Where the Road Ends: A motorcycle expedition from Alaska to Argentina

A group of four military veterans are riding motorcycles from Alaska to Argentina. Riding the Pan-America route is not unusual, but the Army vets are attempting an unprecedented continuous journey that includes going through the road less Darien Gap. Listen now

AK: Looking Inside

On AK we often travel to wild and strange places and meet the people who live there. Today's journey is no different, except the place is inside each of us. Earlier this year Sitka had a tarot card reader in residence. The Tarot, it turns out, is mystical -- but not magic. Like professional therapy, it's really about looking into a mirror, as tarot skeptic Robert Woolsey discovers. Download Audio
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Birch Hill cross country ski races to kick off in Fairbanks

The country’s best cross country skiers are racing in Fairbanks this week, including in national championship events. The four races at the Birch Hill Recreation area are the conclusion of the season long North American Super Tour Series. More than 140 athletes are signed up, including most of the U.S. Ski Team. Listen now

Gubernatorial Candidates Discuss Walker, Pebble Mine

Len Anderson, KSKA - Anchorage The Gubernatorial candidates faced off yesterday at an Anchorage business luncheon. Both Republican Sean Parnell and Democrat Ethan Berkowitz...

New Student Fee to Help Cover UAF Budget Shortfall for Facility Upgrade

In June, Governor Sean Parnell signed Senate Bill 218 into law, paving the way for a $245 million dollar renovation and upgrade to the power plant at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.  But the project is funded in part by revenue bonds that have to be paid back to the state. According to a memorandum sent last week by University of Alaska System President Pat Gamble, the Board of Regents plans to implement a student fee to cover costs associated with the project. Download Audio:

Trump tariffs could jack up boat prices

The general manager of Bay Weld Boats in Homer says he’s seen in some cases 50 to 60 percent increases the purchasing prices of aluminum as aluminum users stocked up ahead of the tariff announcement. Listen now

Juneau’s Dennis Egan reflects on why his successor must learn to ‘get along’

Alaska Sen. Dennis Egan has spent nearly 10 years in the state Legislature representing Juneau, Haines and Skagway. But his career and legacy has been far more varied than just politics.

Murkowski, Sullivan contend with less-Republican Senate

Last year, it was all eyes on Sen. Lisa Murkowski. The fate of health care and tax bills seemed at times to turn on what she would do. But this year is shaping up differently in the Senate, and both Alaska senators will have to contend with new dynamics. Listen now

No suspects in West Juneau double murder

The Juneau Police Department is treating two deaths discovered in a West Juneau condo on Sunday afternoon as a double murder -- with no suspects.

After nearly 30 years, Juneau service agency SAGA on verge of folding

Longtime Juneau service agency Southeast Alaska Guidance Association, or SAGA, may not have enough money to keep operating. The nonprofit has 18 AmeriCorps members in Anchorage, Juneau, Seward, Cordova and Yakutat. It also works outdoors with young people through programs that are now in a state of flux. Download Audio

Alaska’s largest needle exchange is rushing to keep up with demand

The number of syringes exchanged at one Anchorage non-profit doubled in just two years to almost half-a-million. This year they're on track to outpace that. Listen now

Appeals court upholds decision not to test DNA evidence from 1982 murder

The Alaska Court of Appeals affirmed a superior court ruling Friday and will not test DNA evidence in a 36-year-old double murder case in Juneau. Newton Lambert was convicted of the murder of Anne Benolken in 1982 but acquitted in the killing of her husband, James Benolken.

Juneau Prison Deals With Overcrowding By Housing Women In A Tent

Alaska’s prison population is the third fastest growing in the country, and the prisons are over capacity. The crowding problem is especially evident at Juneau’s Lemon Creek Correctional Center where half the female inmates live in a tent outside. Some of them actually like it, but it’s an indication of a problem one state senator is trying to fix. Download Audio

Alaska Native veterans to receive federal housing assistance

Three Alaska Native organizations are receiving federal funds to provide permanent housing to Native veterans at risk of homelessness.

Alaska Division of Elections Begins Counting Absentee, Questioned Ballots

After a week of collecting and reviewing absentee ballots, workers at the Division of Elections are now running 17,000 of those uncounted votes through machines. APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez is at the Anchorage office observing the process. Download Audio

Dive fishermen and sea otters face complex competition

What many Americans consider to be a cute, back-floating mammal is a pest, even a thief, to some Southeast Alaskan fishermen.

Ask the Energy Desk: What happens when our hydropower sources are frozen?

Parts of Interior Alaska, like Fairbanks, have been seeing record cold temperatures this winter. But in Southeast Alaska, the frigid conditions have had a direct impact on the way people power their homes. Listen now

Fire danger is high in the Chugach National Forest

Fires are still permitted in the forest, but the Forest Service is asking residents to be particularly careful.

Planning for 2019 NPR-A oil lease sale begins as feds pursue opening more Arctic land to drilling

The Interior department is re-evaluating the management plan for the reserve, aiming to open up land that's currently off-limits to oil leasing.

Fly fishing and guide academy brings local touch to sport fishing industry

In its 11th year, the Bristol Bay Fly Fishing & Guide Academy is putting area young people in a variety of jobs at Bristol Bay lodges.