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Walker spells disaster if Legislature stalls on budget

Governor Bill Walker’s administration has spelled out what it would mean if the Legislature doesn’t take action on his plan to fund state government. With no more money, in two years the state would slash services, jobs, and the support it gives to local schools and communities. Listen now

Court Upholds Alaska Tribal Government Sovereignty

On Friday the Alaska Supreme court agreed with a lower court and upheld Alaska tribal government sovereignty. The attorney who argued the failed challenge says such tribal immunity doesn’t legally exist.

State dials back PFAS response standard

The state has rolled back a stricter PFAS drinking water contamination standard, and suspended development of new regulations for the chemicals.

Fate of PFD could be decided in joint House-Senate meeting

The fate of the $1 thousand dollar Permanent Fund Dividend cut could be decided on Friday. Listen now

$20M state grant released to Alaska schools, but future funding remains unclear

School districts across Alaska are looking forward to a bump in their bank accounts from a $20M grant appropriated last year. But the overall outlook for state education spending is far from clear.

Regional Subsistence Advisory Councils Having Trouble Filling Seats

Subsistence harvests are managed by federal agencies with input from local residents through regional advisory councils. Local residents aren’t stepping up to be on the councils. Download Audio

Lieutenant Governor Primary Election

He’s been a prosecutor and a state Senator, and now Hollis French is running for Lieutenant Governor. His opponent, Bob Williams, is campaigning on the issue of education. French on justice and taxation issues. And what else? APRN: Tuesday, 8/8 at 10:00am Download Audio

State moves to ban non-citizens from getting senior benefits

State officials want to change eligibility requirements that now allow non-citizens to collect monthly senior benefits.

Senate To Vote On Nominee To Lead Energy Department

The U.S. Senate will vote on the nomination of Ernest Moniz on Thursday. He’s expected to pass with ease. Download Audio

Voters may have ousted two of Alaska’s top legislators, as House remains up for grabs

Tuesday’s primary election didn’t answer one of the biggest questions about the future of the Alaska Legislature: whether the state House will stay under the control of a mostly-Democratic coalition next year. But it did yield several surprises, including three stunning upsets that could send two of the state’s most powerful legislators packing.

Slow-paced session could end with a sprint

It’s not clear which bills lawmakers will pass in the remaining days, other than those related to the budget. Listen now

Activists Protest Arctic Ocean Exploratory Wells

Activists in Washington, D.C. are urging President Barack Obama to stop Shell Oil from drilling exploratory wells in the Arctic Ocean this summer. They organized a small protest at the White House Tuesday.

Rep. Young named ‘chairman emeritus,’ loses power of the gavel

For most of the past 20 years, Alaska Congressman Don Young has been either a committee or subcommittee chairman. But now he wields no gavel. Listen now

Major General Thomas Katkus Responds To National Guard Sexual Assault Allegations

Governor Sean Parnell has been responding to allegations that sexual assault crimes within the state’s National Guard were reported to him four years before he requested a federal investigation. The Governor says as soon as he had specific information, he acted. Parnell’s commissioner of the Department of Military and Veteran’s Affairs, Major General Thomas Katkus says the federal investigation should help improve the system. Download Audio

Assembly Postpones Public Testimony Decision

Tuesday night, the Anchorage Assembly voted unanimously to postpone indefinitely an ordinance that would have changed the way that public hearings are conducted. Download Audio

Airstrip Plan Irks Chase Residents

Residents in the Chase area say plans to bulldoze a trail to enable heavy construction in relation to the Susitna - Watana dam needs a lot more scrutiny. A local lodge-owner wants to build an airstrip in a remote area to prepare for the arrival of the dam project's science and environmental crews --- but getting the big caterpillars into the site could be the first challenge. Download Audio

For Seattle Cops, Marijuana Biz Is Business As Usual

Since Washington State legalized marijuana, Seattle's crime rate has staying mostly flat. Download Audio

Harry Crawford Challenges Senator Bettye Davis

Former state representative Harry Crawford is running for State Senate in District M against Senator Bettye Davis, who has served for more than a decade. Crawford says he better represents the new District M, which was reformed during redistricting, and he's going door-to-door in hope of winning the seat in the upcoming primary election.

District One Republicans Launch Official Recall Effort Against Johansen

Maria Dudzak, KRBD – Ketchikan District One Republicans have officially launched a recall effort against Ketchikan Representative Kyle Johansen. Johansen came under fire...

U.S. Senator Still After ANC Contracting Advantages

A U.S. Senator from Missouri is continuing her crackdown on the advantages Alaska Native Corporations enjoy in government contracting. Download Audio