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The Trump administration is trying to erase another part of President Obama's environmental legacy in Alaska: It wants to roll back a National Park Service ban on several controversial methods of killing bears and wolves. Listen now

An affiliate of the Germany-based industrial giant Siemens is offering to build an LNG plant near Wasilla and transport the gas it processes there to Fairbanks at no cost to the Interior Gas Utility. Listen now

It’s been 75 years since thousands of young soldiers lost their lives fighting over the westernmost point of the United States. Seventy-five years since the Alaska Native people of Attu were taken from their homes never to return again. Listen now

Alaska Native languages are the focus of a four-day institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks this week. Listen now

Alaska U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski raised the issue of sexual assaults involving minors on military bases during a Senate Defense Appropriations hearing last week. Listen now

Historically, Atlantic halibut has not competed with its close relative on the West Coast since New England and Canadian fishermen overfished stocks in the late 1880s. Listen now

Governor prepares Alaska trade delegation for China business trip; Late bill amendment allows distillery cocktails to continue; Federal designation puts Alaska in touch with millions to fight drug-trafficking; Juneau Assembly member Kiehl, labor leader Etheridge run for state Senate seat; Ferry Tazlina floated for the first time; AK: After 75 years, a bittersweet homecoming for Attu descendants; 49 Voices: Bruce Schindler of Skagway Listen now

Alaska is the last state to get the "high-intensity drug-trafficking" designation, which allows access to a total nationwide funding pool of $250 million. Public safety officials say the money will help facilitate collaboration between federal, state and local law enforcement. Listen now

Alaska has the largest state park system in the nation. And with the summer season about to launch into high gear, Alaskans are preparing for state park adventures. On the next Talk of Alaska we'll hear from park managers on what they're doing to make even the most remote parks more accessible. And we'll discuss the future of the park system as the state continues to make budget cuts. LISTEN HERE

The Alaska Legislature gave distilleries the green light to continue serving cocktails last week. Listen now

Seventy-five years after Japan invaded the furthest tip of the Aleutian chain, Attuans are returning home. Listen now

This week we're hearing from Bruce Schindler from Skagway. Schindler moved to Alaska in the 90s and is a mammoth ivory carver. Listen now

Two more candidates have joined the race for the state Senate seat representing Juneau and other northern Southeast communities: Juneau Assembly member Jesse Kiehl and longtime labor leader Don Etheridge. Listen now

Floating a new ferry for the first time is a painstakingly long process that involves bursts of activity followed by a lot of waiting around and listening to the hum of machinery. Listen now

Young squeaks Roadless Rule exemption into Ag bill; The U.S. Forest Service sued over Kuiu Island timber sale; A victory for Wrangell’s tribe, state says no dumping near Pat’s Lake; Troopers identified pilot in fatal crash near Whittier; Kreiss-Tomkins backs funding for NOAA research, Sitka harbors; How can the U.S. Forest Service keep up with Alaska’s tourism boom?; Former Unalaska mayor to run state ferry system; Coast Guard seeks feedback on potential impact of 6 new icebreakers; Kiana youth turn boring meetings into lifelong skills; Fishermen harvest hooligan by the bucketful on the Chilkoot and Chilkat Listen now

It took some doing, but Rep. Don Young squeezed the House for votes Thursday night and got an amendment into the Agriculture bill to exempt Alaska forests from the Roadless Rule. It was a feat that played out on the House floor like political cinema. Listen now

Once again, the Chilkat and Chilkoot rivers are turning black with little fish scrambling upstream. The eulachon, commonly known as hooligan, are running in full force and all kinds of different species are loving it. Listen now

Wrangell’s tribe and city have won a year-long fight to protect a fishing stream and popular recreation site. Listen now

The forest service received zero bids on the timber sale in 2016. Earlier this month, it went out for bid again. Listen now

Representatives from more than 20 business, along with state officials and politicians will leave for China this weekend. There, they’ll peddle everything from baby food to seafood to tourism to Chinese consumers. Listen now