the conversation.

In Homer heating oil is an expensive alternative to natural gas. That forces some residents to consider less conventional options, like coal. Listen now

Sheldon Fisher didn’t champion any individual tax during his confirmatin hearing. Afterward, he said the biggest source of new revenue should be a draw on Alaska Permanent Fund earnings. Listen now