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Dunleavy lauded for fiscal discipline at conservative DC think tank

The Heritage Foundation billed Dunleavy as a fiscal hawk with lessons for Washington. The recall campaign sees it differently.

Russia’s military dominance over Arctic grows while US treads water, security experts tell Senate panel

Russia and China stepped up their game in the Arctic this year while the United States is just waking to the strategic power competition in the region, experts told a Senate panel.
Goose Creek Prison. Photo by Ellen Lockyer, KSKA - Anchorage.

Drugs are getting into Alaska prisons through the mail, officials say. Now they want to give inmates copies, instead.

Alaska GOP Gov. Mike Dunleavy's administration is proposing to stop giving state prisoners their mail -- instead providing them with copies to make sure that no "contraband" gets through with the original version, according to budget documents.

Bill would give Alaskans an advisory role in Arctic shipping

A bill advancing in the U.S. Senate aims to allow new maritime opportunities in the Arctic while designing a framework that ensures safety.

Judge rules that forward funding of schools is constitutional

The Dunleavy administration argued that the funding violated the state constitution’s prohibition on dedicated funds, as well as the constitution’s provision for an annual state budget. The judge rejected both of these arguments.

In new budget, Alaska Gov. Dunleavy retreats from cuts but still favors big PFDs

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy released a new state spending plan Wednesday that retreats from some of his aggressive budget-cutting proposal while still pushing for larger Permanent Fund dividends.

Four key details in 2019 Arctic Report Card show extent, impacts of warming climate

As the Arctic warms, one effect magnifies the next, and a way of life is threatened.

Anxious about Dunleavy’s new budget? Alaska lawmakers will likely temper it, maybe by a lot.

While the Alaska Constitution grants the governor substantial powers over state finances, they’re far from absolute, and the governor’s initial proposal often amounts to an opening offer instead of the last word.

Dunleavy’s new budget may again seek deep cuts, bigger PFDs

Gov. Mike Dunleavy may again seek deep cuts in state spending, along with higher permanent fund dividends, when he introduces his second budget this week.

Alaska state government forecasts lower revenue for this year and next

The Alaska Department of Revenue forecasts $187.3 million less in state revenue this year than it did in the spring.

Pebble’s owner reports growing deficit and doubts about its future. Again.

A spokesman says Pebble remains confident. The parent company says it's lost $40 million so far this year, and has a deficit over $400 million.

Alaskan zips through confirmation hearing for US District Court seat

Joshua Kindred of Anchorage sailed through his U.S. Senate confirmation hearing. "I thought he did just fine in the questions he was asked," one observer said.

Trump’s nominee for US court in Alaska gets low marks from state bar but has youth on his side

Josh Kindred was rated 16th out of 20 candidates. In choosing him, Trump veered from the process Alaska's senators normally employ to ensure a merit-based selection.

Anchorage Republican Gillis sworn in as newest Alaska House member

Gov. Mike Dunleavy appointed Anchorage Republican Mel Gillis after Josh Revak moved up from the House to fill the Senate vacancy caused by the death of Sen. Chris Birch.

Alaska’s once-a-decade redistricting process is about to start

A newly formed committee charged with planning for Alaska's once-a-decade redistricting process will hold its first meeting next week.

State settles lawsuit over Alaska Hire law

Photo by The administration of Gov. Mike Dunleavy has settled a lawsuit seeking to have the Alaska Hire...

Sponsors of complex ‘Alaska’s Better Elections Initiative’ say its benefits are clear

Advocates for the proposed ballot initiative say it would promote more open politics in the state — but state Republican leaders say it’s unconstitutional.

Alaska’s senators want Congress to renew the Violence Against Women Act, but bill has become partisan football

Domestic violence isn't a red state problem or blue state problem. But passing a bill combat the epidemic has become a partisan battlefield in the U.S. Senate.

In second bid to unseat Alaska’s Young, challenger Galvin cites his ‘big money’ interests

Congressional hopeful Alyse Galvin donned her trademark yellow blazer and gathered together sign-waving supporters Thursday in Anchorage for the first press conference of her new campaign. She announced a plan that, as Galvin puts it, aims to "get big money out of politics."

‘Savanna’s Act’ advances in US Senate; Aimed at mending police response to violence against Native women

The bill requires better data collection and fosters cooperation among police agencies.