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The tsunami warning that rattled Alaskans last week exposed weak spots in the disaster safety net. A fluke caused the Alaska Earthquake Center to go dark for an hour. Listen now

Speaker Bryce Edgmon, a Dillingham Democrat, said in a press availability Tuesday morning that the caucus is giving Rep. Zach Fansler time. Listen now

The Trump administration has proposed significant cuts to the tsunami warning system. That includes all funding for 39 sophisticated data buoys. Tsunami experts worry about this but are even more concerned about proposed cuts to something a whole lot more basic. Listen now

Lawmakers could spend one more year relying on savings, or tap into the Permanent Fund to cover multi-billion budget deficit. Listen now

The U.S. Senate on Monday rejected a bill to ban most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Sen. Lisa Murkowski was one of only two Republicans to vote “no” on the procedural motion. Listen now

The House majority caucus meets Monday evening and could remove representative, accused of assault, from the caucus and his committee assignments. Listen now

The four candidates talked about party loyalty, sexual harassment and federal overreach on Friday. Listen now

The congressional delegation has asked Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke to exclude all but three areas from his plan for oil and gas leasing off Alaska's shores. Listen now

The draft is modeled on Oregon’s policy, which is more detailed than the current version, adopted in 2000. Listen now

House Speaker Bryce Edgmon was enthusiastic about Lincoln’s appointment.

Sitka Republican Sen. Bert Stedman, for example, doesn’t see the need to pass a broad-based tax now as part of the fiscal plan. But he does want to limit permanent fund draws. Listen now

Lincoln is the vice president responsible for managing lands for NANA Regional Corp. Listen now

There are two new candidate: Kotzebue resident John Lincoln and Utqiagvik resident Abel Hopson-Suvlu. Listen now

Permanent Fund Corp. CEO Angela Rodell presented a study that predicts a nearly 50 percent chance of the fund losing value in the next decade, if it’s used to pay for state government as lawmakers have proposed. Listen now

Alaska's congressional delegation ticked another item off its decades-old to-do list Monday: Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke signed a land swap agreement to allow a road in the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge for King Cove. Listen now

The standoff over the weekend threatened furloughs, facility closures and work without pay for service-members at Alaska bases and around the globe. Listen now

Rebecca Logan is the main challenger taking on incumbent mayor Ethan Berkowitz in the first election to be conducted by mail for the municipality.

The government is set to cease operations at Friday at 8 p.m. Alaska time if Congress can't reach an agreement on spending. How will that affect you? Listen now

The rising cost of Medicaid to the state of Alaska has been the target of criticism during the first two days of state Senate Finance Committee hearings. Listen now

FISA allows the government to collect email and phone records of foreigners overseas without a warrant. Privacy advocates warn it sweeps up communications of Americans, too. Listen now