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House passes sweeping crime bill

House Bill 49 would mark the third time the Legislature changed major provisions of the controversial criminal justice law known as Senate Bill 91.

Negotiations sour on tribal child welfare agreement

The agreement, which was signed in 2017 by then-Gov. Bill Walker, is being renegotiated by tribal organizations and the Dunleavy administration. The compact gives tribes more control over children’s welfare.

Budget deadlock could delay Medicaid payments to health care providers

Health care advocates said nursing homes and behavioral health providers are among those who may not have large cash reserves to cover costs during a delay.

On education, candidates for governor have different priorities and styles

Democrat Mark Begich and Republican Mike Dunleavy come from different backgrounds. Begich has been outside the education system, Dunleavy within it.

Egan worries about political paralysis, procrastination

Juneau Sen. Dennis Egan said he expects that the $3.5 billion budget deficit will dominate the agenda during this legislative session. But will anything be accomplished to fill that gap? That’s a different story.

Alaska PTA, community speaks out against education funding cuts

Community members and education groups, like Alaska PTA, organized in Anchorage to speak out against public education funding cuts.

Begich discusses campaign viability, ‘path forward’

Democratic candidate for Alaska Governor Mark Begich said, like many Alaskans, he was surprised by Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott’s abrupt resignation and withdrawal from the campaign. Listen now

Time for Murkowski to take a stand on Pebble? She says not yet.

Opponents of the Pebble Mine are doing all they can to get Sen. Lisa Murkowski on their side. But Murkowski is not ready to make a declaration about the mine, for or against.

ERA now, Murkowski says

Sen. Murkowski is pushing for the Equal Rights Amendment. Yes, she knows that sounds like 1972 is calling and asking for its protest sign back.

The state’s new budget director is a well-known fiscal hawk

Donna Arduin has worked on cutting spending for governors in six other states. She’s expected to propose deep cuts to address the $1.6 billion hole in the state’s budget.

‘Devastating’ and ‘significant’: Educators react to Dunleavy’s budget proposal

Education leaders are deeply worried about how the cuts will affect schools.

Replacing a legacy: running for Senate Seat J

Tom Begich and Ed Wesley are vying for the seat held by Johnny Ellis for more than two decades. Listen now

Dunleavy budget faces criticism at Alaska Native forum

Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer faced tough questions about the Dunleavy administration’s proposed budget at an Alaska Native forum in Juneau.

Rural lawmakers wield power without recent precedent

Dillingham Democrat Bryce Edgmon will be the first speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives from off the road system or outside of Southeast Alaska since Nome’s Howard Lyng in the Territorial Legislature of 1941. Listen Now

Alaska House subcommittees propose much smaller cuts than those in Dunleavy’s budget

The House Finance subcommittees have proposed a total of $47 million in reductions from the portion of the current budget the Legislature controls.

Bill would shift Medicaid recipients to private insurance market

Under a measure backed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Medicaid would pay the insurance premiums for the people who are shifted over to the private health insurance market.

Mine opponents ask SEC to investigate Pebble’s parent company

Two groups allege Northern Dynasty Minerals has described a massive deposit to potential investors while Pebble's permit application describes a mine barely a tenth that size.

Kathryn Dodge running for mayor of City of Fairbanks

Former Fairbanks North Star Borough assembly member Kathryn Dodge is running for mayor of the City of Fairbanks.

Senate sends criminal justice bill to Dunleavy’s desk

Rep. Adam Wool, D-Fairbanks, speaks during a House floor session on March 11. Wool was one of two representatives who voted...

Alaska unions defiant in wake of punishing Supreme Court decision

The Janus v. AFSCME decision by the U.S. Supreme Court denies public sector unions from forcing workers to pay dues. The 5-4 ruling could affect about 10 percent of Alaska’s workforce. Listen now