Joining Antarctica’s Exclusive 300 Club

It's no secret that Alaskan winters are cold. This year, the "polar vortex" has brought frigid temperatures into the Lower 48 as well. There's one group of people who can freely scoff at everyone who bundles up for a mere 30-below, however. One of them lives in Talkeetna. Download Audio

Practitioner of Traditional Medicine Stresses Personal Responsibility

Ted Mala grew up in a family that covered a broad career spectrum; from medicine people to movie stars. Dr Mala is the son of Alaska Native movie star Ray Mala and before he became the first Alaska Native to attend medical school and return to Alaska to practice, he learned about traditional medicine from relatives in the region of his childhood home in Buckland. He believes deeply in the power of traditional healing, but he also makes a clear distinction between it and shamanism.

Senate To Vote On Nominee To Lead Energy Department

The U.S. Senate will vote on the nomination of Ernest Moniz on Thursday. He’s expected to pass with ease. Download Audio

Begich Frustrated Over Lack of Gas Line Project Progress

Senator Mark Begich cited his frustration at the lack of progress on getting an Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline built as he introduced legislation on Monday in Washington.

Y-K Delta superintendents say Dunleavy’s budget would be devastating

Gov. Mike Dunleavy proposed deep cuts to education funding from kindergarten through 12th grade. Those cuts could more than decimate the budgets for school districts in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, according to two superintendents of regional school districts.

Medicaid Reform

Alaska will spend more than $700 million on Medicaid this year. State officials say Medicaid costs are increasing at an unsustainable rate. What would reforming the program look like to keep costs under control? APRN: Tuesday, 9/30 at 10:00am Download Audio

Alaskan powerlifter Natalie Hanson breaks world record, squatting 3.2 times her body weight

Powerlifter Natalie Hanson has broken a world record. Friday morning, the former Bethel resident squatted 603 pounds in the women’s 185 pound weight class at the World Open Powerlifting Championship in the Czech Republic. The record is more than three times Hanson’s body weight. Listen now

Anchorage struggles to balance homeless camping problems

Officials in Anchorage are changing protocols for abating unlawful homeless camps, but critics question whether the premise itself is flawed. Listen now

Motor fuel tax stalls in a year of few bills

Lawmakers have passed fewer bills in 2017 than any year in the state’s history, but it seemed that Senate Bill 25 stood one of the best chances of passing. Listen now

Juneau Businesses Take The Bitcoin Lead

Bitcoin is a digital currency not backed by any country’s government. The currency only exists on the Internet and has been growing in popularity over the past year and a half. Now, a few businesses in the capital city are starting to deal in bit coin and accept it for payment. Download Audio

University of Alaska braces for cuts, warns of economic impacts

As the legislature's conference committee hashes out the state's operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year, the University of Alaska is standing by, waiting to see just how large the fiscal dent will be. Download Audio

New legislative leaders aim to take on gas and oil issues

A radical reshuffling in the state House has shifted control and the ruling philosophy for the upcoming session, but key questions on state energy policy remain the same. Listen Now 

Walker-Mallott “Unity Ticket” Faces Legal Challenge

An officer of the Alaska Republican Party is suing Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell and the Division of Elections for the decision to allow independent candidate Bill Walker and Democrat Byron Mallott to merge their campaigns. Download Audio

Fish and Game shoots black bear thought to have killed 16-year-old runner

That bear had been shot once already during an effort Sunday to recover the 16-year-old's body. Listen now

Redistricting Board Adopts Final Plan

In a half-hour meeting on a Sunday afternoon, the Alaska Redistricting Board unanimously agreed on a new electoral map. Download Audio

Electricity costs could be going down for Bethel businesses

The high cost of electricity in Rural Alaska might be getting a little cheaper, as utilities buy their annual fuel supplies with low oil prices. But not all will benefit, because of the formula for state fuel cost assistance.
Talk of Alaska by Alaska Public Media

Looking back on Alaska’s 2016

We’re at the end of 2016. It was a year of legislative fights over the budget, taxes, the permanent fund and what the fiscal future path for Alaska should look like. It was also a year when Alaska tribes were given a path to put land into trust, and the residents of Barrow voted to change its name. A 7.1 earthquake shook up Southcentral residents and a lot of other big things happened. We’ll discuss them and look ahead to 2017. Listen Now
A nurse in a white suit, mask and clothes holds a vial

Number of active COVID-19 infections among Alaskans now tops 900

State health officials on Monday reported 71 new coronavirus infections: 60 Alaskans and 11 non-residents.

Legislators Meeting for Final Attempt to Save Coastal Zone Management

Legislators are getting together Monday morning to make a final, slim attempt to save the state’s Coastal Management Program. The agency is now on track for permanent closure at the end of business Thursday unless the legislature - and the governor - act to extend it.

Alaska health workers seek mask rule for crowded businesses

Recent medical studies and real-world evidence support the use of masks to prevent the spread of the virus, the letter said.