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Congress could be one step closer to undoing a U.S. Forest Service decision to end old growth logging in the Tongass National Forest. Listen now

State gas corporation head says Alaskans will see significant progress on the pipeline project in 2018. Listen now

Recent concerns about sexual harassment both outside Alaska and in Juneau have led lawmakers to consider making changes to the policy. Listen now

The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation hasn't released details on the gasline agreement inked in China. Listen now

President Trump is rethinking whether to allow hunters to important their elephant trophies. But Rep. Don Young wants the trophy ban overturned. Young says the only way to save the elephant is to hunt it. Listen now

A major increase to the land granted to the new Petersburg borough is now official. Governor Bill Walker Thursday signed legislation granting over 14-thousand acres of state land to the local government.

Alaska leaders want Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to push Canadian officials to better protect Southeast fisheries from British Columbia mine projects. Listen now

If Gov. Bill Walker signs Senate Bill 54, American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska lawyer Tara Rich expects defense attorneys to file lawsuits almost immediately. Listen now

Rep. Young says the bill will lower taxes for Alaskans and, once reconciled with the Senate version, open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. But don't run to the bank just yet. Listen now

If the Legislature doesn’t act to close the budget gap, the permanent fund earnings reserve account would fall to zero in about 10 years. Listen now

The U.S. Senate Energy Committee voted to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. "We're not going to stop fighting," a dismayed Gwich'in leader said. "We can't. This is our way of life. This is everything that we know." Listen now

If a pending measure to open the Arctic Refuge passes, Alaska would get half the revenues. But weren't we promised 90 percent? Listen now

A nominee for a top position at the EPA is drawing both praise and criticism, including concerns from a non profit in Anchorage that works to raise awareness about the health affects of hazardous chemicals. Listen now

The Trump administration announced last week it has asked Congress to appropriate $2.1 billion to expand the missile-defense base on Fort Greely. Listen now

The impasse is a result of the two chambers having different views on the two bills on the special session agenda. Listen now

The Trump Administration has appointed a new Northwest regional director for HUD, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Listen now

Legal experts say flaw in bill could lead to provision from unpopular Senate Bill 91 remaining in place. Listen now

The deal links Alaska’s gas pipeline project to three Chinese entities with deep pockets. Listen now

The national reckoning with sexual harassment has reached Juneau. Both chambers of the Alaska Legislature are seeking to make changes to their sexual harassment policies, lawmakers said Thursday. Listen now

Sens. Murkowski and Sullivan say Alabama candidate Roy Moore should step aside, if the abuse claims against him are true. Listen now