State Files Complaint Against Medicaid Payment Vendor

The state has filed an administrative complaint alleging unfair or deceptive practices by the vendor it hired to implement a new Medicaid payment system. Listen Now:

As Students Turn 18, Some Have Real Questions For the Candidates

Absentee voting for the October 7 municipal election begins today at City Hall and Mendenhall Mall. Juneau residents will choose three Assembly and two school board members, and decide on one ballot proposition. Last week, Thunder Mountain High School students had a lesson in civic engagement. The American government class took a field trip to the Juneau Votes Forum at UAS where they posed questions to the candidates. Download Audio:

Push to grow Alaska’s mariculture includes new how-to training for budding seaweed farmers

The training is geared toward those in commercial fishing, tribal organizations or other coastal residents.

Murkowski thanks Obama for restoring Denali; Obama directs his gaze on climate change

President Barack Obama touches down in Alaska Monday for a three-day tour to the state, and beyond focusing on climate change in visits to Anchorage, Dillingham, and Kotzebue, the president is beginning his trip by restoring the Alaska Native name to North America’s highest mountain.

Sen. Begich, Fishermen Discusses Low King Runs

Senator Mark Begich was in Bethel Monday for a roundtable discussion with subsistence fishermen about the record low king runs on the Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers. Representatives of state and federal fisheries managers were also in attendance. Begich says the state needs to do more for managing kings.
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49 Voices: Rex Koenig in Anchorage

This week we’re hearing from Rex Koenig in Anchorage. Koenig is originally from Nome, but he moved to the Mountain View neighborhood in the 80s. LISTEN NOW

U.S. Senate passes Murkowski’s energy modernization bill

The U.S. Senate this morning passed Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s energy modernization bill, by a vote of 85-12.

State requests providers delay elective abortions because of COVID-19 pandemic

State officials put out a list on Tuesday that clarifies which procedures are classified as “elective” and guidance on how long they could be delayed, ranging from weeks to months. Abortion is on that list.

Lawmakers Opt To Keep Anchorage LIO Lease … For Now

In a 13-to-1 vote, the Legislative Council has decided to punt on the question of what to do with the Anchorage legislative information office. Download Audio

State House Approves 2016 Sunset Date For Alaska Film Tax Credit

The state House voted Thursday to sunset the Alaska Film Tax Credit in 2016. The provision was part of a bill requiring state agencies to report to the Legislature on so-called “lost revenue.” That’s the millions of dollars in revenues the state doesn’t collect each year due to various fee exemptions and tax credits. The bill adds sunset dates to some of them, meaning those programs would expire if lawmakers don’t intervene before then.
Cannabis Plant. (Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

Four new pot shops approved in Anchorage

The Anchorage assembly approved four new cannabis businesses within the municipality on Tuesday. Listen Now 

Produce coming soon from Pilgrim Hot Springs farming project

Nome residents could soon be able to buy locally grown vegetables from Pilgrim Hot Springs at a market stand in town. Listen now
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Bronson pulls ahead by 1,100 votes in the race for Anchorage mayor

Retired commercial pilot Dave Bronson has pulled ahead by 1,116 votes in the race for Anchorage mayor, according to results posted by the municipal clerk Friday afternoon. That’s a difference of 1.3%, well outside the 0.5% gap that would require a recount. Just over 87,000 ballots have been counted.

With Budget Changes, Walker Boosts Ferry, Community Jails Funding

With Wednesday’s deadline for changes, Gov. Bill Walker has sent his final amendments to the capital and operating budget to the Legislature. Download Audio

AMP test targeted in pre-filed bill

Representative Jim Colver of Palmer has pre-filed a bill that would do away with the one-year-old Alaska Measures of Progress exam. Just months after AMP’s first run in schools last spring, it started to get a bad rap.

Heavy, expensive wind storms projected to hit Northwest Alaska harder in coming decades, study finds

Historically, Arctic communities have had thick layers of sea ice to help buffer those storms, but as the region warms, that protection is disappearing.

New Geologic Materials Center Opens In Anchorage

The State has a new library – for rocks. The new Geologic Materials Center opened in Anchorage Wednesday in what used to be the old Sam’s Club. The facility is aimed at giving industry members, academics and the public access to the wealth of data kept in core samples from around the state. Download Audio

Kenai Peninsula’s last bowling alley closes after nearly 60 years of operation

Homer bowlers had their final chance to throw 10 frames Saturday at Kachemak Bowl before the building was turned over to Regent Life Church. That’s left several bowlers in Homer unsure about what they’ll do without the sport. Listen now

Alaska News Nightly: Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Former YKHC Network Manager Indicted for Child Porn Distribution; Berkowitz Moves to Unravel The 'Gordian Knot' of City's Homelessness Problem; Shell Ready To Drill For Arctic Oil As Delayed Icebreaker Arrives; Looking (And Listening) For Alaska's Rarest Whale; As The Final Dock Pilings are Drilled, a Hoonah Controversy is Put to Rest; Marijuana Regulators Run Low on Time And Money; A Two-Wheeled Crusade Against Transphobia Hits the Road Download Audio

Gov. Walker releases $3.6M for Ambler Mining Road EIS

A proposed mining road through Interior Alaska that was shelved amid the state’s multi-billion dollar budget crisis has been authorized by the administration of Gov. Bill Walker to spend more than $3 million to start an environmental assessment.