A group of people celebrate outside of a building.

Former juvenile facility in Ketchikan transformed into shelter for survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault

Former cell walls have been knocked out to create larger spaces. Concrete beds and metal toilets are gone. And in their place is a decidedly warmer decor.
A family poses for a photograph outside.

With Alaska’s vaccine sweepstakes ending soon, Dillingham winner encourages others to get the shot

Leo Roehl said he’s still in shock after winning $49,000 for getting his COVID-19 vaccine. “I mean, I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Still kind of a dream — still waiting to get pinched.”

Alaska’s oil and gas jobs have failed to rebound from pandemic losses, slowing state’s overall recovery

Anchorage Daily News reporter Alex DeMarban says there are many factors and many uncertainties, but it's clear the lack of jobs in Alaska's oil industry has an outsized impact on the state.
Hands in purple gloves pull a dose of vaccine from a vial.

What you need to know about COVID boosters

You've seen the headlines about COVID boosters. But what does it all mean for you? Here's how to sort through the science and figure out if and when you need a booster and which one to get.
people in wooden desks on the floor of the Alaska House of Representatives

Alaska legislative special session trudges on with little action

The Alaska Legislature is in special session but it’s quiet at the Capitol, where many legislative offices have been dark, floor sessions in some cases have lasted seconds and little progress has been made toward resolving the state’s fiscal issues.
Homes clustered in the grass, under a cloud

Power restored in Adak after a nearly weeklong outage closed the local school and city offices

The community of Adak has electricity again after issues at its power plant shut down local operations for nearly a week, according to City Manager Layton Lockett.
A woman wearing a face shield gives a shot to a young boy.

FDA advisory panel recommends Pfizer vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11

After some debate, a group of scientists advising the FDA concluded that the vaccine's benefits outweigh its risks for young children.
A man shakes hands with others.

State drops open container citation against Anchorage legislator

An open container citation issued to an Alaska state lawmaker has been dismissed because the trooper who issued the citation is no longer in state employment after being accused of sexual abuse of a minor.

Prominent COVID vaccine critics scheduled to gather in Anchorage

Three prominent vaccine critics and proponents of unproven COVID-19 treatments are scheduled to speak to the public on Saturday at an Anchorage church. It’s not clear who is organizing the conference.
A woman with short brown hair wearing a woven mask.

In her latest project, Juneau artist Lily Hope will mentor weavers and address threats to use of traditional materials

The Chilkat weaver is one of 15 people to win a $100,000 SHIFT award, which will support her project, “Protecting the Material Sovereignty of Our Indigenous Homelands.”
A woman sits on a couch holding a baby.

Allergy worries kept a Kasigluk woman from getting vaccinated. She died of COVID-19.

In August, a former community health aide from Kasigluk died from COVID-19. Her name was Sharon Slim, and she was 46 years old.
A group of people sit around a table.

This new program aims to create a new generation of Alutiiq teachers

The Alutiiq language has lost four speakers in the last year. Tribal leaders say that's a huge loss: Out of the 30 remaining speakers, there are just a handful of people left who are able to teach Alutiiq. That's where the Sun’aq tribe’s new master-apprentice language program comes in.

Alaska Air National Guard reports first incursion of Russian military planes since January

The Alaska Air National Guard’s 176th  Wing identified the Russian aircraft Thursday when they entered international airspace off Alaska, according to a news release.
A pod of whales in the ocean with a mountain in the background.

Scientists are still following whales that swam through the Exxon Valdez oil spill

The pod is called the Chugach Transients. There were once 22 whales in the group. Now there's seven. The Chugach Transients have not had a calf since swimming through the oil spill.
Tall snow mountains behind water.

A lost hiker ignored rescuers’ phone calls, thinking they were spam

You can get a cellphone signal on the highest mountain in Colorado — and if you get lost hiking that mountain, you should probably answer your phone, even if you don't recognize the caller's number.

In the time of COVID, Sitka’s ‘bread guy’ is building community one loaf at a time

For Southeast Dough Company’s Jylkka, baking bread is not just an occupation but a way of connecting, especially in an age when human connection has never been more tenuous.
Dave Bronson speaks with the media

Mayor Bronson talks future of port repairs in State of the City address

Mayor Bronson delivered his remarks virtually because he was quarantining after being exposed to someone with COVID-19.
A man with a surgical mask and a baseball hat anad a lanyard scrolls through an ipad in a hallway next to a woman in a black mask

Thousands of dollars pour into recall, though it’s unlikely to change the balance on the Anchorage Assembly

The campaign to recall Midtown Assembly member Meg Zaletel follows an unsuccessful recall attempt earlier this year, and there’s another in the works. Some see it as increased civic engagement, but to many, it’s a waste of time and money.
An oil platform at dusk

Feds file environmental review for Cook Inlet lease sale

It’s the second time in less than a year that the feds have put out an environmental review on a potential Cook Inlet sale.