Alaska Gov. Dunleavy won’t endorse mask or vaccine mandates. But he says he won’t ban them either.

Dunleavy spoke with Alaska Public Media this week about the state of the pandemic, his relationship with lawmakers and the outlook for next year.
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Officials warn of plateau as Alaska reports 964 new resident COVID cases

Cases have increased by an average of 8% in the last week, but they are still lower than the record highs at the end of September.
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Alaskan Latinos discuss culture and an upcoming documentary during Hispanic Heritage Month | Alaska Insight

0 Hispanics make up a growing share of the population in Alaska, and their stories are intertwined with the state's culture. How has life changed...

Clem Tillion, Alaska’s original ‘fish czar,’ dies at 96

A towering figure in the worlds of Alaska fisheries and politics — and in the intersection between the two — Tillion, 96, died Wednesday morning at his home in Halibut Cove.
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Bronson vetoes Anchorage mask mandate

In his veto, Bronson wrote that the Assembly “openly displayed their scorn for the public process” by passing an emergency ordinance without public testimony.
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Alaska reports over 1,220 COVID cases, 204 hospitalizations on Wednesday

The state's chief medical officer said the single day jump in COVID cases was a result of analyzing a batch of new results, and doesn't represent a trend.
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Bronson administration aims to restore Anchorage testing levels with $2.65 million Assembly request

The proposal would reverse cuts implemented last week, which Anchorage health officials said were necessary because the city pays $98 per test, and a spike in testing demand amid the current surge in the virus had depleted the city's testing budget.

Alaska GOP politicians are lobbying the governor and pharmacy board for easier access to ivermectin

The legislative lobbying efforts highlight how Alaskans’ enthusiasm for ivermectin and other alternative treatments has persisted, even as federal regulators and an array of provider groups have warned that the drug should not be used to treat or prevent COVID-19.
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As the season of respiratory illness begins, anxiety builds about Alaska’s pediatric hospital capacity

Respiratory viruses stressed the state’s limited pediatric hospital capacity in normal years. And now, there’s the added layer of COVID-19, which generally hits adults harder but in rare cases can send small children to the hospital, too.
a medical professional swabs a driver's nostril

Amid one of the nation’s worst COVID-19 outbreaks, Anchorage officials say they’re rationing testing

A spokesman for Mayor Dave Bronson said the administration plans to ask the city Assembly for additional cash "in the near future." But for now, it's scaling back its testing contractor's hours at multiple sites around the city, with reductions totaling 108 hours a week.

Ancient tracks lead to better understanding of how Arctic dinos lived

This summer, three scientists ventured to the foot of the Aleutian Mountain range to collect evidence that dinosaurs once roamed the southern coast of the Alaska Peninsula. They hope to reconstruct the ancient ecosystem that allowed dinosaurs to thrive here for tens of thousands of years. 
Cars in a line with a person in a blue gown talking to someone through the window

Anchorage, amid a coronavirus surge that’s stressing hospitals, scales back testing hours

The company that runs Anchorage’s municipal coronavirus testing sites is scaling back its hours this week, even as the city continues to see some of the nation’s highest rates of COVID-19 transmission in the country.

Canadian company explores potential gold mine near Donlin

The mine project is called “Flat Gold.” It consists of 92,000 acres of land located in Flat, between Holy Cross and McGrath, 25 miles north of the Donlin Gold project.
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For some Alaskans, getting vaccinated is a simple choice. For others, like this Anchorage pastor, it’s complicated.

William Tauanu’u knows the danger of COVID-19 and believes the vaccine is effective. But he’s also concerned by reports from friends and family about side effects of the COVID vaccine, which has led him to cancel three appointments to get the shot.
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In new cybersecurity incident, Alaska seafood agency hit by ‘nefarious third party’

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, which operates separate computer systems from the state’s executive branch, discovered the activity in August, said Jeremy Woodrow, the institute’s executive director.
Cars in a line with a person in a blue gown talking to someone through the window

Anchorage’s multi-million-dollar testing, vaccination contracts in limbo as Bronson administration considers its options

Officials from Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson’s administration say they’re examining their options for continuing the city’s COVID-19 testing and vaccination programs as key contracts are set to expire at the end of the month.

Healing together: Alaskans share experiences overcoming trauma

Here's how these Alaskans are confronting intergenerational traumas with different ways of healing.
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Alaska Native Medical Center third hospital to move to crisis standards for care

ANMC is the third hospital in the state to announce crisis standards in response to a surge of COVID-19 patients. It says it isn't rationing care at this point, but that could be a concern if COVID hospitalizations keep rising.
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Months later, details of Alaska cyberattacks remain a closely held secret

After getting hacked in May, the Alaska health department, along with state technology officials, continue to wage an intense fight to preserve the secrecy of records that could help Alaskans better understand what happened.
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Yukon-Kuskokwim hospital operating under crisis standards of care

It issued a written statement on Wednesday saying that the corporation is operating at capacity and has adopted new clinical guidelines for dispensing care.