Climate Change

Articles about climate change from across the state of Alaska.

Kotzebue city council member speaks at Paris climate talks

Maija Katak Lukin made it to Paris after two days of travel and 17 hours of air time. The Kotzebue city council member spoke at a State Department panel Tuesday morning moderated by Interior Secretary Sally Jewell.

Warming landscape triggers northward habitat shift

For years scientists have documented changes in Alaska’s vegetation due to a warmer climate. Now, researchers are noting animals establishing new habitats on the North Slope in response to the altered landscape. Download Audio

Alaska holding out against emission-cutting policies

The Arctic is on the front lines of climate change. Alaska is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the planet. A group called Alaska Common Ground hosted an all-day forum in Anchorage over the weekend to answer the question, "What are we doing about it?" Download Audio

Arctic Council looks to Alaska citizen science network

A tribal citizen science network that got its start in Alaska is being touted as a model for tracking climate change in the Arctic. The eight-nation Arctic Council plans to expand the Local Environmental Observer Network to other Arctic nations. Download Audio

Ice locked in glaciers may substantially contribute to sea level rise

Researchers say more than half the ice locked up in glaciers could be gone by the end of the century. A new study suggests the resulting runoff could raise the earth’s oceans three inches or more. The study suggests fisheries and hydro-electric dams could also be impacted by the change. Download Audio

Study: Tundra fires induce permafrost melt, land change

Wildfire on Arctic tundra can cause permafrost melt from the top down, contributing to landscape slumping, known as thermokarst. Download Audio

Study: Carbon emissions from northern fires likely underestimated

A recent study indicates fires in the Yukon Flat region of Alaska are releasing more carbon into the atmosphere than previously thought. Download Audio

Rising seas, peat may have caused Ice Age extinction event

A research paper published yesterday says large ice age mammals may have gone extinct in northern Alaska when grassland turned to peat and rising sea levels covered the Bering Land Bridge. Download Audio

Climate change and Cook Inlet

Climate change has the potential to affect weather, water temperature and salmon numbers in Cook Inlet, as well as the biology of the lands of our region. On this edition of Hometown Alaska, experts explain the changes that have already happened in the Inlet at our front door, and make educated predictions about what the future might hold. KSKA: Wednesday, Oct. 21, at 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Download Audio:

Religion and climate change – can you talk about both?

Is climate change a religious issue? A group of Alaskans says yes, and a national survey supports them, for some groups. Alaskans joined together this weekend in Anchorage for an interfaith Earth Care Jamboree. Download Audio

Murkowski thanks Obama for restoring Denali; Obama directs his gaze on climate change

President Barack Obama touches down in Alaska Monday for a three-day tour to the state, and beyond focusing on climate change in visits to Anchorage, Dillingham, and Kotzebue, the president is beginning his trip by restoring the Alaska Native name to North America’s highest mountain.

Alaskan Greens: Obama’s Words, Actions Conflict On Climate Change

President Barack Obama’s visit to Alaska this week, aimed at highlighting his push to fight climate change, comes just two weeks after his administration approved drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean. Some Alaskan environmentalists see a disconnect between the president's rhetoric and his actions on climate change.

Climate Change in the Far North

President Obama will be in Alaska soon, and he says climate change is the reason for the visit. On the next Talk of Alaska, scientists who've studied warming in Alaska for decades join us on the program to offer perspective from the front lines. APRN: Tuesday, August 25, at 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Listen now:

Climate change, not Arctic drilling, drives Obama trip to Alaska

President Barack Obama is coming to Alaska later this month. The White House released a video Thursday morning to explain why he will be the first sitting president to visit Alaska’s Arctic. Download Audio

President Obama: Alaskans Are On the Front Lines Of Climate Change

Alaska is ground zero for climate change -- that's the message of a new video issued by the White House discussing president Obama's upcoming visit to the Last Frontier.

Study: Climate Change Is A Chief Threat to Polar Bears

A new federal study shows Alaska's two polar bear populations could be greatly decreased in a decade. The research also shows global warming is by far the biggest threat to polar bear populations across the arctic compared to other stressors like hunting and pollutants. Download Audio
Anne Jensen examines artifacts in her lab. (CREDIT ANNE JENSEN)

Climate change destroying Natives’ relics

Climate change is destroying the historical record of Arctic peoples.

Norwegian Monarch Visits Alaska, Urges Action on Climate Change

The King of Norway visited Anchorage on Wednesday bearing a message of goodwill, and the message that climate change is a priority for all Arctic nations. Download Audio:

Tribes, Forest Service partner on climate change research

At the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society Conference in Juneau this week, a panel of five discussed climate change and traditional knowledge.

Gov’s Arctic advisor discusses climate change, subsistence regs at convention

Alaska communities could better adjust to climate change if hunting and fishing rules become more flexible.