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Lori Townsend interviews Congressman Don Young during Alaska Insight

Fighting for his 25th term, here’s why Don Young says he’s not done yet | Alaska Insight Alaska Insight is kicking off four weeks of discussions with Alaska Congressional candidates with U.S. House...

A newspaper requested the Alaska AG’s incriminating texts. The decision not to release them was his.

After Kevin Clarkson resigned, the Department of Law’s response to the newspaper has prompted two lingering questions: Did it fail to turn over records that the Anchorage Daily News was legally entitled to receive? And was Clarkson the right person to decide which records to release?

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy will pay $2,800 to settle ethics complaints over publicly-funded political ads

The complaints targeted a social media and mailer campaign launched by the governor’s office that attacked some of his opponents in the Alaska Legislature and boosted some of his allies.

Dunleavy not planning now to fill vacant state House seat

Gov. Mike Dunleavy currently “does not see a need to fill” the state House seat left vacant by the death of Rep. Gary Knopp when voters will decide a successor in November, Dunleavy’s office said.
Governor Dunleavy, wearing a greenish zip up jacket, gestures as he talks

Small business grant applications skyrocket after Dunleavy loosens restrictions

It was a stark reversal for the AK CARES grant program, after Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration expanded eligibility for the grants.
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Longtime state Senator John Coghill loses Republican primary

Senate President Cathy Giessel also has likely lost her primary election.
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Gary Stevens squeaks out win in Republican primary

Stevens, an incumbent, fell behind on election night but was favored in absentee ballots.

Here are the races to watch in the primary election

The future of the coalition majority in the state house could be decided by the primary election this year.
The US Capitol building during sunset

Al Gross faces two opponents for Alaska’s Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate

Edgar Blatchford, the former mayor of Seward, and Chris Cumings, who works for a nonprofit for children and people with disabilities, are both vying for the Democratic nomination.
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State will mail absentee ballot applications to seniors. Critics say that makes ballot access unequal.

Some lawmakers and advocates have raised concerns that not sending absentee applications to all voters will make it harder for younger and minority voters to send in their ballots. Those demographics tend to vote Democratic.

‘I’ve gone through it’: Ketchikan man eyes Dan Sullivan’s U.S. Senate seat

Chris Cumings isn't a traditional candidate, but he says that's why he's running.

Complaint alleges Dunleavy violated ethics law by auctioning breakfast at Governor’s Mansion

State law prohibits the use of state facilities for partisan political purposes, except to discuss political strategy or use communications equipment, as long as there is no charge to the state.

Juneau man sues to block state’s $1.5 billion coronavirus aid plan, citing improper process

A retired carpenter and former University of Alaska regent is suing the Dunleavy administration, saying that the entire legislature must approve any state spending.

After 2019 rate hike, Dunleavy signs bill to ease Pioneer Home pricing

The new bill would slow rate increases to match inflation instead of instituting a one-time price hike.

How did politics around reopening Anchorage get so heated?

The politics around reopening Alaska’s economy are getting contentious. But blame isn’t spread uniformly. And in Anchorage, a vocal contingent is faulting the mayor over policies that are largely in lockstep with the governors.

Tweak to SBA loan program could boost money flow to Alaska, congressional delegation says

Congress is about to spend bilions to replenish loan and grant programs for small businesses. This time, Abby Laing of Anchorage hopes there’s something in it for her.

CARES Act money will go to local governments, and may not make up for budget vetoes

While many communities will receive money directly from the CARES Act, budget vetoes might cost other communities more than what they receive.
Political Candidate Alyse Galvin smiles at the camera in front of trees

Alyse Galvin has out-raised Don Young in U.S. House race

U.S. House candidate Alyse Galvin raised more than twice as much money as incumbent congressman Don Young during the first three months of the year.

Don’t forget: Anchorage elections are still happening (right now)

Candidates, bonds, and on-site cannabis consumption are all on the ballot, with a Tuesday deadline for submitting votes.