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Alaska’s Energy Desk is a collaboration between KTOO-FM in Juneau, Alaska Public Media in Anchorage, KUCB in Unalaska, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner in Fairbanks, KBRW in Utqiaġvik and KYUK in Bethel. Each week we produce in-depth coverage of energy issues in Alaska for radio, video and web. From the state budget to personal energy use, resource development to Arctic life, we cover how energy issues impact Alaskan lives and landscapes. Alaska’s Energy Desk is a Regional Journalism Collaboration, launched in 2016 with a supporting grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Sea-to-table movement takes root with Alaska’s growing kelp industry

In February of last year, Governor Walker signed an administrative order to help jumpstart mariculture, or sea farming, in the state. One Juneau couple is whipping up a recipe to make local kelp an enticing business and snack. They’re part of a growing number of startups that see Alaska seaweed as a marketable food. Listen now

Warming landscape triggers northward habitat shift

For years scientists have documented changes in Alaska’s vegetation due to a warmer climate. Now, researchers are noting animals establishing new habitats on the North Slope in response to the altered landscape. Download Audio

Miller Energy files for bankruptcy protection

An energy company primarily doing business in Alaska has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Tourism, courts, pensions, oil tax credits: Where Alaska Gov. Dunleavy wants to spend more cash

Dunleavy is proposing to increase spending on a handful of projects and programs. They represent some of the governor's core priorities, like public safety and criminal justice, along with non-negotiable obligations, like the system that pays pensions to retired teachers and other public employees.

BP working to contain well on North Slope

BP is working to contain an out-of-control production well at the Prudhoe Bay oil field on the North Slope. The well is currently venting natural gas and has released at least some crude oil into the environment. Listen now

With some sci-fi tech, Kodiak has almost 100 percent renewable power

It's like a dance, or an orchestra: Each piece of the grid watches the rest and responds second by second, millisecond by millisecond. Listen now

For one petroleum engineering student, oil prices change but the dream stays the same

“I saw it as: I’m in a cyclic industry,” said Sydney Deering, who will be graduating this year with a B.S. in petroleum engineering. “I’m coming in in the trough. Hopefully it’s only up from here.”

Senate to take up energy modernization bill

The big snow storm that struck the East Coast over the weekend has delayed the start of Congress’s work week. But when the Senate returns, it will take up one of Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s biggest priorities: an energy modernization bill. Murkowski says the energy world has changed a lot since 2007, when the last such bill passed Congress. Download Audio

In Russia, a competitor for Alaska’s gasline project comes online

The $27 billion Russian project is heavily funded by partners in China. When completed, it will be almost as large as the Alaska LNG project. Listen now

Before and after photos of Bogoslof Island show big changes after recent eruption

New photos show the dramatic effect of volcanic explosions on Bogoslof Island. The Eastern Aleutian island is home to a volcano that has been erupting since mid-December. Now, the tiny island is even smaller and it’s shaped like a hook. Listen now

Ask a Climatologist: Will May gloom bring summer doom?

May weather can't tell us much about what the rest of the summer will hold in Southcentral Alaska. Listen now

Pebble opponents sue Trump administration over EPA reversal

They are challenging EPA’s decision this summer to throw out what some saw as a “preemptive veto” of the proposed copper and gold mine, claiming the agency did not properly justify the decision.

Murkowski mostly neutral on Dunleavy budget, but urges full education funding

Sen. Lisa Murkowski is keeping mostly neutral on Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s proposed budget cuts. She spoke about his budget on a visit to the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta this past weekend. 

With salmon ballot measure’s defeat, Pebble celebrates

In an interview Wednesday, Pebble CEO Tom Collier said even though his company’s mine proposal wasn’t always at the forefront of the debate, the salmon habitat initiative was, in some ways, all about Pebble.
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Point Thomson gas development begins production on North Slope

The Point Thomson gas development on the North Slope has started production. In a web release, ExxonMobil states it will initially produce 5000 barrels per day of gas condensate and 100 million cubic feet per day of recycled gas that will be re-injected for future recovery. Download Audio

Why students and scientists spend summer on ice

The Juneau Icefield Research Program has been around for 70 years. First, exploring the icy expanse. And later, tracking the rate Southeast glaciers are shrinking.

Video: Is the Cook Inlet gas leak contributing to global warming?

A natural gas pipeline in Alaska has been leaking methane into the atmosphere since at least early February. Dr. Katey Walter Anthony from the University of Alaska Fairbanks helps to put the size of that leak into perspective.

Walker’s trade mission highlights links to China, opportunities for Alaskans

Representatives from more than 20 business, along with state officials and politicians will leave for China this weekend. There, they’ll peddle everything from baby food to seafood to tourism to Chinese consumers. Listen now

Alaskan appointed to help manage national fisheries

An Alaskan has been appointed to help manage fisheries nationwide. Listen now

For first time, Cook Inlet oil and gas lease sale has no bidders

State officials announced this week that, for the first time ever, they received no bids for the annual oil and gas lease sale in Cook Inlet. The state Division of Oil and Gas blamed low oil prices. But industry representatives said lawmakers aren't helping. Download Audio