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With the Trump administration, King Cove is looking into new options to make their dream of a road to Cold Bay a reality. But environmental groups argue the road would harm wildlife in the Izembek Refuge and any plan should require public input and Congressional approval. Listen now

It’s not clear whether independent Gov. Bill Walker will run in the primary. A campaign spokesperson said Walker could not comment because it is a pending legal matter to which the state is a party. Listen now

President Trump has nominated ASRC vice president Tara MacLean Sweeney to be assistant secretary of Interior for Indian Affairs. Listen now

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan has hired Larry Burton as chief of staff. Burton worked at BP for 17 years. This isn't his first stint working for Alaska's congressional delegation. Listen now

“They’re calling it GTA, grand theft Anchorage, right now,” Rep. Lora Reinbold said. She wants to repeal Senate Bill 91. “It’s outrageous, what’s going on in the city that I love.” Listen now

Lawmakers peppered Dave Cruz and other members of the AGDC's executive board with questions about project finances, employee turnover and how much money the state expects to make on its share of the project. Listen now

Sen. Dan Sullivan was harshly critical of the Iran nuclear agreement in 2015. Now, though, he says the U.S. shouldn't pull out. He says enforcement is a better idea. Listen now

Last month Premera announced it would lowers rates 26 percent. But the drop may quite so steep for silver plans. The new factor: President Trump says he's cutting Cost Sharing Reductions. Listen now

The House measure would, among other things, allow lease sales in more Arctic waters and block new environmental standards for the Arctic. Listen now

42 members of the U.S. House and Senate are asking President Trump to leave in place Clean Water Act restrictions to protect Bristol Bay. A CNN report asks why the EPA moved so quickly to remove the administrative hurdle. Listen now

The U.S. senator is hopeful about the Trump administration’s infrastructure, permitting and energy policies. But he said Trump doesn’t always help himself. Listen now

Amid growing frustration over an uptick in crime, officials in Anchorage are weighing what kind of solutions they want from lawmakers in Juneau. Listen now

A controversial ballot initiative intended to protect salmon habitat has cleared a major hurdle, setting up what could be an intense political fight. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker announced Friday that he appointed Leslie Ridle to be commissioner of the Department of Administration. Ridle said her focus will be on the bottom line. Listen now

The U.S. House has passed a budget plan that could open the door to drilling in the Arctic Refuge. Listen now

Alaska lawmakers will face a challenge when they weigh what to do about the state’s criminal justice laws later this month: how to balance a body of research that supports changes they made last year, with the outrage about the current rise in crime. Listen now

You know how members of Congress sometimes try to pass legislation by attaching it to a fast-moving bill everyone loves? That's not the case here. ANWR is controversial, and the budget plan it's hitching a ride on isn't entirely popular, either. Listen now

If President Trump's tax agenda goes into effect, taxes for people of all income groups would go down next year, on average. But only a few Alaskans would get the big tax breaks. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker and his top aides tried to make the case for enacting a new tax to a group of business and political leaders Friday. Listen now