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Bronson announces two new members of Anchorage mayoral transition team

Anchorage mayor-elect Dave Bronson announced two more members of his transition team who will lead the new administration's response to homelessness: an anesthesiologist and a budget manager.
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Anchorage’s largest soup kitchen looks to temporarily move food prep downtown

Bean’s Cafe Director Lisa Sauder said the kitchen identified the site of the Platinum Jaxx and LED Ultra Lounge on 6th Avenue as a building it could purchase and use to make meals.
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Acting Mayor ends Anchorage’s emergency proclamation

Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson announced that Anchorage’s emergency proclamation ended Tuesday at an Assembly meeting last night.

How will a conservative mayor and progressive Assembly work in Anchorage?

The bulk of Dave Bronson’s campaign has centered on undoing the work of the Anchorage Assembly over the last year. Bronson's now on track to become the city's next mayor, and will be partnered with the majority-progressive Assembly to govern Anchorage.
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Anchorage’s new police chief wants to prioritize building community trust

Anchorage's first Black police chief said his said his top priority will be building trust in the community, particularly with communities of color.
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Anchorage Assembly confirms city’s first Chief Equity Officer

The Anchorage Assembly confirmed the city’s first Chief Equity Officer on Tuesday, a new role dedicated to promoting equity in city government. That includes making sure municipal hiring and contracting is fair and representative of the community, tracking how municipal resources are distributed and educating the community about its role in dismantling systemic inequity.

The bears are back in Anchorage. Here’s what to know.

Bears are up and about in Anchorage, and looking for food. If you haven’t already, now is the time to take down bird-feeders, clean up any outdoor food waste, including pet food, and ensure trash is stored securely.
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Anchorage Assembly rolls back COVID-19 gathering limits and business restrictions

Anchorage COVID-19 restrictions are set to loosen significantly next week. At a meeting on Tuesday, the Anchorage Assembly voted unanimously to remove all gathering limits and social distancing requirements for the city starting Monday, May 3. The decision also lifted COVID-19 requirements for businesses like hotels, bingo halls, gyms, salons and childcare centers.
Two girls sit on a utility box on a street corner holding signs that read "Stop Asian Hate" and "Black Lives Matter"

A year after Floyd rallies, two Anchorage teens mark Chauvin verdict

The girls said they wanted to keep the conversation going even though community activism has died down over the past year.
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Anchorage Assembly discussion reveals deep division after brutal year of pandemic politics

After an explosive disagreement during a meeting last week, the Anchorage Assembly held a routine reorganization vote Tuesday to elect an acting chair. Despite opposition from some members, Midtown Assembly member Felix Rivera was re-elected to the position.

Anchorage School Board passes anti-racism and equity policies with overwhelming support

The policies stemmed from the murder of George Floyd in 2020 and have been hotly debated for weeks. The policies passed the same day a jury convicted the police officer who killed Floyd.

Warm weather and plowing in Anchorage mean clear trails likely a week away

A month into a cold spring that followed a pandemic winter, temperatures in Anchorage are reaching into the 60’s this week and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department is hard at work, transforming the slushy remains of ski trails into clear paths for the bikes, strollers and roller blades of summer.
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Anchorage Assembly extends COVID emergency declaration by closest vote yet

The Anchorage Assembly approved an eighth extension of the city’s COVID-19 emergency declaration Tuesday. The measure passed six to four, the slimmest margin an extension has seen since the COVID emergency began.
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Dunbar and Bronson still lead Anchorage mayor’s race as more ballots are counted

Assembly member Forrest Dunbar and former Air Force pilot Dave Bronson are still leading the race for mayor after the Anchorage municipal clerk added a second batch of votes to the results of the April 6 election Wednesday afternoon.
Large white boxes that read "Vote by Mail Ballot Drop Box" sit in a warehouse.

Turnout holding steady so far in Anchorage’s 2021 election

Tuesday is Election Day in Anchorage — residents will be voting for the next mayor, a number of school board members and several ballot propositions. According to the municipal clerk, 27,445 ballots have been returned as of March 31 out of nearly 230,000 that went out earlier in the month.
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Anchorage Assembly shapes early plans for next round of COVID-19 stimulus

Another round of federal COVID-19 stimulus money is on its way to Anchorage, though it’s not quite clear how much it will be or when it will arrive.
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Anchorage’s parking boss quits in rift with city, after pandemic hits revenues

Andrew Halcro, who heads the organization that oversees parking downtown, abruptly resigned Friday, in what appears to be a split with city officials after the pandemic caused a large drop in parking revenue.
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Providers work to vaccinate Anchorage homeless population as quickly as possible

Since congregate shelters became eligible for COVID-19 vaccines last month, health care workers and homeless shelter coordinators have been working non-stop to get Anchorage’s 3,000-person homeless population vaccinated.
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Mixed reactions from Anchorage restaurants over latest emergency order

With a new emergency order in place this week, Anchorage restaurants are allowed to open at full capacity, as long as they maintain social distancing and masking requirements. While this seems like good news, some restaurants are still frustrated by the remaining restrictions and others are concerned that more customer interaction could lead to increased COVID-19 transmission.
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Anchorage Assembly rejects motion to end emergency proclamation

The Anchorage Assembly rejected another motion to throw out the city’s emergency proclamation at a meeting on Tuesday evening. The city has been under an emergency proclamation since the pandemic began last March. It is currently set to expire next month unless the Assembly votes to extend it for the eighth time.