A woman holds a phone up taking apicture of a big blue tank inside a room

Tuluksak got a special water treatment system meant for the whole village. Only the school was using it.

Entry into the school was restricted on due to concerns about health hazards and disruption of the school day.
Senator Dan Sullivan speaking to the media

‘Pebble Tapes’ prompt Sullivan to raise volume on his opposition to the mine

"No Pebble Mine," Sen. Sullivan wrote on Twitter, after Pebble CEO was caught on tape saying the senator would stay in his corner and be quiet.
two people debating behind podiums

Galvin, Young accuse each of other of lying during debate

The debate between the candidates for Alaska’s sole seat in Congress became contentious Thursday, with challenger Alyse Galvin saying she’s tired of U.S. Rep. Don Young misrepresenting her position on issues.

WATCH: Running — Legislative debates, night one

The balance of power in the state legislature is at stake when Alaskans cast their ballots this fall. Nat Herz moderates debates with candidates from some of the most hotly contested races for state House and Senate.

Sullivan ad criticized for ‘anti-Semitic’ images

The campaign of Sen. Dan Sullivan is taking heat for an ad that critics say is anti-Semitic.

Moore Hopes To Take On Don Young

An Anchorage Democrat who hopes to take on Rep. Don Young for the U.S. Congress seat is in Ketchikan for a few days, listening to voters and getting his message out.

Alaska Division of Elections Begins Counting Absentee, Questioned Ballots

After a week of collecting and reviewing absentee ballots, workers at the Division of Elections are now running 17,000 of those uncounted votes through machines. APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez is at the Anchorage office observing the process. Download Audio

Division of Elections says absentee ballots cast for Walker are final

The Alaska Division of Elections has received several thousand absentee ballots for the Nov. 6 general election. Those voters would not have known that incumbent Gov. Bill Walker was ending his re-election campaign. Listen now

Christian, conservative groups organize to oust Supreme Court justice

A coalition of conservative and religious leaders has launched a campaign to oust an Alaska Supreme Court justice whose rulings they oppose.
an election machine and some people on election day

Alaska counted less than half of all ballots on Election Night. Now the waiting starts.

Usually on Alaska’s Election Night, the big story is the votes that are counted. But in a year unlike any other, Tuesday’s big story was about the votes that still remained to be counted.

AFN Asks For Help in Voting-rights Campaign

Alaska’s largest Native organization is challenging a Southeast group to lead the regional campaign to regain federal voting-rights protections.

Anchorage mayoral candidates weigh strategies to support children and families

Many of the leading candidates for Anchorage mayor say education is a top priority. During a recent child and family issues forum hosted by Alaska Children’s Trust, most candidates agreed that improving access to early education and childcare and eliminating food and housing insecurity, are important, both for COVID-19 recovery and the future of the city.

Miller Rejects Unity Pledge At Republican Convention

At the Republican convention, Senate hopefuls mostly avoided personal attacks and stuck to their message of beating Democratic incumbent Mark Begich. But dark horse candidate Joe Miller broke the calm when he said he would not support the Republican nominee if he didn't win.

US House race: The polls, PACs and final pitches

Rep. Don Young got some six-figure help from a Republican PAC while his campaign is running an ad accusing independent challenger Alyse Galvin of taking money from Democratic PACs. Galvin had several beefs with the ad and called it "very distressing." Listen now

Both major candidates for Alaska governor want higher PFDs. What would it cost?

Democrat Mark Begich and Republican Mike Dunleavy both want higher dividends, but it’s not clear how they intend to pay for them.
A ballot

Alaska’s latest election lawsuit would give absentee voters a chance to fix mail-in ballot errors

A lawsuit is seeking to give absentee voters in Alaska a chance to fix mail-in ballot errors that would otherwise prevent their votes from being counted.
a person behind a podium talking to a debate moderator

Aside from tweet, U.S. Rep. Young, staff remain silent on COVID-19 diagnosis

Young’s opponent in last week’s election, Democratic Party-endorsed independent Alyse Galvin, said the Congressman’s staff could not reach him Friday when she wanted to call him to concede.

RUNNING: Hear from Assembly candidates for Downtown and Eagle River/Chugiak

Alaska Public Media’s RUNNING series featuring candidates for the April 7 Anchorage municipal election will air on Hometown Alaska over four episodes. School board...
Two white men pictureed side by side

Bronson outraises Dunbar in latest campaign finance reports

Bronson’s campaign has outraised Dunbar’s in the runoff election by about $77,000, but overall, Dunbar has still raised more — close to $591,000 in total, compared to Bronson’s $559,000.

Forrest Dunbar: The Millennial Who Aims to Unseat Don Young

The Alaska Congressman's Democratic challenger is a Yale-educated attorney, raised in Eagle and Cordova. Dunbar is a first-time candidate running a serious campaign on a relative shoestring. Listen now: