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House committees take different approach on crime bills

House members have brought different ideas on addressing crime to the House Judiciary and House Finance committees.

Alaska Supreme Court rules for LeBon in pivotal election recount case

The Alaska Supreme Court is meeting in Anchorage this morning to hear arguments in Kathryn Dodge’s case against state election officials and her election opponent.

‘Enough is enough’: Attorney General Barr hears from Native leaders about rural justice problems

Barr will spend four days traveling around Alaska, learning about the unique challenges rural areas, particularly villages, face.

Details Sketchy on Expanded Deferred Action for Undocumented Immigrants

Now, some undocumented immigrants may be eligible for an expanded deferred action program announced last week by President Barack Obama. Download Audio

Legislators hope to fix uncertainty plaguing school budgets this session

This session, some state legislators hope to put an end to the uncertainty school districts across the state face when it comes to their budgets. House Bill 287 and Senate Bill 131 both address K-12 school funding, but in different ways. Listen now

Congressman Young addresses Native issues, gun violence at forum

“To me, the Second Amendment is still the most important amendment of all the amendments,” Young said. Listen now

Can Congress squeeze $1b from ANWR?

For decades, environmental groups warned Big Oil would plunder the Arctic Refuge if Congress opened the area to drilling. Now, ahead of a Senate hearing, the environmental argument has shifted. A new report claims drilling advocates are exaggerating industry's interest in the refuge. Listen now

2018 Legislative Races Map

For our  candidate video series called Running, Alaska Public Media invited all candidates who are campaigning for office in Anchorage and the Matanuska-Susitna Borough....

Dunleavy to lawmakers: PFD formula must be approved by popular vote

Dunleavy and lawmakers are engaged in a worthy discussion over the future of Alaska Permanent Fund earnings and dividends.

Watch live: Alaska Legislature holds joint session on budget veto overrides

Alaska lawmakers in Juneau have scheduled a joint session between the House of Representatives and Senate to vote on overriding Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s nearly $400 million in vetoes to the state’s operating budget.

Governor’s veto could close Head Start classrooms in Southeast Alaska

Tlingit & Haida’s Head Start pre-K program serves 10 communities in Southeast Alaska. Without state funding, they may have to reduce staff, cut spots or close classrooms altogether.

Human Rights Commission quietly fires director

The Alaska State Commission for Human Rights has confirmed firing its executive director in July, after she had been on the job for less than a month, but the commission continues to say little about it.

Navigating “The New Normal” Of Legal Marijuana

As the recreational use of marijuana becomes legal in Alaska today, the changing laws surrounding pot have already created a ripple effect in Sitka. Law enforcement is ironing out the details and businesses are catering to new clientele, with mixed opinions. Download Audio

In Congress, Alaskans are split over shutdown

Republicans in Congress remain mostly united behind President Trump and his rejection of legislation to re-open government departments unless it includes $5 billion for a border wall. But the Alaska delegation is split on this.

Alaska wary of federal push for marine aquaculture

The Trump administration is promoting aquaculture in federal waters to ease the nation’s seafood trade deficit. But Alaska wants assurances the state’s ban on offshore fish farming will be respected. Listen now

Alaska senators circumspect after release of Trump’s Ukraine transcript

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On Wednesday, Alaska's senators weren't taking a firm stand for or against President Trump after the White House released...

Meyer Decides Against Pierre Contract For Press Work

The incoming Alaska Senate president has decided against hiring a former state military affairs official to help the Senate majority press office this session. Download Audio

Some GOP defied Trump on Russia sanctions, but Alaskans did not

Congress almost passed a measure to keep sanctions on companies affiliated with Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska. Alaska's Congressional delegation voted to let the Trump administration lift them.

State of the Union gets warm reception from Alaska delegation

Alaska’s all-Republican delegation to Congress praised President Trump for delivering a positive message in his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Senators question Dunleavy’s budget proposal

Anchorage Republican Sen. Natasha von Imhof said that to maintain Dunleavy’s commitment to full permanent fund dividends — without having an income tax — would require cuts on the scale he’s proposed.