Orcas Caught Miles Upriver from Dillingham

Three Killer Whales, or Orcas have been spotted between the villages of Ekwok and New Stuyahok, about 60-70 river miles up the Nushagak River from Dillingham. Scientists from NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service say it is not unusual for the whales to head upriver after salmon, but it is odd that they’ve gone so far up this late in the season and that they’re lingering so long.

St. Paul Ramps Up Reindeer Program to Improve Food Security

For the last century, reindeer have roamed St. Paul Island without much oversight. But now, the tribal government is stepping up its management style to boost subsistence options and the local economy.

Subsistence Board Advised To Wait On Angoon Fishery Changes

A regional group advising the Federal Subsistence Board says it should wait before acting on a petition to change fishery management near Angoon.

Wrangell’s Fish and Game office due to close

The Southeast Alaska city of Wrangell stands to lose its Fish and Game office. That’s due to cost-cutting under Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s proposed budget. Local officials aren’t taking the news lying down.

Officials Tracking Elevated Bacteria Levels at Kenai River Beach

Elevated levels of bacteria have been found in water sampled at a Kenai River beach.

Anchorage School District suspends multiple bus routes due to COVID-related driver shortage

Anchorage students have been going to class in-person for almost two weeks. And, until now, there haven’t been any major disruptions. But as more people are getting coronavirus in the community, the impacts are growing for school staffing. 

Lockheed wins $800M contract for radar at Clear

The Missile Defense Agency has awarded a contract of nearly $800 million to Lockheed Martin to install a sophisticated radar system at Clear Air Station, in the Interior.

Oil companies aren’t promising to drill in ANWR…so how interested are they?

Now, everything that was hypothetical is going to get real. One of the big questions that could finally get answered this: what oil companies, if any, are actually interested in drilling in the Refuge? Listen now

National Guard Problems Highlight Outdated Military Code

The way the military code is currently written, a member of the Alaska National Guard can be passed over for promotions or discharged from the service, but they can’t be court-martialed in the way Army troops or Air Force members can.

Former CFO Allegedly Embezzled

The former chief financial officer of a NANA Development Corporation subsidiary allegedly embezzled nearly $190,000 for personal purchases and phony expense reimbursements. Len Anderson,...

Alaska lawmakers grapple over stimulus package

As the US Senate forges into a large file of amendments to the economic stimulus bill this week,  the state legislature opened debate today...
An Alaska Native man in a baseball cap sits at a voting booth

State tribal recognition initiative surpasses signature goal

Officials with the effort say they’ve collected more than 53,000 supporting signatures. 

Charges: Anchorage convict broke quarantine after release from California prison. Then he learned he was positive for COVID-19.

A convicted Anchorage drug dealer, diagnosed with cancer and granted early release from a federal prison in California amid the coronavirus pandemic, is now charged with violating Alaska’s two-week quarantine mandate.

Blessing Ceremony Held for Totem Poles on Chief Shakes Island

On Monday, August 29th members of the Wrangell Cooperative Association, master carvers, and Tlingit elders gathered at Chief Shakes Island to bless the totem poles before restoration work begins.

Bill Honoring Ted Stevens Signed into Law

Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC Monday, President Obama signed into law a bill honoring the late Ted Stevens by gracing a mountain and...

Shell Drilling Rig Leaving Alaska for Washington

A Shell mobile drill rig will be leaving Alaska for Washington state this summer in anticipation of the 2012 Arctic drilling season.

Tok Area Fire Warrants Evacuation Orders

Evacuation orders were issued last night for the village of Tanacross and a nearby subdivision of Tok, due to a fast moving wildfire that‘s...

Fugitive Bethel police officer arrested in Anchorage

Authorities arrested fugitive Aaron Fedolfi in Anchorage. The former Bethel police officer is accused of trying to coerce a woman into performing oral sex while in his custody. Download Audio

Bristol Bay wrapping up unexpectedly good fall silver fishery

Most taking home $.65/lb for their chilled coho catch, and with over 210,000 fish landed by probably less than 50 fishermen, the fall fishery proved a good one. Listen now

Kookesh Ahead In Campaign Fund-Raising Race

The Ketchikan-Wrangell House district has the only party primary in Southeast Alaska this year. But legislative candidates in other districts are still raising money and gearing up campaigns.