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Effort to recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy working to coalesce around legal grounds

At the event, organizers said the governor's budget vetoes are not the sole reason they want to pursue a recall. But the vetoes were cited repeatedly.

Legislature seeks new path to fund vetoed programs

A draft bill discussed Monday would set permanent fund dividends at $929 to have a balanced budget. House Bill 2001 would both reverse Dunleavy’s vetoes to the operating and capital budgets and set the dividend level.

Rural Alaskans brace for impact as Power Cost Equalization funds disappear

As legislative gridlock continues over funds included in an annual sweep into state savings, rural Alaskans soon could see more expensive electricity bills.

‘This needs to stop’: Murkowski rebukes Trump for tweet

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has condemned President Trump for saying that four left-wing congresswomen should go back to where they came from. All four congresswomen are non-White.

Sec. Acosta did right by Alaska, Murkowski and Sullivan say

"I've been impressed with his level of attention to the details of his job," Murkowski said Wednesday, two days before Acosta announced his resignation.

PFD fight splits Alaska GOP, leaving some aligned with Democrats

Typically, some of the most intense fights at the Alaska state Capitol are between Democrats and Republicans. But one of the biggest ideological fractures complicating this year's legislative session is within the GOP, and that's creating some strange bedfellows.

Lawmakers remain far apart, physically and politically, as time runs out for veto override

Dunleavy issued a second round of line-item vetoes, this time on the capital budget. Legislators in Juneau criticized the changes, but didn’t vote on overriding them.

Murkowski finds EPA criticism of Pebble Mine ‘substantial’

The Environmental Protection Agency issued harsh assessments of the proposed Pebble Mine last week, and they've made an impression on Lisa Murkowski.

Artists call on Legislature to fund state arts council

If the Legislature does not override the governor’s veto, the Alaska State Council on the Arts will lose funding on Monday, making Alaska the only state in the U.S. without an arts council.

Gov. Dunleavy vetoes funding for Alaska’s local emergency planners

A line item veto deleted $225,000 to be distributed among 21 Local Emergency Planning Committees: local officials and volunteers who plan for disasters and train others in an emergency.

Governor’s vetoes cancel state funding for library broadband program

One of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s vetoes has canceled state funding for broadband internet in Alaska libraries. The roughly $670,000 in savings could have far-reaching consequences for Alaska’s smallest towns.

Alaska’s divided Legislature fails to override governor’s line-item budget vetoes

While there won’t be a formal way to override the vetoes after Friday, there may be another path to restoring funding for some line items.

Anchorage leaders brace for “unprecedented” budget situation

Officials expect a broad range of impacts affecting just about every area of residential life.

University of Alaska president: Campus closures, program elimination and layoffs on the table under Dunleavy vetoes

The University of Alaska stands to lose $134 million in state funding if Governor Mike Dunleavy's line-item vetoes are not overturned by legislators.

Alaska lawmakers’ veto override vote fails in Juneau as protesters occupy GOP session in Wasilla

Alaska lawmakers failed Wednesday to override some $400 million in budget vetoes by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, as fewer legislators were present in Juneau than the 45 votes needed to reverse the governor.

Watch live: Alaska Legislature holds joint session on budget veto overrides

Alaska lawmakers in Juneau have scheduled a joint session between the House of Representatives and Senate to vote on overriding Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s nearly $400 million in vetoes to the state’s operating budget.

Alaska senators say time running out on funding for scholarships, medical education, Power Cost Equalization

State senators in Juneau raised alarm on Tuesday about the money swept from state budget accounts into a harder-to-access piggy bank: the Constitutional Budget Reserve.

In 4 a.m. emails, demonstrations and in-person ambushes, Alaskans press lawmakers on budget vetoes

Linda Hulen, an Anchorage teacher, speaks about Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy's budget vetoes with Anchorage GOP Reps. Gabrielle LeDoux (left) and...

Thousands of Alaska university students notified that millions in scholarships and grants are currently in limbo

More than $350 million in Alaska's Higher Education Investment Fund is set to be swept into state savings.

Portugal. The Man returns home to protest budget vetoes

Grammy Award-winning band Portugal. The Man is back in its home-state, playing a free concert Tuesday evening in Anchorage as part of a rally against Governor Mike Dunleavy's recent line-item budget vetoes.