A blue cruise ship in front of a large mountain

How Alaska cruise towns are handling COVID-19 arriving on ships

The cruise tourism restart after a nearly two-year hiatus is bringing hope for a revived economy, but also concerns about the safety of the tourists and Alaskans alike.
a vial of covid-19 vaccine

White House considering vaccine mandate for federal workers

The White House is strongly considering requiring federal employees to show proof they’ve been vaccinated against the coronavirus or otherwise submit to regular testing and wear a mask — a potentially major shift in policy that reflects growing concerns about the spread of the more infectious delta variant.

Interior stalls aerial survey in Izembek Refuge, Murkowski says

The state is conducting surveys in the refuge to advance a controversial road for King Cove. It needs permits to continue.
A woman in a white suit holds a blue surgical mask.

Leaders of Alaska’s largest hospitals issue stark warning as COVID-19 surge continues

One Anchorage hospital has postponed non-emergency surgeries, and health care executives around the state pleaded with Alaskans to get vaccinated during an unusual news conference Tuesday.
Two people on a subway looking at their cell phones wearing masks

CDC urges vaccinated people to mask up indoors in places with high virus transmission

In a reversal of its earlier position, the agency is now recommending that some fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors if they live in areas with significant or high spread, which includes most of Alaska.
A person in a mask on a merry go round ride waving with a peace sign

CDC tells the vaccinated to mask up in some settings. Our questionnaire can guide you.

With Tuesday's announcement that some vaccinated people should mask up again in certain situations because of the spread of the highly contagious delta variant, you might be confused about whether you need to mask up again.
A woman with black hair speaks from an office

Anchorage epidemiologist Janet Johnston resigns

Johnston’s resignation comes at a key moment for city government, as a new mayor, Dave Bronson, was sworn in last month.
An Alaska Native man stands on the beach with bots seen behind him.

Akiak to become first in Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta with high-speed broadband internet

The Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta is the second largest region in the United States without access to broadband internet, but not for much longer.
A large forested hilly area with a large snowy mountain in the distance

Plan to lease land near Ester for mine draws ire from residents, recreators

An Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority decision to lease more than 10,000 acres north of Ester and near Fox to an Australia-based gold-mining company has alarmed people who live in the area and many others who go there to enjoy hiking, biking and other forms of recreation and subsistence.
A peak shrouded in mist

Troopers: 2 people killed in Chugach plane crash

The wreckage was found in a steep, mountainous area of Eagle River Valley in Chugach State Park. Recovery efforts were underway throughout the day Tuesday.
A group of people stand in a big room watching a screen with a swimmer's image projected on it.

Doing it for Alaska: State’s first Olympic swimmer wins gold

“A lot of big-name swimmers come from big, powerhouse clubs,” Jacoby said. “Me coming from a small club, in a state with such a small population, really shows everyone that you can do it no matter where you’re from.”
A cruise ship is docked with mountains in the background.

7 fully vaccinated people test positive for COVID-19 on UnCruise ship sailing in Southeast Alaska

The company says it’s the first time a fully vaccinated guest has tested positive for the disease on its ships.
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Seward’s Lydia Jacoby wins gold in Tokyo Olympics

Lydia Jacoby won Alaska’s first Olympic swimming gold medal Monday night, beating the world and Olympic record holders in the women’s 100-meter breaststroke.
An engagement ring on a finger is missing the diamond.

Destiny helps Anchorage woman find missing diamond setting

Danielle Wakefield was devastated when she discovered the diamond had fallen out of her ring, the only thing she had from her late father. Then, she put a message on Facebook asking for help.
A man stands in the snow with ski poles, his dog nearby.

How a man survived a bear attack during a morning walk in Seward

Almost five years ago, Ronn  Hemstock went for his regular 6 a.m. walk around the airport runway in Seward with his dog, Dax. It wasn't long until his morning stroll turned terrifying.
A group of people hold balloons and posters in celebration

‘It’s pure joy’: Seward eager to see hometown swimmer Lydia Jacoby in Olympic finals

Seventeen-year-old Alaska swimmer Lydia Jacoby of Seward has a shot at an Olympic medal in the 100-meter breaststroke Monday at the Tokyo games.

Veterans Affairs requires COVID-19 vaccination for health care workers

The Department of Veterans Affairs on Monday became the first major federal agency to require health care workers to get COVID-19 vaccines.
A woman with a fur parka stands and smiles in front of a fence

Meet this year’s Miss World Eskimo-Indian Olympics: Kotzebue’s Kaliksuna Autumn Madison

As part of the pageant, Madison showcased her traditional Iñupiaq dancing, while drummers played along. 
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‘Utterly confusing’ campaign reporting leads to $52,650 fine recommendation for Bronson campaign

The Bronson campaign's finance reports were not "even close to compliant" until the day of the run-off election, according to staff from the Alaska Public Offices Commission.
woman stands at podium. men in suits on either side of her.

Alaska GOP gives Murkowski a thumbs down. Nationally, Republicans still give her campaign cash.

The state party wants Murkowski to lose, but to L48 Republicans, she's still got it.