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As Alaska's primary elections get closer, there are a handful of contests that will likely be decided in August, far ahead of the November general election. Listen now

Though several hundred ballots remain to be counted, candidate Austin Quinn-Davidson had a double-digit lead in preliminary results. Listen now

A new Alaska law aims to increase transparency about medical costs and expand access to behavioral health services. Listen now

A Haines candidate for Alaska House District 33 is asking the public not to vote for him. Listen now

The nonpartisan Legislative Affairs Agency made a two-part proposal: the first part would close the Unalaska legislative information office; and the second part would have used the savings to keep the 22 other LIOs open on Friday afternoons when the Legislature is out of session. Listen now

“I think there’s a lot of what I would call anxiety in the center and the left of the political spectrum in Alaska,” said Hollis French, who wants Walker and Begich to agree that someone drop out to eliminate political anxiety. Begich supports the idea, but Walker rejected it. Listen now

Prospective tourists have pledged to cancel vacations to Alaska if Senator Lisa Murkowski confirms President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. That is according to a letter sent to visitors bureaus in cities across Southeast Alaska. Listen now

“To me, the Second Amendment is still the most important amendment of all the amendments,” Young said. Listen now

The nation's annual defense policy bill cleared Congress Wednesday with a pay raise for the troops and a provision allowing up to six icebreakers. Listen now

Voting may seem simple enough. You head to your precinct, fill out your ballot and feed it through a machine, but the scenarios election workers face at the polls can get a lot more complicated. Alaska Public Media headed to a poll worker training in Anchorage to learn the ins and outs of voting in Alaska ahead of the August primary. Listen now

The senator who might cast the decisive vote on the Supreme Court nominee wants to hear from her constituents. How much will Alaskans hold it against her if she votes "no"? Is "yes" more politically costly? Listen now

Officials from the Bureau of Land Management expect "no significant impact" from a 3d seismic survey in the Arctic Refuge. They expect to approve the request in time for work to begin this winter. Enviros say the work could disturb denning polar bears. Listen now

While the election is certainly a local political affair, the Anchorage Assembly has a disproportionate influence on state politics. Listen now

Rural Alaskans don’t want a system that entirely relies on mail. Listen now

Democrats in the U.S. House are urging President Trump to give fisherman caught in the trade war with China the same benefits announced Tuesday for farmers. Listen now

Counting the money Gov. Walker and Lt. Gov. Mallott have spent, it leaves the ticket with $445,000 in cash on hand. Listen now

Sen. Lisa Murkowski is urging President Trump to use "all available resources" to reunite migrant families. Listen now