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The CDC says a test to get out of COVID isolation is not needed, resisting pushback

Despite pressure from health experts who advocated for adding a testing requirement, the agency is standing by its original guidance that a negative test is not needed for people who are fever-free and whose symptoms have improved.
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Photos: Operation Santa delivers to Buckland, but weather delays Chevak presents

A camouflaged Santa whirled into Buckland on a funny-looking sleigh this year. As part of its annual Operation Santa Claus, the Alaska National Guard delivered 261 presents to the community in northwest Alaska on December 14. Santa says he'll drop off 360 gifts to Chevak after the holidays and once weather conditions allow.
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A new crisis team in Fairbanks is responding to mental health calls and freeing up other emergency resources

The city’s Mobile Crisis Team started two months ago and is bringing mental health services directly to people in crisis.
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As Anchorage faces the pandemic and homelessness, resignations at the health department pile up

ivision managers and medical officers have all left or been fired from the health department, which has largely stopped communicating with news media.
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Anchorage Assembly questions Bronson administration over credit rating report

Some Assembly members said the revenue forecasts that the administration presented to a major credit rating agency before the agency downgraded Anchorage’s score intentionally downplayed the city’s forecasts to score points in an ongoing budget debate.
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Travelers at Anchorage airport can now pick up free rapid COVID-19 tests

Alaska was one of five states picked to pass out the rapid tests based on COVID-19 rates and previous partnerships with the federal health department. The pilot program is part of a major push by the Biden administration to expand access to the over-the-counter, at-home tests as a way to curb the spread of COVID-19 this winter.
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‘So much hope’: Alaskans say peer support can make recovery possible

Peer mentors can now receive certification in Alaska to provide support for people in recovery from substance use and mental health issues.
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Conservative Alaska lawmakers hear from constituents about ivermectin, vaccine mandates, Fauci conspiracies

About 50 speakers shared stories of losing jobs because of COVID-19 vaccine mandates or having loved ones die from COVID while being denied unproven treatments.

Tensions over PFD fuel talks of a new constitutional convention. Alaskans will vote on whether that time has come.

Next year, Alaska voters will decide whether to hold a new constitutional convention. They’ve rejected similar questions over the past 50 years. But anger over the permanent fund dividend is fueling talk of overhauling the Alaska Constitution. 
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Staff turnover, overcrowding, bitter cold: Anchorage’s homelessness response stumbles amid transitions

Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson’s administration has lost about a half dozen officials the past several weeks among officials working on the city’s response to homelessness at a time when temperatures have dropped below zero degrees in some parts of town.
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Tight rental market in Alaska hampers progress on homelessness

While Alaska has had some successes in housing during the pandemic, low vacancy rates and rising rental prices means that for some housing is out of reach.
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ANCSA at 50 | Special Edition of Alaska Insight

Fifty years ago this December, Alaska Native leaders joined forces with national lawmakers to create legislation that ensured certain native land rights in our state. How has that legislation evolved over the decades? What does the next generation of Alaska Native leaders want to see moving forward?

ANCSA at 50: Who will be included in the next generation of shareholders?

Video: Corporations formed under ANCSA are slowly opening up to new generations of shareholders, allowing younger Alaska Native people to have a voice in shaping the future.

With knowledge of his ancestors, young leader looks to ANCSA’s future

Aaron Tolen has tribal and ANCSA regional corporation affiliations across the state. He aims to balance a modern education with the values and traditions of his people, so he can continue to feel grounded in his culture and also experience success in a contemporary way.
Dave Bronson at an Assembly meeting

Bronson vetoes 2 ordinances aimed at asserting Anchorage Assembly’s authority

ly Wednesday. The ordinances were aimed at asserting the Assembly’s authority over the chamber and the city’s mayoral appointee confirmation process.
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Alaska Supreme Court explains ruling on governor’s appointees

If the Alaska Legislature wants to reject a governor’s appointees, it will have to take a vote on them, the state Supreme Court said in an opinion issued on Friday. 
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As more nations eye the Arctic as a strategic resource, what is the U.S. military’s plan? | Alaska Insight

Alaska's Arctic region is opening to increased vessel traffic and global interest. What are the American military’s plans to ensure security?
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Hundreds of Juneau kids are getting COVID shots this week. Here’s how a few of them are handling it.

“I don’t know why, but COVID reminds me of Voldemort,” said one child at a vaccine clinic in Juneau recently.

Alaska’s cannabis industry increasingly competitive, with most retail shops per capita in U.S.

Insiders say the industry is very competitive and cannabis entrepreneurs have to be shrewd to keep their businesses alive.

How Anchorage’s ‘flufftastic’ snowfall exceeded forecasters’ expectations

National Weather Service climate researcher Brian Brettschneider -- back for our Ask a Climatologist segment -- says there are a couple reasons for that.