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Admiral Ostebo Discusses Future of Port Clarence

The U.S. Coast Guard owns Port Clarence, and many entities want a piece of the property, but the Coast Guard intends to hold on to at least some of the real estate. Download Audio

UA President Opposed To Bill Allowing Concealed Handguns On Campus

University of Alaska President Pat Gamble told a Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday a re-worked bill that would permit concealed handguns on campus, is still unacceptable. Download Audio

Officials Visiting Mining Operations Near Fairbanks, Delta Junction

Tim Ellis, KUAC – Fairbanks Officials from the Lake-Peninsula Borough in Southwestern Alaska, will visit mining operations near Fairbanks and Delta Junction this week...

Murkowski’s irate; Interior nominee heard all about it

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski used a confirmation hearing as an opportunity to voice her frustration over a string of decisions by Sec. Sally Jewell limiting development in Alaska, including last week's cancellation of Arctic offshore lease sales. An Interior Department nominee felt the burn today. Download Audio

With Legislature In Limbo, Walker Calls For Action On Bills

Gov. Bill Walker is calling on lawmakers to do work on bills for as long as it continues to be in extended session. Download Audio

Kobuk Meeting on State-backed Ambler Mining Road Weighs Promise of Jobs against Local Concerns

Yesterday evening residents from Kobuk, Shugnak and Ambler gathered in the Kobuk community school for meetings about the status of a state-backed industrial road that would pass through the region. Download Audio

Sitkans, DOT look for solutions to ‘bleak’ ferry schedule

Sitkans turned out in force last week for a lunchtime brainstorming session to address the proposed ferry schedule, but the Department of Transportation couldn’t make any promises that things would improve.

How Murkowski crafted an energy bill that 80 senators have a stake in

The U.S. Senate is the final resting place for a lot of legislation, but today it passed a broad energy bill. It's passage is a political coup for its sponsor, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who says she had lots of co-authors. Download Audio

Alaska Senate Opposes Creation Of Beringia International Park

The Alaska Senate has unanimously passed a resolution opposing the Beringia International Park – an idea agreed upon in 1991 by then-Presidents Bush and Gorbachev. Download Audio

Survey Shows Increase in Bristol Bay Shareholder Opposition to Pebble Mine

A survey by the Bristol Bay Native Corporation says that shareholder opposition to the proposed Pebble Mine is growing. The survey also collected information about what kind of development that shareholders do want.

Primary Election: Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Sullivan

It will soon be decision time for Alaska voters on which Republican should face incumbent U-S Senator Mark Begich in November. Each candidate has an hour-long live opportunity to answer phone calls from public radio listeners statewide. Mead Treadwell has done it. And now it’s Dan Sullivan’s turn. APRN: Tuesday, 7/8 at 10:00am Download Audio

Repeal without replace? Murkowski tweets ‘no’

GOP leaders want to repeal the Affordable Care Act now and replace it later. Sen. Murkowski says "Trust us" plan would just add to market chaos. Listen now

Alaska Supreme Court Weighs Labor Law Referendum

The Supreme Court is now weighing whether to allow a voter referendum that would repeal Anchorage's controversial labor law. Attorneys on both sides of the issue made their cases before the justices on Wednesday. Download Audio

Alaska Democrats Vote To Support Independent Candidate for Governor

The Central Committee of the Alaska Democratic Party voted Monday evening to support an Independent party ticket for Governor and Lieutenant Governor comprised of Bill Walker and Byron Mallott. Mallot has been the Democratic nominee for Governor but would run as Lieutenant Governor with Walker on the Independent ticket. The vote was 89 to 2.

Kotzebue Prepares for President Obama’s Visit

As President Barack Obama plans to shift his focus to western Alaska by midweek, residents of Kotzebue — the northwest Arctic hub of about 4,000 people — are making final preparations for the president’s historic visit above the Arctic Circle.

Alaska’s Future campaign urges lawmakers to tap Permanent Fund

An unlikely coalition of Alaskans, ranging from business and union leaders, to Alaska Native Corporations and past politicians, are launching the Alaska's Future campaign. The initiative is promoting long-term solutions to the state's fiscal crisis, and the group says the Permanent Fund needs to play a crucial role. Download Audio

House Passes Bill Restricting Abortions

The United States House passed a restrictive abortion measure last night that has no chance in the Senate.

Health Care Issue Remains Unaddressed in Gubernatorial Race

Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC The debate over the federal health care law dominated discussions of policy and politics a year ago, but...

Legislative leaders aim for session end in days, not weeks

A major piece of the end-of-session talks is a bill to draw from Alaska Permanent Fund earnings to pay for state government. The conference committee on Senate Bill 26 is scheduled to meet Saturday. Listen now

Alaska Senate Delays Vote On Pot Legislation

The Alaska Senate has delayed a vote on its signature marijuana bill after saying they need more time to consider an amendment that would largely ban concentrates. Download Audio