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Alaska US Senate race: Gross trails Sullivan but says math is in his favor

U.S. Senate candidate Al Gross is far behind in the votes counted so far, but his campaign claims he can still beat Republican incumbent Dan Sullivan.
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Here’s why Alaska is the slowest in the nation when it comes to vote counting

Questions, confusion and speculation about Alaska’s vote-counting process are erupting this week as state officials wait to count more than 100,000 absentee and other ballots until next week -- long after other U.S. states count the vast majority of their votes.
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Some Alaska Republicans build large leads through Wednesday’s vote count, with counting to resume in a week

Alaska Republicans appeared to have sizable leads in some key races in the state, though 40% of the ballots remain to be counted.
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Trump wanted to stop the vote when he was ahead. Alaska’s congressional delegation urges patience

Alaska’s all-Republican congressional delegation is not backing Trump’s call to stop counting votes.
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With thousands of votes still uncounted, Alaska’s initial results show many Republicans ahead

The state’s Division of Elections updated results a little before 1 a.m. Wednesday, showing a total of about 157,0000 votes cast statewide. More than 120,000 early absentee votes remain to be counted in a week, starting on Nov. 10.
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Alaska counted less than half of all ballots on Election Night. Now the waiting starts.

Usually on Alaska’s Election Night, the big story is the votes that are counted. But in a year unlike any other, Tuesday’s big story was about the votes that still remained to be counted.
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Alaskans line up at polls, as large number absentee ballots wait to be counted

There were long lines at polling places across Alaska on Tuesday, despite more votes being cast early and by mail than in the past.
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Campaigns make last push for votes in Alaska before election

The major candidates in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race are making their last push for votes ahead of Tuesday’s election, with the campaigns calling Alaskans and knocking on doors and the candidates holding last-minute rallies and stops.

Sullivan ad criticized for ‘anti-Semitic’ images

The campaign of Sen. Dan Sullivan is taking heat for an ad that critics say is anti-Semitic.
A flyer boosting John Wayne Howe

Mysterious mailer boosts Alaska’s third party U.S. Senate candidate at Sullivan’s expense

John Wayne Howe, a Fairbanks machinist, finished a distant third in last month’s New York Times poll of the race. But it appears that allies of Al Gross, the Democratic Party-endorsed independent, are now trying to boost him among conservative-leaning voters at Sullivan’s expense.
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How Alaska decides if a judge can stay on the bench

Nearly two dozen judges will be on the Nov. 3 state election ballot, but the process of retaining them is a big difference from the elections that take place elsewhere in the country.
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In Alaska’s US House race, Galvin campaign goes big AND goes home

Rep. Don Young's challenger is running a $4 million campaign, much of it spent on ads. But in Galvin's Anchorage split-level, it's a more home-spun effort.

A torrent of Democratic absentee ballots could reverse Alaska’s Election Night vote counts

More than 75,000 Alaskans have already cast absentee ballots in this year’s election -- nearly one-fourth of the total number of votes cast in the state in the last presidential election, in 2016.
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Will full PFDs spell problems for Permanent Fund’s future?

Legislative candidates have divergent ideas about how to pay dividends from the Permanent Fund while maintaining state services.

In tele-rally, Trump calls on Alaska ‘patriots’ to vote Young, Sullivan

In his remarks, Trump called Young and Sullivan “two very special people” and asked “every patriot in Alaska” to get out and vote for them.

Debate for the State 2020 – U.S. House and Senate

0 The U.S. House Debate between Rep. Don Young and Alyse Galvin happened at Alaska Public Media on Thursday Oct. 22, 2020. The U.S. Senate...
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Galvin, Young accuse each of other of lying during debate

The debate between the candidates for Alaska’s sole seat in Congress became contentious Thursday, with challenger Alyse Galvin saying she’s tired of U.S. Rep. Don Young misrepresenting her position on issues.
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By mail, early, in person: Here’s a guide to voting in Alaska

The deadline to request an absentee ballot is Saturday, Oct. 24.
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After Mertarvik primary election troubles, officials work to regain trust

Officials say the issues that led to an entire village not receiving ballots won't happen again.

Rematch: This Alaska legislative race could make or break the next House speaker

Lance Pruitt, the East Anchorage Republican, could become the next speaker of the Alaska House when the state Legislature convenes in Juneau next year. But first, Pruitt, the leader of the House GOP minority, has to win re-election.