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Update: 4 legislative aides test positive for COVID-19

Two close contacts of Rep. Mike Cronk and one Alaska Senate staff member have tested positive for COVID-19 since Cronk tested positive on Wednesday.
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Seattle Kraken pro hockey team tries to help Seawolves meet fundraising goal

The future NHL franchise has raised $150,000 for the Seawolves, who are struggling to reach a fundraising goal to keep their program viable.
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Stakeholders optimistic over new plan for homelessness center near downtown Anchorage

A stretch of property on East Third Avenue has been a blighted area of town for decades, but a multi-million dollar project to purchase land there could change that, and become a symbol of Anchorage's new approach to homelessness.
Power transmission lines on poles in the foreground, with mountains in the distance.

LISTEN: How Alaska’s biggest electrical grid is different from Texas

A week ago, parts of Texas were suffering through cold weather and prolonged power outages. And while that state continues to recover, it got us wondering: Could that kind of thing happen in Alaska?
A yellowy creek flows into a gray one as seen froom above

Tribes, fishermen decry Alaska and B.C. decision to end transboundary monitoring

The U.S. and Canada say that with the completion of a 2-year report on stream monitoring, the work of the landmark commission is done. Tribes and fishing groups disagree.
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Lawmakers consider unplanned spending from the Permanent Fund

There isn’t enough left in the piggy bank the state has used for decades to cover deficits — the Constitutional Budget Reserve — to both manage the state’s cashflow and pay even the roughly $1,000 Permanent Fund dividends Alaskans received last year.
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10,000-year-old bone from Wrangell area hints how domesticated dogs may have traveled to the Americas

A dime-sized fragment of dog bone — more than ten-thousand years old — has given researchers new clues about how domesticated dogs first made their way to the Americas.
A beach under cloudy skies with driftwood and spruce treees on a small island in the background

If cruise ships aren’t behind Ketchikan’s beach bacteria problem, what is?

Rotary Beach south of Saxman is also called Bugge’s Beach. It’s one of only two tested beaches in the Ketchikan area...
An Alaska native teen with a black mask getting vaccinated

Here’s how Sitka has vaccinated over half its residents against COVID-19

The Southeast Alaska town now offers vaccine to teenagers 16 as young as 16 — making Sitka one of the first places in the nation where this has been possible.
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State launches new COVID-19 grant program requiring officials to address barriers to health care

The state health department is rolling out a new program designed to get millions in federal funds directly to boroughs and communities to help them combat COVID-19.
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Haines resident tests COVID-19 positive while traveling with student basketball teams

An individual traveling with Haines High School basketball teams got tested for COVID-19 before departing for a series of away games earlier this week. The positive result of the test came after the girls and boys teams competed in Craig on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Anchorage quake Saturday was an aftershock from 2018 temblor

A moderate earthquake centered just 9 miles (14.5 kilometers) northwest of Anchorage shook Alaska’s largest city Saturday.
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Extreme risk of ‘historic’ avalanches prompts evacuation recommendation in Juneau

Residents in several Juneau neighborhoods should evacuate due to extreme danger from potentially historic avalanches, the City and Borough of Juneau announced on Saturday.

Alaska businesses look for relief to make it through another dry tourism season | Alaska Insight

https://youtu.be/oguUTuFv1O8 Business owners, workers and communities reliant on tourism are facing another summer without cruise ships. Will...

Alaska companies brace for another slow year for tourism

Alaska tour company hopes for rebound in Chinese tourism https://youtu.be/Cu7zNvYvd_s 2019 was a record...
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Seattle-based investment firm buys Grant Aviation

The acquisition comes as the airline marks 50 year serving communities primarily in Southwest Alaska and the Aleutian chain.
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Petersburg COVID-19 outbreak grows to 46 cases

The medical center in Petersburgh as ventilators on site but would likely medevac patients out for that treatment, they said. They have medevaced one patient so far in the outbreak.
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Feds approve $50m pandemic relief for Alaska’s fishing sector

Applications from fishermen will be accepted during a two-month window that opens March 1 with payments could come as early as June.

Scientists say Alaska has recorded 10 cases of coronavirus strain first found in California

The variant, known as B.1.429, was first identified in Alaska in early January and has since been detected nine more times, according to a report released this week by a consortium of scientists assembled by the state to search for new strains.

LISTEN: In Alaska crab boat’s deadly sinking, expert witnesses point to flawed stability calculations

So far, expert witnesses have described serious problems with the boat’s stability report, which is a rating of how stable the vessel is and how much equipment it can bear. And those issues might extend to many other fishing boats around Alaska.