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Dunleavy decision on PFD could affect timing of dividend payment

If Gov. Mike Dunleavy vetoes the $1,600 PFD the Legislature passed, Alaskans could receive dividends later than normal this year.

Anchorage senator Chris Birch dies of heart attack

Senate Majority Communications Director Daniel McDonald says Birch suffered a heart attack. He says Birch died Wednesday.

Ferry workers union explains why strike happened, and what workers gained from it

This summer the Alaska Marine Highway System weathered its first strike in more than 40 years. The fleet remained tied to the dock for 11 days while the state and largest ferry union worked through a federal mediator to hammer out a contract.

Under ‘Save Our State’ banner, more than 25 organizations implore Dunleavy: No more vetoes

A coalition of more than 25 organizations gathered for a press conference Wednesday in Anchorage under the moniker, Save Our State. Their single message for Governor Mike Dunleavy: no more vetoes.

Bill setting PFDs, reversing vetoes headed to Dunleavy on Wednesday, spokesperson says

If Dunleavy receives the bill on Wednesday, he would have until Aug. 30 to sign it, veto it or issue line-item vetoes.

International Joint Commission launches ‘fact-finding mission’ into B.C. transboundary mining

International Joint Commission U.S. commissioners Rob Sissons, left and co-chair Jane Corwin listen at an Aug 5, 2019 meeting in Juneau...

Conduct of Denali Commission staffer draws scrutiny

The Denali Commission is awaiting results of an investigation into the conduct of one of its staff members.

Petersburg ferry workers speak out on budget cuts

The ferry union strike might be over but some Petersburg ferry workers are still concerned about the state cuts to the Alaska Marine Highway System and other services.

Rate increases coming for Pioneer Home residents

Depending on the level of care, a resident could see their monthly rate more than double.

Budget uncertainty could make it harder for the elderly to access medical care

Potential cuts to senior benefits and Medicaid have many concerned. But the elder community faces another potential setback – this one tied to cuts to the Alaska Legal Services Corporation.

Across coastal Alaska, Recall Dunleavy campaign gets underway

A statewide effort got underway Thursday seeking to remove Gov. Mike Dunleavy from office. The first step for campaigners is to gather 28,501 signatures to start a recall petition.

Dunleavy administration seeks overhaul of Alaska’s cruise ship program

The Alaska Legislature has restored funding for the Ocean Rangers, but the future of the independent cruise ship monitors — as well as the state’s entire cruise ship program — is uncertain.
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Confused about Alaska’s budget? You’re not alone. Here are 10 things to know.

Between budgets passing and parts being vetoed, the reverse sweep and a divided Legislature, it can be a confusing time. But there are some essential facts that may be helpful to keep in mind.

Politico: Science ‘trampled’ as Interior hurries toward ANWR lease sale

The magazine Politico has obtained leaked documents suggesting the Department of Interior has altered the work of at least two agency scientists as it presses to finish the environmental reviews on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Gov. Dunleavy chooses new chief of staff, Babcock moved to policy advisor

Tuckerman Babcock stepped down to become a senior policy advisor. And former Senate President Ben Stevens will be the new chief of staff.

Campaign to recall Gov. Dunleavy set to start August 1

Organizers say the governor has made multiple moves that meet the legal justifications for recall, and will begin a long campaign to hold a recall election.

Democratic presidential candidates take to Twitter to weigh in on Alaska politics

The leading Democratic contenders for the White House are weighing in on Alaska politics and the ferry strike -- at least, on social media.

Can Alaska learn anything from ‘the Kansas experiment’?

As Alaskans debate Gov. Mike Dunleavy's budget cuts, a different state occasionally enters the conversation to serve as a kind of cautionary tale: Kansas.
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Legislature passes capital budget funding, $1,600 PFD, veto reversals

The Alaska Legislature passed two major bills on Monday. One would fund the capital budget. Gov. Mike Dunleavy said he’s glad it passed.

‘Tired of playing defense’: GOP claims the environment issue. But climate change? Not so much.

President Trump and Republicans in Congress want you to know: Republicans care about the environment, too. That was the message from events this month, at the White House and the U.S. Capitol. But climate change wasn't high on the Republican list.