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Should Local Funding Of Public Schools Be Optional?

Every year, politicians struggle with how much money to put toward public education. Now, they’re asking another question: Who should pay for it? One legislator is making the case that local governments shouldn’t be obligated to contribute to school budgets.

Six Groups Under Consideration for Designing, Managing of Knik Arm Bridge

The Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority has accumulated a list of six engineering and development groups willing to consider designing and managing the project if it proceeds.

Japan Quake Cause for Reevaluation of Proposed Tsunami Warning Center Cuts

Photo and Story by Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC The U.S. House, Tuesday, passed yet another temporary spending bill that would keep...

Arctic Council Reports Record Temperatures Since 2005

A report out from the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, of the Arctic Council, indicates that surface temperatures in the Arctic since 2005 have been higher than for any other five year period since records keeping began more than one hundred years ago.

Parnell Visits Asia, Touts Alaska’s Resource Potential

Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell traveled to Japan today after leaving South Korea yesterday. He’s pitching foreign governments and companies on the state’s potential to export liquefied natural gas.

Conservation Groups May Oppose State in Sea Lion Battle

Ellen Lockyer, KSKA – Anchorage Conservation groups may take sides in the state suit filed today against the National Marine Fisheries Service. Mike Levine...

Senate Work on Immigration ‘Dead on Arrival’ in House

As the Senate readies its bill reforming the nation's immigration system, people are paying more attention to whether anything can pass the House. Download Audio

Trump’s streamlining order: You’ve seen its kind before

President Trump signed an order to speed up environmental reviews of infrastructure projects. His announcement of it, in the lobby of Trump Tower, was eclipsed by what he said next, about Charlottesville. But, back to that order: Can it really change things? Listen now

Anchorage Man Charged With Stealing Drugs While Serving As A Pennsylvania Judge

Last year, Paul Pozonsky resigned from his position as a hearings officer for the state Department of Labor following an inquiry his residency status. The situation was odd for a number of reasons. For one, there were questions about whether Pozonsky landed the job because of his family's political connections in Alaska. Then, there was the fact that he was being investigated by a grand jury in Pennsylvania for actions he took while he was a judge there. Now, that investigation is complete, and Pozonsky is facing trial for allegedly stealing cocaine that was being used as evidence in cases that the presided over. Download Audio

Alaska Teens Lobby Governor On Climate Change

A group of teenagers are calling on Gov. Bill Walker to create a climate change task force.

Stebbins Planning To Fix Long-Standing Problems Using Recovery Funds

Two-and-a-half months after severe flooding ruined homes and vital infrastructure, Stebbins is organizing to put recovery funds towards fixing long-standing problems exacerbated by the storm damage. President Obama declared November’s storms in Western Alaska a natural disaster last month, unlocking federal funds to help the community. Download Audio

US House Republicans Plan To Reject Payroll Tax Cut Extension

Republicans in the U.S. House are rejecting a plan to extend the popular payroll tax cut Americans are now getting.

Anchorage labor law battle nearing an end…maybe

The Anchorage Assembly and municipal unions might be close to a compromise on the city's labor laws. The groups met for their final work session on Friday to discuss Assembly member Jennifer Johnston's proposed labor ordinance. But the unions say there are still three major sticking points.

Walker asks legislature to divert funds from studying ANWR into public safety

Walker also wants to split $1.5 million between the Department of Revenue and the Department of Natural Resources to do legal and financial work on the Alaska LNG project. Listen now

Alaska GOP Gov. Dunleavy seeks to oust Democratic chair of oil and gas watchdog agency

A two-page letter from Dunleavy last month charges French with “neglect of duty and misconduct,” and levies five charges to justify the governor’s bid to remove French from chairmainship of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

University of Alaska regents prepare for budget cuts

University of Alaska officials are working to prioritize programs as they face another round of cuts outlined in Gov. Bill Walker's budget plan.

Attack Ads…With A Twist

It seems to be fairly universal that everyone is growing weary of the constant barrage of attack ads. To help us lighten the mood a bit as we race to the November 4th finish line, KSKA’s Dave Waldron found a way to bring levity to the attack. Download Audio

Alaska News Nightly: July 22, 2014

Former Foster Parent Sentenced; Fundraising Reports Released; Canadian Mining Projects Worry Critics; Friends Mourn Friend Killed in Biking Accident; Denali Climbing Season Ends; Dipnetters Converge on Kenai

Alaska Native Corporations Presenting Case for Contracting Exemptions

Libby Casey, APRN - Washington DC U.S. Senate Indian Affairs chairman Daniel Akaka today will let the Alaska Native Corporations make the case for keeping...

Steady Voter Turnout Reported In Primary

Elections workers are reporting a steady turnout for today’s primary. Nearly 10,000 voters cast their ballots early, compared to 5,000 voters in the 2010 primary. Download Audio