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Boston-Based Firm To Help Design State Health Insurance Exchange

The state of Alaska is planning to sign a contract with a Boston-based firm to help design a health insurance exchange.

Chenault Pushes to Increase Profile of In-State Gas Line

House Speaker Mike Chenault is calling for the House and Senate to increase the profile of an in-state natural gas line dedicated to providing energy to Alaskans.

VPSO Firearms Bill Moves Ahead

A legislative proposal creating a path for qualified Village Public Safety Officers to carry firearms has cleared another hurdle. SB 98 was passed on Thursday by the Senate Community and Regional Affairs Committee. But some serious concerns were raised about the proposal.

Enviros challenge legality of Trump’s Arctic order

As expected, environmental groups have filed a lawsuit over an order President Trump signed last week to reverse a ban on Arctic offshore oil and gas leasing. Listen now

After Five-Month Break, More National Guard Records Released

The 4142-page file was sent to news organizations at 3p.m. on Friday afternoon. Alaska Public Media and the Alaska Dispatch News requested the materials nearly a year ago, during the Parnell administration, but were denied access until a superior court judge ruled for their release in October. Download Audio

Dunleavy rolls out package in first step of ‘war on criminals’

Gov. Mike Dunleavy is proposing bills that would repeal most of what’s left of the criminal justice overhaul enacted three years ago.

Over $118 Million Will Be Given to American Indian, Alaska Native Tribes, Organizations

The U.S. Justice Department has announced that it is handing out over $118-million to American Indian and Alaska Native tribes and organizations. Several in Alaska are receiving some of that money.

Stedman, nine others, face no election challenges

A fifth of Alaska legislators running for re-election this year face no opposition. That begs the question: Why, in such a politically active state, does anyone run unopposed. Listen now

Senate Ready to Approve One-Year Extension to Coastal Zone Management

The state Senate is ready to agree to a one-year extension of the state's Coastal Zone Management system without changes.

Pacific Walruses Removed From Unusual Mortality Event In North Pacific

Pacific walruses have been removed from the unusual mortality event declared in the North Pacific for several marine mammal species. Download Audio

Joint Session to Address Marijuana Decriminalization As Municipalities Scramble to Regulate

Republican Senator Lesil McGuire of Anchorage has introduced the first large-scale bill regulating marijuana like alcohol in Alaska. The measure includes fine points that lawmakers, police, and the public need to adapt November's Ballot Measure 2 into a legal framework.

Alaska state senators say PFD formula could be changed

Splitting the draw from permanent fund earnings between government and dividends would make dividends more predictable.

Senate Republicans Block Vote to Confirm 9th Circuit Court Judge

Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC U.S. Senate Republicans blocked moving forward on voting whether to confirm a 9th Circuit Court judge Thursday. ...

DEC Commissioner Says Future Sulfolane Spill Liability Shouldn’t Preclude Sale Of Flint Hills’ Refinery

The Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation says the issue of liability for future sulfolane spills should not preclude Flint Hills from selling its North Pole refinery. Download Audio

Dunleavy’s Fish and Game nominee vows tough stance against federal agencies

The governor’s pick to lead the Alaska Department of Fish and Game told lawmakers he’d push back against federal agencies that interfere with Alaskans’ right to hunt and fish.

Military Construction Bill Has Money for F35s at Eielson AFB

The U.S. House today passed a military construction bill that includes $37 million for buildings at Eielson Air Force Base to support two squadrons of F-35s. The bill has almost as much for a new boiler at the Eielson power plant, and nearly $8 million for the Fort Greely gym.

Begich Proposing More Insurance Options For ACA

Senator Mark Begich is proposing a change to the Affordable Care Act that would make cheaper insurance options available. The Expanded Consumer Choice Act would add a new tier of coverage to the range of plans available on the individual market starting in 2015. Download Audio
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Rep. Lance Pruitt violated campaign finance laws, watchdog finds

Rep. Lance Pruitt violated Alaska’s campaign finance laws and should pay a penalty. That’s according to staff for the state’s elections watchdog agency, the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

How Alaskans press their agenda in Cleveland

Party conventions aren’t all about funny hats and nominating presidents. Alaska delegates to the GOP National Convention are using the gathering as an opportunity to spread their Alaska-specific agenda to a national audience. Listen now

Skagway assembly member signs guilty plea to federal tax charges, owes IRS $600,000

Longtime Skagway Assembly member and business owner Dan Henry signed a plea agreement Wednesday admitting guilt to federal tax charges and agreeing to pay $600,000 in restitution to the IRS.