Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, including hydropower, solar power, geothermal, tidal power and related projects across the state.

Renewable Energy Fund, casualty of budget crunch, may get new lifeline

Since 2008, Alaska's Renewable Energy Fund has supported scores of projects around the state. But so far, it has not been included in this year's budget. Download Audio

Village awarded federal grant for river turbine design

The U.S. Department of Energy has picked a southwest Alaska village for funding to advance development of an underwater river turbine that could replace diesel power with clean energy.

In rural Alaska, building wind power means building people power

When it comes to energy innovation in rural Alaska, technology is only half the story. The real necessity is people power. Download audio

At the mouth of the Kusko, a pioneering wind system

The four villages of the Chaninik Wind Group are aiming to replace 50 percent of their diesel use with wind in the next few years. Along the way, they're pushing the limits of what's possible when it comes to integrating renewable energy into a grid. Download Audio

Murkowski’s Bethel hearing to feature U.S. Energy Secretary

U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz will join a host of state and federal officials in Bethel on Monday to talk rural energy needs. Download Audio

Railbelt utility overhaul could mean more renewables, cheaper power

Utilities from Homer to Fairbanks are in discussions to overhaul the way electricity is generated and transported across the region. The goal is cheaper electricity -- and more renewable power. Download Audio

Bethel strides toward renewable wind energy

Energy officials hope two newly constructed towers in Bethel will pave the way to reducing the city’s multi-million gallon dependence on diesel fuel. The Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, or AVEC, raised the towers to collect atmospheric data for future wind turbines.

Tanacross hydropower project nets $500K federal grant

A small hydropower project near Tanacross is one step closer to fruition after receiving a half-million dollar federal grant. Download Audio

New rules may help small energy projects sell to the grid

New rules could make it possible to develop more alternative energy in Alaska, by making it easier for independent projects to sell their power to the grid. Download Audio

AK: With sustainable logging in mind, Galena looks to forests for fuel

Large-scale logging on the Yukon River started about a hundred years ago. These days, villages like Galena are once again looking to the forest for an energy supply. But this time, a new generation of loggers is thinking more about sustainability. Listen now:

Volcano farts: Scientists look to gas for beta on atmosphere, geothermal resource

In September, a team of scientists crawled around the summit of seven volcanoes in the Aleutian Islands. They updated seismic sensors, replaced 8,000 pounds of batteries and visited one summit that geologists hadn't been to since the 1940s. Download Audio

Arctic Energy Summit focuses on both fossil fuels and renewables

Representatives from across the circumpolar North are meeting this week in Fairbanks for the Arctic Energy Summit. Download Audio

Fort Yukon Goes Solar

Ft. Yukon recently began operating a solar electric project. The system is testing integration of the energy source into the power grid of an isolated northern community. Download Audio:

Unalaska’s Geothermal Hopes Stall Without City Backing

A years-long effort to bring geothermal power to Unalaska may be on its last legs. The city government is draining its accounts for exploring Makushin Volcano, saying the project is too expensive and risky to pursue any further. Download Audio

Solar Energy from the Ocean

Solar energy technology has greatly improved over the last few years, but who would have thought that the ocean could be used as a solar collector? And who would have installed the technology to do so? That’s what’s now being done at the Seward Sea Life Center. And now they’re seeking to spread the energy. APRN: Tuesday, 5/27 at 10:00am Download Audio

Nome To Make Decision On Geothermal Energy

If Nome wants geothermal power, the city has to decide by next week if and how it is going to pay for that energy. Download Audio

Akutan Volcano’s Geothermal Power Potential Increases

A new study says Akutan Volcano could be an even more promising source of geothermal energy than previously thought. Download Audio

Geothermal Test Well Drilling Begins Near Nome

Drilling for a geothermal test well began today north of Nome at the Pilgrim Hot Springs. The Alaska Center for Energy and Power estimates two megawatts of sustainable power can be generated from the site. If the estimates are true, Nome residents may soon see the benefits of tapping into the resource. Download Audio

AVTEC Wind Turbine Provides Training Opportunity

There's a fresh breeze blowing in Seward, and this time it's turning the blades on a new wind turbine on the campus of the state's vocational training school.

Geothermal Energy Interest Grows in Alaska

Several Alaska communities are making plans for geothermal generation of electricity. They’re also learning from existing projects – and mistakes.