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Democratic presidential candidates spent seven hours talking climate change. Alaska wasn’t discussed.

In the first-ever prime-time presidential climate change forum, Democratics spent seven hours on the issue. But there was no substantive discussion of Alaska, even though the state is one of the most affected by global warming.

After leaving Trump administration, Balash will work for oil company that’s developing an Alaska project

Joe Balash, the high-level Alaskan appointee at the U.S. Department of the Interior who pushed to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil leasing, is taking a job with an oil company seeking to develop a major project in Alaska.

Rep. Laddie Shaw selected to fill seat of late Sen. Chris Birch

Less than a year into his freshman term as a Representative, Laddie Shaw has been selected to fill the Senate seat of the late Chris Birch.

As Sec. DeVos promotes her Education Freedom Scholarship statewide, some advocates wonder how it would work in Alaska

Some Alaska education advocates question if and how the program could work in the state.

Dunleavy sends letter encouraging potential Pebble investor

Officially, Gov. Dunleavy is neutral on the Pebble mine. But a letter he wrote to a potential investor in the controversial project calls his neutrality into question.

In Alaska, Education Secretary DeVos touts alternative schooling agenda

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is in Alaska this week, traveling the state to see how certain communities are using alternatives to traditional K-12 public schooling.

Even before vetoes, poll by anti-tax Gov. Dunleavy shows Alaskans, narrowly, favoring more taxes

Alaska GOP Gov. Mike Dunleavy opposes new taxes. But in a poll he quietly commissioned earlier this year, a narrow majority of respondents supported them.

Once vetoed by Dunleavy, funding for Alaska’s arts council is back in the budget

Among the funding the Alaska Legislature restored that Gov. Mike Dunleavy let stand was $3,869,600 for the Alaska State Council on the Arts.

Budget cuts rely on Medicaid savings that will be difficult to achieve

Once a state makes someone eligible for Medicaid, they’re entitled to receive health care — and their provider is entitled to be paid.

Alaska rolls back air ambulance ‘membership plan’ regulations

Alaska is taking a step back from regulating the membership plans marketed by air ambulance providers. State regulators say it’ll cut unnecessary red tape. But consumer advocates aren’t thrilled.

Will EPA veto Pebble? Boss of agency says it’s not his call

During a recent trip to Alaska, the head of the EPA spoke on several topics, but he said nothing about the hottest topic involving the EPA and Alaska: the proposed Pebble Mine.

Veto to debt reimbursement could raise your tax bill

Halving the amount of money for school bond debt reimbursements could mean local governments look to property taxes to close gaps.

Pentagon scraps Fort Greely missile plan

The Pentagon is canceling a project to improve its ground-based missile interceptors, most of which are housed at Fort Greely in the Interior of Alaska.

Kawerak hosts Indian Affairs officials in Nome for roundtable on public safety

The primary agenda included discussion on violent crime, missing and murdered Native Americans, and narcotics.

Alaskan Joe Balash resigns as assistant secretary of Interior

Joe Balash is one of the highest placed Alaskans in the Trump administration.

Dunleavy vetoes ferry funding added by the Legislature in the wake of cuts

Supplemental funding added by the Legislature to bolster ferry service was eliminated by Gov. Mike Dunleavy. Communities on Prince William Sound face a seven-month service gap under a draft winter schedule.

Initiative would increase state oil taxes, eliminate tax credits

Oil industry representatives say the initiative would hurt the industry.

Governor signs $1,600 PFD, says third special session would focus on full dividend

For the second time, Dunleavy vetoed funding to reimburse municipalities for school construction debt and to pay for Medicaid.

Gov. Dunleavy postpones budget signing, signals support for two more vetoed programs

Gov. Dunleavy has reversed himself and declared support for subsidized broadband internet for rural libraries and a free service allowing online tutors for students. The governor had previously vetoed the $809,200 in funding.

Group seeking Dunleavy recall isn’t stopping at minimum as it continues to gather signatures

A Recall Dunleavy organizer says the campaign isn’t slowing down after the veto reversals.