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Documenting the rich diversity of the lives of African Americans is the mission of a national group called The Historymakers. Videographers are in Alaska this week for the first time to capture the stories of 11 Alaskans. Listen now

In a complaint, the Council on American-Islamic Relations claims prisoners in an Anchorage jail are being denied their constitutional rights on observation of Ramadan. Listen now

A long-time and popular University of Alaska Fairbanks professor gives his final lecture this evening. Terrence Cole has taught history at UAF for 30 years. Cole is retiring to concentrate on his health and finish a book. Listen now

Fairbanks City Councilman David Pruhs has directed staff to draft a plan over the next 90 days on how the city will respond to the growing problem of groundwater contamination caused by chemical compounds in firefighting foam.

In a game-changing and emotional decision, the Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board decided against renewing AC Quickstop’s liquor license on Tuesday night, which effectively shut down Bethel’s only operating liquor store. Listen now

A family story of the early gold rush days in Alaska was featured in Anchorage on May 14th at the Alaska Jewish Museum. The documentary, A Rose in Candle, was directed by Anchorage history enthusiast Russ Reno and tells the story of a young Jewish woman who was a violist from Romania.

If Democrats take control of the U.S. House, the fate of some of Alaska’s biggest resource priorities could rest with an Arizona congressman most Alaskans have never heard of. Listen now

The short meetings were a chance for Alaska businesses to introduce themselves directly to what they hope will be a giant market of new customers. Listen now

This man hopes to bring the gavel down on ANWR drilling; Urged by Alaska veterans, Sullivan supports cannabis research at VA; Alaska mission to China kicks off with ceremony, trade talks…and speed dating; Additional federal gun charges brought on man charged with 2016 killing of Fairbanks policeman; Three Unalaska residents to be honored for rescuing trapped child on Portage Glacier; Kodiak farmers market kerfuffle results in market move, addition of new market; Ask a Climatologist: Anchorage, this gloomy spring is all in your head; This man and his yellow truck signal the arrival of spring in Fairbanks Listen now

Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan is co-sponsoring a bill that calls on the Department of Veterans Affairs to look into the "efficacy and safety" of cannabis in the treatment of veterans diagnosed with "chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder" and other conditions. Listen now

After allegations that farmers market vendors were selling food that violated state food safety laws, the biggest farmers market in Kodiak is moving. And a new market is springing up where the old one used to be, bringing the number of markets in town to three. Listen now

Three Unalaska residents will be honored by the Anchorage Municipal Assembly for helping rescue a child from a crevasse on Portage Glacier. Listen now

A man already facing a murder charge in state court for shooting a Fairbanks Police officer, has been additionally charged with federal crimes. Listen now

Back in 1992, Glenn Hackney actually got hit by a car while picking up trash. It broke both his legs. That might give the average person pause about continuing. Not Hackney. Listen now

Since April, the weather in Anchorage has been a few degrees warmer than normal and also drier than normal. Listen now

"I have had to correct school teachers in the past who have been teaching their kids that oil comes from dinosaurs." Listen now

The Alaska Marine Highway System got what it asked for in the Legislature’s operating budget. Next budget year’s sailings and routes will be similar to this year’s schedule. Listen now

China’s top economic adviser returned from a week of trade talks in Washington, D.C. to find Alaska on his doorstep in Beijing.

Trump admin sets crosshairs on Park Service predator rule; Murkowski questions military officials over how sexual assaults involving minors are resolved; Alaska AG joins effort to stiffen penalties for drug companies; US files plea deal in deadly Florida airport shooting; UAF hosts 4-day Alaska Native language institute to help preserve knowledge; IGU board considers Siemens proposal for alternative natural gas source for Fairbanks; Ferries fully funded in operating budget; Alaskan fishermen aren’t the only ones noticing the rise of Atlantic halibut; American and Japanese descendants unite after 75 years to ensure Attu occupation is remembered; A lot of people get this pretty basic question about oil wrong Listen now

Lindemuth joins 37 other attorneys general asking senators for higher fines and continued funding connected to the opioid crisis. Listen now