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This week we're hearing from Noatak Post in Juneau. During the summers, Post can be found playing the violin for tourists visiting the state's capital as they disembark from cruise ships. Listen now

A delegation from China visited Kodiak Island with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, touring fish processing plants in Kodiak and Larsen Bay. Listen now

Alaska tribes’ are in legal limbo after the Interior Department said it was suspending accepting lands into federal trust pending a fresh legal review,. Many tribes in Alaska have long sought trust status for land that exempts it from state and local jurisdictions. Listen now

As fishing restrictions push salmon harvests on the Kuskokwim River later into the wet part of summer, families are seeking new ways to dry their fish and keep bugs away. A local fish biologist has a possible solution and is seeking volunteers to test it out. Listen now

The Alaska Court System is one of many agencies impacted by state budget cuts. For rural communities like Haines, where residents are already separated from some court services, the impacts of a shrinking budget are compounding existing frustrations. Listen now

The organizer of a kid's bike race in Anchorage Saturday wants to raise awareness for the importance of healthy lungs.

Some Alaskans with opioid addictions who are leaving prisons or juvenile justice facilities will receive federally funded job training. A grant also will pay to increase the number of people trained to provide opioid treatment. Listen now

Sen. Sullivan: 'Yes' on Kavanaugh nomination; Legislators quiz Alaska LNG project managers on progress; Watchdog renews call for tougher training for Prince William Sound oil tanker escorts; State government receives grant for opioid-related job training; Bethel's Tundra Suites hotel charged with Medicaid fraud; In Haines, remote court proceedings frustrate law enforcement; Drying fish and having trouble with flies? A local biologist wants to help; Cooks and dishwashers left behind in new statewide tipping regulation, restaurants say; Seahawks linemen learn about Yup'ik culture on whirlwind trip to Bethel; Blockbuster to close last two stores in Alaska Listen now

State-led Alaska gasline project leaders confident on progress, minimize tariff impact during legislative update. Listen now

The owner of Bethel’s Tundra Suites hotel has been charged with Medicaid fraud. Listen now

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan says he’ll vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Listen now

Following two minor accidents, a citizens' watchdog group is asking the state's top environmental regulator to require tougher training for new oil spill response crews in Prince William Sound. Listen now

The solar array is a small-scale test and will be completed at the end of October.

For years the federal government has been grappling with who owns tips and whether employers can tell servers what to do with them. To clarify, the Alaska Department of Labor implemented a new regulation last month that prohibits restaurant owners from requiring servers to give tips to back-of-house staff like cooks and dishwashers. Listen now

The final day of regular business at the two remaining Blockbusters-- one in Anchorage and one in Fairbanks-- will be Mon., July 16. Listen now

Marijuana can now be purchased legally in Haines. Winter Greens, the borough’s first recreational marijuana dispensary, opened its doors to the public Tuesday afternoon. Listen now

Professional football players embarked on a whirlwind tour of Bethel on Wednesday. Seattle Seahawks offensive linemen Joey Hunt and Jordan Roos were in town for a grand total of nine hours and got a crash course in Yup'ik culture. Listen now

On Tuesday, the Trump administration proposed $200 billion in new tariffs on China, upsetting markets worldwide. Listen now

A conflict is intensifying over hatcheries in Prince William Sound. Listen now

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