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The U.S. Senate this evening confirmed Alaskan Tara MacLean Sweeney to be the assistant Interior Secretary for Indian Affairs. Listen now

Governor Bill Walker’s climate change task force has been working this summer to nail down some clear draft policy objectives. Listen now

The Janus v. AFSCME decision by the U.S. Supreme Court denies public sector unions from forcing workers to pay dues. The 5-4 ruling could affect about 10 percent of Alaska’s workforce. Listen now

Trump said a controversial road through the Izembek Refuge will be finished soon. It hasn't begun. Murkowski made a pitch for bipartisanship. With cameras rolling, they spent two-and-a-half minutes politely talking past each other. Listen now

Mattis spoke at a news conference this morning at Eielson Air Force Base, after a tour of the missile-defense facility at Fort Greely. Listen now

The bill allows the Alaska Police Standards Council to work with villages to conduct background checks for future police officers. But for village police officers, it will be voluntary. Listen now

Even U.S. senators got in on the joy of Katmai Bear Cam this week, and that's not the only Alaska delight the senators sampled from afar. Listen now

Former Alaska state Rep. Zach Fansler pleaded guilty Thursday to second-degree harassment in connection with a January incident in which he struck a woman in his hotel room. Listen now

Lawmakers paint different pictures of what the immigration problem actually is and who the victims are. That's true even within Alaska's all-Republican delegation to Congress. Listen now

On Wednesday, the state learned how much of $200 million in federal funds will go to recovery from the 2016 pink salmon season disaster in the Gulf of Alaska. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker was in Fairbanks Wednesday to sign a piece of legislation that would close out the remaining debt the state incurred under the old oil tax-credit program.

President Trump signed an order Wednesday to address the family separations at the southern border, but it raises new questions for Congress. Listen now

Sitka’s salmon fishermen are worried about the state’s strategy for renegotiating the Pacific Salmon Treaty. That’s the document between the United States and Canada that allocates the king salmon harvest across borders and expires at the end of the year. Listen now

Walker has been working with a bipartisan governors’ group over the past year on health care issues. Listen now

A gulf has opened between Sens. Murkowski and Sullivan on how to end family separations at the border. She signed a letter asking the attorney general to stop it immediately. Sullivan says it'll take a new law. Listen now

Two federal agencies have beefed up their guidelines for wetlands mitigation in Alaska. The announcement comes after a news outlet found only 26 percent of Alaska permittees were required to mitigate wetland damage. Listen now

“The time is now for the White House to end the cruel, tragic separations of families," Murkowski said in a written statement. If the administration doesn't act quickly, she said, Congress must. Sen. Dan Sullivan called the situation complicated and called for a bipartisan solution from Congress. Listen now

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to rehear the case of an Alaska moose hunter whose use of a hovercraft in the Nation River got him in trouble with the National Park Service. Listen now

Jill Yordy has been waiting since January to learn whether her five-year-old daughter Raven has qualified for Denali KidCare. Listen now

Alaska’s economy could suffer as a result of China’s 25 percent tariff on American seafood imports and that worries U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski. In a written statement, Murkowski urges President Donald Trump to reach a trade policy with China that protects the export market. Listen now