Commercial fishing in Alaska is a multi-billion dollar industry. (Aftab Uzzaman/Flickr)

With coastlines eroding, temperatures rising, and sea ice retreating, Alaska is feeling the effects of a warming planet. But a new federal report suggests fisheries in the state haven’t experienced many observable impacts of climate change so far.

Alcohol was a factor in an accidental shooting that took the life of Ft. Wainwright based soldier over the weekend. Fairbanks Police Detective Scott Adams says 25-year-old Stryker Brigade Sergeant Nathan Michael Higginbotham had been consuming alcohol prior to the early Sunday incident.

The Alaska Conservation Foundation is launching a new program aimed at helping Alaska Natives protect their lands.

Tanana Chiefs Conference President Jerry Isaac and the head of the Health and Social Services Commissioner signed an agreement yesterday that will give TCC the lead role in managing foster care for tribal children. Download Audio

Matt Miller, KTOO – Juneau A draft map is expected by Thursday. Redistricting Board members meeting in Anchorage are working on preliminary plans...

Opening statements were held Thursday and the first witnesses took the stand in the case of a man accused of killing his girlfriend at a Yakutat lodge 17 1/2 years ago.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski spoke passionately about the Florida school shooting. Congress must take action, she said, and no issue should be off-limits in the discussion. But she left an obvious word unsaid: "gun." Listen now

Alaska villages facing rapid erosion have been trying to move for decades. But they’ve always run up against one major problem: money. Then this year, for the first time, the federal government made tens of millions of dollars available to relocate a small Native village threatened by climate change. The problem is that village is in Louisiana, not Alaska. Listen Now

A British adventurer is making her way around the world in human-powered craft. She’s rowing, kayaking, and biking from London to London. She arrived in Homer two weeks ago after kayaking up the Aleutian Chain. Over the weekend, she started the next phase of her journey – a 6,000-mile bike ride from Alaska to the East Coast. Download Audio

On the eve of Veterans Day, the U.S. Senate passed legislation to get veterans more job training, and encourage businesses to hire them. Thursday’s unanimous vote was a rare display of bipartisanship in Congress – and the first piece of President Obama’s jobs package to get approval.

Most Decembers, Albert Kookesh is making plans to move to Juneau for the legislative session. But this year, he’s spending more time at his Angoon home, enjoying the view.

Dunleavy is the only majority senator in the past 30 years who was never the primary sponsor of a bill that became a law. Listen now

Monday night, the U.S. Senate voted to move ahead with a bill to protect gay people from workplace discrimination. Download Audio

This week's election in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough took an unexpected turn. Ballots are still being counted and the winner of the Borough mayor's race is still undetermined. And the three cities within the Borough had their own elections on Tuesday, also with some surprising results. KSKA: Fri., Oct. 9, at 2:00 p.m. & Sat., Oct. 10, at 6:00 p.m. KAKM: Fri., Oct. 9, at 7:30 p.m. & Sat., Oct. 10, at 6:00 p.m. Listen Now:

A group of military officials, foreign dignitaries, and survivors gathered at the Fort Richardson National Ceremony to recall the bombing of Dutch Harbor and tragic aftermath.

Autopsy yields nil on pregnant soldier's death; 15-year-old in custody for Anchorage double homicide; Pipeline communities near TAPS tax settlement; Budget cuts close rural road maintenance stations; Stranded whaling fleet, miraculous survival make for archaeological jackpot; Gov's housing summit seeks solutions; High court tosses proposed commercial set-net ban; Huslia pleas to rein in burgeoning pike population Download Audio

Look to the farthest end of the Aleutian chain, so far west that it’s actually east, and you’ll find the Komandorski Islands of Russia. In 1867, the Alaska Purchase separated them from the rest of the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands. But today, people across the archipelago are still connected by a common history. A recent cultural exchange helped to renew those ties, bringing Russians and Alaskans together on St. Paul Island. Listen now

The enormous $940 million class-action lawsuit against the BIA on behalf of tribes cleared the last court hurdle today in New Mexico. The case stems from decades of short-funding tribal contracts. More than $100 million will be awarded to tribal organizations in Alaska. Download Audio

Pentagon officials have delayed awarding a multibillion-dollar missile-defense contract that includes operation of the interceptor base at Fort Greely until November. More than 100 civilians maintain the missile facility which is operated by 150 Army National Guard member.

The state Department of Transportation, contracting with Knik Construction, broke ground this past spring on the hub village of Aniak’s new runway, a project long in the making. Listen now