Alaska's Energy Desk

Alaska's Energy Desk is a team of six reporters covering energy and environment in Alaska. We produce in-depth enterprise reporting for radio, video and web. The team is a collaboration between Alaska Public Media in Anchorage, KTOO in Juneau and KUCB in Unalaska and supported with a grant from CPB.

"People recall a time in the past when there was widespread famine," said Joseph Manning, a professor at Yale University. But the ancient civilization didn't know it was caused by eruptions halfway around the world. Listen now

At least one resident who lives in a community near where Pebble would be developed is still deciding whether the mine is a good idea. Listen now

The deal links Alaska’s gas pipeline project to three Chinese entities with deep pockets. Listen now

State will explore marketing, financing and investment with China for the $45 billion mega-project.

"There's always something new and fascinating that you've never see before when there's a new generation satellite that's launched." Listen now

In Alaska, North Slope crude rose to more than $63 a barrel by Monday. Listen now

David Houseknecht works for the U.S. Geological Survey, and he's trying to figure out two key questions: How much oil is in the Arctic Refuge, and where is it? The answers could decide ANWR's fate, no matter how the politics play out. Listen now

One climate scientist says the report can be summarized in one sentence: "Climate is changing, humans are responsible, the risks are real, and the window of time to fix this thing is narrowing fast." Listen now

Researchers warn that populations of red king crab in the Bering Sea could collapse by the end of the century. But it's possible the crabs might be able to evolve -- and adapt to the changing oceans. Listen now

Walker wouldn’t say if he planned to announce any deals with potential partners for Alaska’s $45 billion LNG project. Listen now

Denver-based Armstrong Energy is selling off a significant chunk of its stake in the Nanushuk oil play to Oil Search, a company based in Papua New Guinea. Oil Search announced Wednesday that it will take over as operator next June. Listen now

The 15-person "Climate Action for Alaska Leadership Team" will be chaired by Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott, and will propose a climate change action plan. Those recommendations are due by September 2018. Listen now

Two of the Arctic’s most iconic animals, polar bears and walrus, face challenges with retreating sea ice. But they haven't been granted the same federal protections. Listen now

The emergency order comes after BP blamed an April oil and gas spill on a piece of a flawed well design and melting permafrost. Listen now

The plaintiffs argue that by encouraging oil development and permitting projects that emit greenhouse gases, Alaska is actively making climate change worse – and violating their constitutional rights. Listen now

Even after a disastrous season where the F/V Akutan ended up disabled, the crew was hopeful the fish could be saved and they would get paid. That didn't happen. Listen now

After strong winds pushed the F/V Akutan close to shore, the Coast Guard decided that it was time to remove all fuel and hazardous materials from the custom processor. Much to the City of Unalaska's dismay, there is no indication the Akutan will be moving any time soon. Listen now

BP thinks the accident was caused by thawing permafrost deep below the surface, which put uneven stress on the well. Eventually, the well gave out, rising several feet out of the ground and colliding with the top of the building over the well. Listen now

Production was up about 3 million barrels, and the state is predicting that it’s going to be up next year too. Listen now