Side by side photos of Suzanne LaFrance and James Kaufman, candidates for House District 28.

House District 28 race centers budget crisis

Republican James Kaufman and Democrat-nominated Independent Suzanne LaFrance are battling to represent House District 28, in South Anchorage, including the Hillside and Girdwood. Both say solving Alaska’s fiscal crisis is their first priority, but their strategies are different.
Senator Dan Sullivan speaking to the media

New poll finds Sullivan ahead in race to keep U.S. Senate seat

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan is leading challenger Al Gross in a new poll of likely Alaska voters.
Lori Townsend interviews U.S. Senate Candidate Al Gross during Alaska Insight

Al Gross is running for office for the first time. Here’s why he thinks he belongs in the U.S. Senate | Alaska Insight Continuing our coverage of congressional races, we turn to the U.S. Senate candidates beginning with Independent...

Alyeska imposes 10% cut to North Slope production as COVID-19 hammers oil demand

The trans-Alaska pipeline runs alongside the Dalton Highway near the Toolik Field Station, in the North Slope Borough. (Rashah McChesney/Alaska's Energy...

Murkowski thanks Berkowitz for COVID response: “You led early”

Sen. Murkowski made a point of praising the Anchorage mayor for acting quickly to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

After last year’s loss, Anchorage alcohol tax boosters bring in Mark Begich’s firm for this year’s campaign

After losing at the polls last year, supporters of a 5 percent alcohol tax in Anchorage say a better public opinion campaign could make the difference when the measure goes before voters again in April. So they've hired Mark Begich's company to help.

Judge says Alaska should crack down on unlimited contributions in state elections

Judge William Morse says the Alaska Public Office Commission should reinstate the $500 annual per-person contribution limit to independent groups, which APOC stopped enforcing following a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision called Citizens United.

US House race: The polls, PACs and final pitches

Rep. Don Young got some six-figure help from a Republican PAC while his campaign is running an ad accusing independent challenger Alyse Galvin of taking money from Democratic PACs. Galvin had several beefs with the ad and called it "very distressing." Listen now

Tensions show in Young-Galvin debate, and not just between the candidates

Testy moments punctuated the debate when Rep. Don Young and challenger Alyse Galvin faced off. Listen now

Indicators mixed in US House race

Challenger Alyse Galvin would seem to be on a roll. Two recent polls have shown she's close to Rep. Don Young, and she's raised nearly $1.2 million. But other signs aren't so positive for her. Listen now

Poll shows challenger closing in on Rep. Young

A new poll suggests Alaska Congressman Don Young, the most senior member of Congress, may be in a tight race. Listen now

Alaska GOP vows ‘significant response’ against Murkowski

The chairman of the Alaska Republican Party is vowing to repercussions against Sen. Lisa Murkowski for opposing the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Listen now
Political Candidate Alyse Galvin smiles at the camera in front of trees

Galvin runs as Alaskan everywoman, vying for US House

Education advocate Alyse Galvin is running for Congress as a mom and "someone who is like all people." That's part of her campaign message: "I'm in touch. I've been there." Listen now
U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan studies notes in the House Speaker's Chambers while waiting for the Alaska House of Representatives and Senate to jointly convene for his annual address on Feb. 26, 2018. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North)

Tweets aside, Sullivan says Trump good for Alaska

Sen. Dan Sullivan said he doesn't like all of President Trump's tweets, but he does like what the Trump administration is doing for Alaska.  There's not a lot of daylight between them when you look at the senator's voting record. Listen now

Speaker Ryan honors Young, offers tip: ‘swear in,’ not ‘at’

The U.S. House of Representatives  honored - nearly roasted - Congressman Don Young Wednesday for becoming the new "dean of the House." And back home, Young gains a challenger: Alyce Galvin. Listen now

Alaska U.S. senators quiet on colleagues’ critique of Trump

Two Republicans rocked the U.S. Senate Tuesday with harsh criticism of President Trump, for what they call flagrant disregard for truth and debasing the nation. So far, the two senators aren't discussing it. Listen now

ACA enrollment: Better rates for Alaskans but less time to find them

President Trump says "Obamacare is dead." That negative advertising from the White House is just one of the obstacles Alaska's navigators have to overcome ahead of the enrollment period that starts Nov. 1. Listen now

With money from Murkowski, GOP assails Miller

The Alaska Republican Party is attacking U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller in a series of hard-hitting mailers. This is the same Joe Miller who was the Republican Party’s own nominee six years ago, when he beat the incumbent, Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Now the party is accepting money from Murkowski’s campaign and using it against Miller, which he calls "money laundering." The party says it’s perfectly legal. Listen Now

Really? Alaska in play in presidential race?

Alaska has not voted for a Democrat since LBJ in 1964. But pundits say even red states like Alaska are in play now. Pollster Celinda Lake says Hillary Clinton has made gains with Alaska men. Listen Now

Murkowski launches big Alaska bills whose days are numbered

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski this morning brought some of her most controversial Alaska bills to the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, which she chairs. The contentious bills stand almost no chance of passing in this Congress. But some, she hopes, will pack a punch anyway.